First, the pre-sex together
  A woman’s prelude is from the moment she wants to see her man or meet him. When a woman is having sex, she will incorporate the daytime situation into her lingering. If the man is not cheating on her and wants to end the “fight” in a panic, then send her flowers first! If you can’t afford to buy a bunch, buy one! Meet a small gift to the woman; take some time to learn a lot of romance novels inside the description of the way, accompany her for a walk, chatting, to give the woman a woman like any deep embrace. Women need these, no words, women will be disgusted, unless she and the man is simply a kind of “transaction”. Men, please spend some time with the woman before sex and romantic together, and her sexual fantasies resonate, so that she will dissolve all of this into sex with you. 

Sexual Function
  Second, an adequate prelude
  A full prelude must be a very, very full prelude. Many men do it as soon as the sex starts, and before the woman gets excited, he spits some saliva or something to replace the woman’s secretions, can the woman not be disgusted? Even if the man can make her orgasm, she still will not be satisfied, this orgasm has no quality. Because this is only her physical instinctive orgasm, does not represent her psychological orgasm. For a woman, her psychological orgasm is more important than her physical orgasm.

  A woman’s orgasm should be a “full orgasm”, including “hardware” and “software”, the physical and psychological orgasm. In the novel, there are often men making love, kissing all over the woman’s description. In fact, the man does not have to make love every time, all the kisses all over the woman’s body, but can be used to touch her whole body or kiss her ears, especially sucking the back of her ears to replace. However, if it is a cheating kiss, it is best not to kiss the neck, as it will be very dangerous because it is very easy to leave a scarlet hickey – commonly known as “curry chicken”, this kind of thing is very difficult to explain. Then, as far as possible kiss the woman’s whole body, if both sides of the personal hygiene are doing very well.
  At this point, the man may want to be a little more attentive to the woman’s particularly sensitive areas, kissing each other all over, including the pussy, perineum, and clean anus. Try holding your lover’s toes, and sucking on them like a baby sucking on a bottle works wonders. In bed, it’s best not to say “no”, and try to cooperate with each other’s new requests as much as possible. 

Sexual Function
  The third is to use the “heart” to penetrate the
  Men may find it strange to use their “penis” to penetrate during sex, but how can they use their “heart” to penetrate? That’s right! Insertion, not a simple piston movement, to use the man’s “heart” to feel the woman’s reaction, with different speeds, intensity, depth, and position to match the woman, with your “heart” to feel the woman’s mood, so that the woman and your passion synchronization. 

Sexual Function
  The fourth, is adequate follow-up
  A lot of men after finishing, either like a beach “mud” like lying on the woman snoring; either turn around, back to the woman a big ass and then huff and puff to sleep. In fact, this time, the woman’s feeling is not finished. How long is the continuation, how long is the continuation? As long as you are not able to make the woman also huff and puff to sleep, you also have to constantly praise her, touch her, and all-round tenderness. Women are very receptive to sweet words, whether true or false. Go ahead and praise her! Without this, even if the man is as brave as Stallone, and your “penis” is as hard as an iron bar, how strong and durable, the woman will not be able to reach the “full orgasm” mentioned above. Women, in addition to physical needs, have more spiritual fulfillment.

  Fifth, after sex research
  After sex, men and women should discuss with each other their special excitement and ways. Some men are particularly sensitive to breasts; some women are particularly sensitive to the inner thighs, waist, or neck, which should be communicated to each other. Some women are unusually aroused by special circumstances. For example, hazy light, special scent, a man’s broad and sweat-dripping chest. Different women feel differently about the stimulation of the pubic area. Some women are most excited by the clitoris, gently rubbing it and sucking and licking it at the right time. For most women, the favorite position is still face to face, which is easy, and men’s ear to ear, so that the breasts and men’s chest close contact, so that both men and women have the largest area of skin, the most comprehensive contact.

  Some men like women screaming; some like a certain position, or a certain part of the woman; some like to abuse the woman, or be abused by the woman. But all of this, to be in the premise of the woman to accept. Some men are enamored of a woman’s feet, at which point the woman must have her feet cleaned, trimmed, and maintained. Men and women must understand each other’s sexual preferences, whether they are kinky or weird, and if they are both acceptable, then go for it! It’s no big deal. One time to do not good, more discussion and do more times, no one once can do very well. How to have sex, don’t be afraid to be “perverted”!

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