I’m so sorry, I’ve lost sleep, so I’ll just get up and write. I just had a couple of people ask me some SEX tips and also perception questions, so I said I’d just say something simple mid-week, I don’t have the time or inclination to write a big paragraph, and I’d have the weekend free to do it for them.

I do not know how others feel about this issue, I personally feel that this is the same as people who love to cook or online others posted a delicious dish, hoping that they can also make the same delicious dish, so as to seek a recipe with the other side of the same reasoning, food, and color, a lot of people spend time researching recipes, so I spend time researching sexuality (once, ah, but now no more, the results of the research has been to temporarily satisfy their own needs, don’t study it anymore, and am busy) isn’t very weird, is it? I think it’s a very important thing, a very important part of life, and I personally enjoy SEX, and I enjoy learning and thus making my significant other happy, so I like to study it, and it’s kind of working, or at least it’s solving my own harmony problems.

People in science and engineering don’t like empty words, let’s speak with facts. I am not a virgin black fungus a, have a sex life history of about 7 years, has always been the same person, 1 year and a half ago began to study the skills of the 6 years before that, and never had an orgasm, simply do not know what is called orgasm, many times will be in pain, the more sensory times also just feel quite comfortable not pain only. However, since I committed the evil, research this after it, the degree of harmony rises step by step, now is as long as the sex will have a G-spot orgasm, there are about 4,5 times orgasm experience, 95% of the time a night two people are to an orgasm and then finished, but there have been more than once a night record, the highest record is a night to the 3 times, and are inside the vagina of the orgasm, not a clitoral type of! Outside orgasm my gg is now very satisfied with our sex life situation, before I study our sex life is dry, and I passive acceptance of the situation, over time he may also feel that there is not much fun. Now, he is our together for so many years in his favorite most enjoy and I have sex, and the two feelings are better, sex life will really be two people contradictions of an effective lubricant, you say the general problem, a small fight small quarrel small things, two people do love, synchronized to the peak, happy to die at that moment, you will still pull down the face to continue to make trouble with each other?

Therefore, I also advise all women, even if you have a fight, not to take the sex life to blackmail or as a weapon to rectify each other, not good. My idea is “The angrier you are with me, the more I want to squeeze you to death, to squeeze you dry, to see if you still bully me”.

First of all, to answer a few questions often asked by netizens (first of all, all of the following are my personal feelings, I can only truthfully describe my own feelings, as to whether all women are the same, I don’t know, I’m not and 100 women slept with a man, I don’t know what other women are like)

1. What is orgasm? How can you tell if a woman is really having an orgasm and not faking it?

I think it lies mainly in the fact that there is a vaginal contraction. The process of making love is probably the beginning of the general wet and then stimulated itchier and itchier, the more itchy water is and more, to the climax of that time the water is the most, and there will be a steady flow of water, the climax will be a very obvious vaginal contraction, the climax lasts about 5-20 seconds, the climax is completed will remain wet but will not continue to water, which is considered to be a will not be itchy should not be period for this time of the Piston movement will not have too much feeling, will not hurt but also will not feel what itchy feeling, but after about 2,3 minutes, and will start the next round of the process of orgasm (began to itch, itchier and itchier, more and more water, and then orgasm, this way)

2. How many kinds of orgasms are there? What is a G-spot orgasm?

I get asked this question a lot. There are said to be 4 types, but I’ve only experienced 3. In theory, there are clitoral orgasms, G-spot orgasms, vaginal orgasms, and blowouts, but I have G-spot orgasms, not simply by rubbing the vagina to produce vaginal orgasms. G-spot orgasms are actually vaginal orgasms, because the G-spot is the upper arm of the vagina ah, and it’s very cool, and I don’t think it’s worse than the blowout how many clitoral orgasms is to rub the outside of the small beans produced, rubbing ah rubbed and then whole vertigo, shaking a few shakes, to the. Soon very easy to operate, but the general feeling of pleasure, feeling like eating fast food, croak croak croak quickly fills up the stomach, but after eating a smash mouth recall, feel there is something wrong, as if the shortcomings of what, but also want to eat some fruit or a pudding, or very unpleasant feeling. And I personally feel that the clitoral orgasm does not quench hunger and thirst can not achieve the purpose of relieving stress, after doing more empty more easily irritable more stressful feelings.

