In order to make sex more perfect, we have been groping, never stopping our footsteps. And as the most important weapon in sex – sex skills. Our exploration of it has never stopped. Perhaps, you still follow a position, never changed; perhaps, you have begun to try other techniques; or perhaps, you want to change, but have no clue.  Written theoretical knowledge will always need our imagination to understand. But demonstrations by real people are the most straightforward way to learn. Therefore, today we will introduce you to sex, most couples can warm up the relationship, can create more perfect sex skills. If you also want to change, come and learn it.

1, standing riding waist style This way, is one of the more commonly used methods in sex. The most important feature of this way is that the male standing, the female whole person hanging in the male body, both sides face to face. This way, can increase each other’s skin fit degree, and let each other more intimate. In addition, this position is able to stimulate the front wall of the tract, the opening of the uterus, and other areas. Since the movement itself is very simple, the speed and depth of the movement should be skillful in order to deepen the emotional atmosphere. It is worth noting that this method requires men to be very strong in order to support the weight of the woman during sex while having sex at the same time.

2, sitting down to help waist style This way, is, the male sitting on the chair, the female facing the male, sitting on it. And then, the male holds the female waist. As we all know, we all know that it is difficult for women to do this up and down movement as flexibly and freely as men do, this is because men’s erect penis is perpendicular to the body axis, while women’s vagina is roughly equal to the body axis. Thus, it is important for women to do the up and down movement not too vigorously, but slowly. The man should also hold the woman so that she does not fall without support. Of course, women can also use their feet to hook the back of the chair to prevent falling.

3, down and back This position, requiring women to lie down on the bed, the male from its back, is very suitable for women’s down position of the movement. And this posture, similar to the rear entry, to a greater extent stimulates the male primitive desire, to obtain a sense of satisfaction. And the male in the back can fully play. But the biggest disadvantage of this position is that you can’t see the facial expression of the woman, and the skin is not close enough. Of course, any kind of technique has its pros and cons. As long as we can get pleasure from it, it is suitable, with good sex skills.

4, legs on shoulders style Women lie on their backs on the bed, and men stand on the side of the bed. Then the female legs on the male shoulders can be. The biggest feature of this posture is that after the penis is inserted, the sex organs of the two people are closely combined with the sex skills. Through the tightly fitting pressure movement, so that the female clitoris and uterus vaginal part of the strong stimulation, the male can experience the pleasure of contraction of the vaginal opening, but also can be used as a short break in the process of sexual intercourse or to prevent male ejaculation technique. Of course, men can also fully watch the woman’s expression during sex, so as to enjoy the visual stimulation, so that the sensory enjoyment is more intense.

5, back to the riding style This position, needs to use external objects. Men lie on their backs above the hips on the bed and then put their legs on the stool. The woman’s back is to the man, sitting on it. Because the legs are hollow state, the sex will be with the up and down movement and produce a slight floating feeling, don’t have a taste. The woman can support her hands under the man’s armpits to prevent them from slipping due to vigorous movement. The biggest advantage of this method is that the woman does not need to contribute to the effort, just to enjoy it. And the male as a power user, can fully demonstrate their ability to let the woman get pleasure feeling.

6, back to the downward pressure This way is controlled by women throughout the sex process, so if your woman is more shy, but also to communicate with her in advance, in order to make sex better. As the main control is in the hands of the woman, the woman exerts her power, while the man can enjoy it to the fullest. If you feel very tired or want to enjoy a good time, this position is a very good choice.

7, male back into the female kneeling on the bed, male from the back into, is another mode of rear entry. This way, most can improve the degree of sex. Men standing behind women can enjoy the thrill of conquest. However, most women do not like this position. This position is similar to animal mating, so few women like it. However, this position can bring strong pleasure to women. In this position, the man can enter completely, which can stimulate the sensitive points of the woman, so as to get an orgasm. In this position, the man can also use his free hands to caress the female skin to enhance the stimulation.

8, female swing style Using the posture, you need to use the swing, but the general home does not have this thing, so few people use it. But if you can really try this posture, the fun is endless. The male lying flat under the swing, the female legs hanging on the swing, and then sits on the male body, hands holding the swing frame. The biggest advantage of this position is that women use the swing to reduce their own weight so that men can play better.

9, male encircled This sex skill, is a female sitting on the chair, a male sitting on the female body, to take a kind of encircled state. You know, women naturally like to be protected by men. And this posture is just to be able to give women a feeling of being protected, and men feel the feeling of conquest from it. However, if you are particularly fat, it is not recommended to take this position. Because of the weight of the whole body on the female body, women are unable to enjoy the process of sex.

10, pulling the hand against the y-word style is still a male sitting on the chair, a female sitting on the male body. The only difference is that men and women pull hands, and women try to lean back, forming a reverse style. This posture needs to master certain skills, but also at the same time requires a strong male arm, to be able to pull the female, to prevent falls.  Of course, although there are a lot of sex skills, all changes are not the same. As long as the mastery of the mystery, skillfully will be male movement, female movement, male and female coordinated movement organically combined, will produce a more subtle sexual intercourse movement.


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