First, make the penis go deeper

What are some sex tips to get the penis in deeper? During sex, the depth of the penis plays a key role in order for a woman to reach orgasm. So, what are the sex tips to make the penis penetrate deeper? I’ll tell you now.

1. Male on a female is easy to control.

The traditional position is the most commonly used sex position. The basic style is the woman lying on her back with her legs spread. The penis enters as the man lies prone on top of her. All other men do the same.

Most people believe that the traditional position is face-to-face contact to ensure that both partners are aware of each other’s reactions and preferences. Both partners can talk and kiss throughout the process. The man can also pump the woman’s breasts and nipples. This also helps create a loving atmosphere. Make lovemaking more meaningful. Many men have a desire to control women, and this position can fulfill their needs. A man can also use this position to control his activities and he can go as shallow or deep as he wants. If the woman stands up, the man can go deeper.

2. Parallel sex between man and woman.

Slightly change the traditional sex position of man and woman, you can also get extraordinary fun. If the woman lies on her back in the traditional position, with her legs straight, and the man puts his legs on top of them, the entry won’t be very deep, but it’s fun. If the man places his legs on the outside of the woman’s legs and holds her legs tightly with his legs, he can keep his penis moderately but powerfully deep. A woman with pelvic muscles tightly absorbs his penis in and out of the penis is tightly clamped, which makes him feel especially wonderful, and may soon reach orgasm.

3. Classic positions are versatile.

The traditional position is the most commonly used sex position. The basic style is the woman lying on her back with her legs spread. The penis is inserted as the man lies prone on top of her. All other men are in this position.

The woman’s basic position, with a few minor changes, functions to make some difference. The woman can bend her knees, spread her legs, and sit on the soles of her feet. When facing each other, her legs can rest on his. This change is especially conducive to deeper lovemaking. Some partners prefer to go deeper.

4. woman-on-top is more pleasurable.

Another comfortable variation is for the man to lie on his back and pull his knees up to his chest, with the woman sitting in the middle of the legs, away from his face. This facilitates the woman’s introduction of the penis into the vagina. The man doesn’t have much room to move, but the woman can lift up, push down and rotate to the side. She can also use her free hand to stimulate the pubic core. The man’s legs and toes support her body so she is comfortable. The penis is at an acute angle, which facilitates friction against the back wall of the vagina. If the woman masters the proper rhythm and depth, this friction will make her happier.

5. Add sex toys as appropriate.

Want to the traditional position of sexual experience unusual pleasure? Then try to add sex toys, the woman lying in the normal position, but you can put a pillow on the waist to improve the height of the sensitive points, and then take sex toys, play exciting foreplay, must make your sex different.

The woman can also choose to kneel on the edge of the bed and place her torso on the bed. This will make the woman realize how easy it is to use this position and not have to support her body during stimulation.

When do women want sex the most?

It is often assumed that intimacy, like love, is not limited by time or place and can happen anywhere, anytime. However, the truth is that seasons, Sundays, locations, and other factors may have an impact. There are at least two basic requirements, one is want and the other is opportunity. So, do you know when women want sex the most?

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