Stance 1: Doing it while washing

This scenario is not unfamiliar to most people. Some have had sexual experiences in a large bathtub, others in the shower. The bathroom should be the second most sexually active place besides the bedroom, so if you haven’t tried it until now, get a move on or you’re too out!

Trick #2: Outdoor Camping WildSex

Don’t honestly think that the guy next to you who loves camping, in particular, is a nature-loving donkey, although surveys show that more than 40% of camping enthusiasts have had sex with a camping donkey on a camping trip. Wait, what are you thinking? Quickly correct you a little you think, quickly equipped with high-grade camping equipment, take her to go camping together!

Third move: fantasize to add passion

When your lover is having sex with you while reading someone else’s name, you must be very angry and feel very defeated. However, we want to teach you two intentionally at least one on the other side to imagine each other as their dream girl or the person with whom they most want to have sex. While the average loving couple is likely to fantasize that her sex partner is her favorite celebrity, you can also blindfold yourself and imagine that she on top of you is your sex goddess. This kind of imagination does not harm, and can even stimulate your sexual passion, sublimation of your sexual feelings.

The fourth move: is to create a “cheating” feeling

I don’t want to abet you to be bad, but you have to admit, the sexual pleasure brought by cheating is far more than that brought by an open lover relationship. It’s also important to note that many people who cheat don’t do it on purpose! Of course, you can’t cheat, can you? But tonight you want to enjoy the excitement of “cheating”, how to do it?

You can take her with you to your best friend’s house or classmate’s house, in a strange room for secret sex. That kind of fear of being always found the tension will make you experience endless excitement. Remember to help people clean up afterward!

The fifth move: sweet car shock

I believe that this way we are not strange, with the increase of private cars, enjoying sex in the car has been a lot of private car owners of the family meal. Maybe not a few years, the popular question among good buddies is: “Buddy, did you car shock today?” Car shock skills are not specifically accounted for, the most critical or to have a spacious compartment, and the window glass must also have a strong stealth.

In addition, not every wild forest in the middle of nowhere is suitable for parking, so please pay attention to the car shock before observing the surrounding environment, do not violate the traffic rules, inviting the traffic police or management personnel that would be too embarrassing!

The sixth move: pampering foot fetish

Here introduce part of the people who love foreplay behavior. Of course, foot-loving groups have a richer foot-loving lifestyle. Here will not be introduced one by one. We only circle out with sex-related to foot fetish. Have you ever “loved” her feet? You may have a few question marks. Question mark 1: What does it feel like? Question #2: What do her feet smell like? Question #3: Is it hygienic? Question Mark 4: Did it feel good when I licked her feet?

We can answer you in this order:

Answer #3: You’re probably so keen on her serving you that you must have washed everything that needed to be washed beforehand. Isn’t that right?

Answer 2: She probably knows exactly what you smell like. What she smells like, you should know too.

Answer 1: You can’t find the answer until you try it, everyone feels different.

Answer 4: Do you love her? This is very important.

Move #7: Wild SM

Is SM sweet? Many people are still afraid to try it, that’s because they have a misunderstanding of SM itself.SM is based on the premise of not harming the person. Online now there are a lot of small stores selling SM tools, these tools are both fun and harmless, and the price is not expensive. Usually spend a lot of money on other things, so why not spend a little money on this? The most you can do is to tell each other: we tried it and it didn’t quite work out. Of course, it is more likely that you have discovered a whole new sky with each other!

Trick #8: Playing in front of a mirror

Set up a mirror in the place where you are having sex. In the mirror, you can always watch the two of you when the nude action, which will help you in the process of sexual passion burning! The mirror must be fixed, not affected by your movements, or broken in your body would be bad!

The ninth move: let others “peep”!

Deliberately create the possibility for others to come and spy on your actions. For example, making love with the lights on, half-opening doors and windows, pulling back the curtains, etc. Maybe no one will even notice that you’re making love. Maybe no one will notice what you are doing, but this kind of intentional arrangement will make you tense up in the process of making love, compared to the usual safe and reliable sex, this way is more exciting.

The tenth move: food and sex

At this time, food is your sex prop. Water or wine, fruit, and pastries can be. As long as it is not very greasy or not suitable for the digestion of food, easy to dirty bed sheets on the line. Generally speaking, wine, ice cream, chocolate, apples, and so on are suitable for you to use with each other in foreplay. This is a real “color, aroma, taste” all oh!

The eleventh move: lingerie to add interest, erotic furniture more attractive

Dress her or yourself in lingerie. Whether it is her very seductive uniform or your sexy little panties, covering up the underwear interest will make each other feel interested and excited. Give each other more compliments the moment you put on the lingerie! Don’t dislike the fact that she’s starting to put on weight and flesh, or you’ll discourage her from wearing lingerie with you next time.

The twelfth trick style: wonderful use of sex chair

Have you ever complained that the stools and sofas at home are always not as good as you would like them to be? Either here is low, or there is on the shelf, and finally get sweaty and not pleasing to her.

You can order a specialized sex chair if you have the financial means to do so. The price ranges from 5000-50000 RMB. Of course, you have to have enough space in your home to put it. If you don’t feel the need to buy such a big guy at home, you can go to some boutique hotels to enjoy sex on the chair, many exquisite boutique hotels have sex chair-supporting settings. You can spend a few dollars to enjoy the whole night at the chair carnival!

The thirteenth trick style: private AV

It has to be adventurous, but if you can make sure that the DV won’t be seen by a third party, these dynamic recordings are a reference and memento of your sex life. You can get countless interesting experiences from it, and you can learn more about yourselves, improve your skills in bed, and become superb AV protagonists. Of course, the audience can only be you two.

Some I do not recommend, please depending on the actual conditions of the couple to choose, the above content is only for your reference, may you have a happy enjoyment!

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