The Mirror exclusively reported yesterday that former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Britain’s Prince Andrew, and Richard Branson, owner of Britain’s largest airline Virgin Atlantic, were caught on sex tape.

Newly released court documents in the Epstein “Lolita” case show that the three men were caught on video having sex with the same girl on “separate occasions”.

Epstein was known as a high society pimp, and “Lolita” was his “adult playground”. He came to light after being accused by a number of underage victims.

“Thank God this girl managed to get the video footage,” the victim testified.

“She showed me the video clips.”

“I swear (which needs to be sworn to first in a US trial) that I saw this evidence with my own eyes and that I clearly recognize the faces of these three men!”

In addition to these three men, the list of names involved among the first court documents released in the case includes about 170 political and business celebrities such as Trump, Bill Gates, and Lee Jr.

But just because a name is mentioned in court documents does not necessarily mean that it was involved in an illegal sexual assault.

It’s simply a mention of their names by both parties and witnesses during the course of courtroom confessions.

Clinton: another sex scandal

“Clinton loves young girls.”

These were the words of “pimp” Epstein as he gloated to his victims about his celebrity fetish.


Clinton also personally walked into a magazine called VF and threatened the lives of reporters and editors who had exposed his sex scandal.

The media speculated that the full name of the media outlet that was threatened, VF, might be Vanity Fair.

All of the above was documented in court papers.

Another Independent newspaper quoted the victim as saying that Hillary Clinton reached out to her friend directly through the intelligence community to shut her up.


But Epstein defended Clinton in court, saying he just came to the island for dinner.

Clinton’s own statement had a mo-come-stain-me fear to it.

He publicly responded that he had nothing to do with Epstein and was not familiar with or aware of him.

Clinton’s sex scandals don’t stop there, and it’s hard for watchers to believe what he’s saying.

But the most unbelievable thing on the list is Stephen Hawking’s inclusion.

Stephen Hawking: loves to watch naked girls do math?

Rumors have gone to the point of being unbelievable, such as his penchant for watching girls without clothes on the blackboard doing math problems.

However, I have checked and found that the more reliable story is that Stephen Hawking was present at the “Lolly Island” party.

Court documents show that the victim identified Hawking as being on the island.

There is also photographic evidence that in March 2006, Hawking boarded Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean and took a boat and submarine tour.

Hawking was involved in a gravity conference funded by Epstein and was invited to the party.


The private island is only known to the general public today, but it has long been an open secret in high society circles.

Was Hawking aware of the island’s true purpose and Epstein’s title of pimp when he was invited?

It is not known.

He had two marriages in his life and died in 2018 at the age of 76.

In his 30s, he was first diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a disease that left him progressively paralyzed.

Epstein: the biggest pimp in America died of unknown causes

Jeffrey Epstein, born in 1953, was Jewish. Dyslexic and therefore did not graduate from college.

Trump had quite a few photos with him, but court documents show he was not involved in criminal behavior

He is in the financial industry but has a very strange history of wealth. In short just inexplicably rich.

He bought an island for 8 million dollars and it’s the infamous Lori’s Island.

It’s called that because he got all those girls under 18 and had them on the island, servicing politicians.

He also bought two private jets. Specialized in transporting these celebrities. Full intimate and private service.

For some reason, he also secretly installed hundreds of pinhole cameras on the island.

Prince Andrew, who was involved in the case.

As the original victims grew into adulthood, they finally had the strength to stand up for themselves and seek justice.

In 2005, a victim in Florida reported to the police.

The couple at the time of the solicitation

The police dug deeper before realizing that there was more than one victim and a large number of minors were involved.

Given the seriousness of the incident, the FBI stepped in to investigate.

However, after 11 months of undercover police work, FBI involvement and heavy hammering, 5 victims identified and multiple pieces of evidence emerged ……

The outrageous thing is that he was only sentenced to 18 months in prison, and he can still go out and live a normal life while serving his sentence.

As public opinion festered and new evidence emerged, he was arrested a second time.

What’s even more outrageous is that only a month after this arrest, he committed suicide in what was claimed to be the safest prison in the world.

On the day of his suicide, there were too many coincidences. The surveillance cameras were faulty, and the guards had accidentally fallen asleep.

Maybe the evidence he left behind with those hundreds of cameras would have saved his life the first time, and the second time it would have killed him.

With the suicide of the biggest pimp, and the imprisonment of his wife (an accomplice), this case was temporarily closed in 2020 with an out-of-court settlement.

The list of 170 people seems to have been permanently sealed in the U.S. court files.

The people who dared to expose this list are undoubtedly the heroes behind the scenes.

The heroes behind the scenes: two female judges

In January 2024, Judge Loretta Preska of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York ordered the release of the trial documents in the case.

She was widely praised for her courage, as were the victims who dared to identify the powerful.

Another hero behind the scenes is her predecessor, Judge Freda Wolfson. who shocked the nation by being subjected to retaliation and venom.

In 2020, the 20-year-old son of the federal judge involved in the case was shot and killed by a gunman posing as a delivery driver.

The killer was knocking on doors and entering homes.

The scene of the shooting.

The son answered the door and was killed in the chest. Behind the son, her husband was also shot and survived with serious injuries.

Coincidentally and fortunately, she was in the basement at the time and escaped death.

The perpetrator has not yet been apprehended.

For us ordinary people, perhaps this is just after dinner talk, the usual melon.

These heroic judges, on the other hand, fought the “evil dragon” with strong faith.

Recognize their names, wish them peace, may be the only thing we can do.

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