Get relief, that time, all the itch into a pile of clouds, to the center of the flower (G point) as the center of the circle, to spread out in all directions, and then not itch, so good.

After arriving you feel so full, well fed, no more itching in your hole, no more itching on your body, no more feeling of owing dryness. Personally, the moment I arrive, my face will turn red, my body will become very hot, and my body will become soft, and I will become a ball of soft cotton, and I will have no strength at all.

Blowouts are a rare occurrence. I’ve only had 4,5 times in a year or so, and all of them were very accidental, and every time I tried to blow out I didn’t blow out lol The first time was when we hadn’t seen each other for a few weeks, and then after we met in the morning we couldn’t have a big fuck right away, and my friend dragged us to a barbecue, and we went to barbecue outside and came home at night to do the dirty work. Then that time I was his fork blew, huh, very cool, there is a kind of river a cascade, the whole body of all the negative energy with that blowing all blow away the feeling, at the moment to the touched to cry, I do not know why to cry, but it is unable to contain the want to cry, too touched lol, really have that kind of he owed into my body, I completely eat him, and then I was swallowed up by him that kind of feeling (uh, I language) Not good at describing it, it’s a mess, but that’s how I felt).

But yeah, I’m going to correct a bit of a misconception that a lot of people have about blowjobs: don’t think that you’re really going to blow a lot of water, no. It’s just some liquid, more than during normal sex, but it’s definitely not exaggerated like a fountain or wetting the whole bed. My gg said that he could feel a warm stream of more than the usual orgasm, and it came out with a splash.

Then answer the question

3. How to find the G-spot and where is it?

This question actually let the fire dragon write probably more appropriate, he must have looked for a lot of G points, should know a lot of haha I only write my gg is how to find my ah G point in the upper arm of the vagina, with your small beans probably may be different but the location (but an outside a in the inside only), not very deep, the middle finger into the detection, a protruding (in fact, it is not a point, to be precise is a piece of), you are very itchy and very good, and the G point is not a point. The place), you are very itchy very feel after the fast to the climax of the cumulative stage of time, this piece of the place will become hard, usually relatively soft in fact, saying so much is nonsense, the core idea summarized is: vagina arm a grinding a will be the very itchy place if you have never found, I think you can try to see this way: the male with the fingertips instead of the jj to massage the upper wall of the vagina, pressed to the cool place! The female side will hum, everywhere press touch grinding look, no feeling of the place, not hum body, pain, say pain, cool place will hum, so that the male will know where is a good place ah, that is the G-point area perception: couples should not be too outgoing, do not be shy. And their husbands/wives, and not out of cheating to engage in ons, what good shyness it. Must be open, and enjoy, this is definitely a very enjoyable thing, the benefits are many: can relieve stress, help sleep, and enhance the relationship between husband and wife, on the skin and beauty also have obvious effects (acne has the benefit of menstrual cramps have alleviated, the skin will become smoother and more delicate, whitening, the skin seems to become more moisturized water some), and often after orgasm seems to become more and more self-confidence, confidence in their own bodies will also lead to a more and more confident, the G-spot area. Confidence in one’s own body will also lead to other aspects of self-confidence, which also seems to improve their own temperament anyway, is a great beauty, a great thing.

Well, other people ask me almost all written, to sleep!

Lastly: some lewd men, please do not take your lewd eyes to examine this article I wrote. Like I said, it’s just a thing like the FOOD version of sharing cooking recipes. Sorry if you think it’s lewd for me to write this, I think it might be your eyes that are lewd for reading these words. I’m just researching techniques to make myself happy and my boyfriend happy, I’m not stealing or hurting anyone, so please don’t judge me, thanks. And also people ask me all the time, and I don’t have that much time to answer their questions one by one with people. So I’ll just write it down here, and if someone asks me again, I’ll just give them the link.

Please don’t look at me with colored glasses, I’m not hurting you, I’m not seducing you, I’m just here to share what I’ve learned. Sexual culture is also culture, sexual knowledge is also knowledge, don’t think I’m a hooligan just because I study this, thank you!

The purpose of my writing about a personal experience of oral sex is to learn more about the experience of the recent bottleneck, and how hard it is to suck it out. The boss said that I sucked him to death, but ejaculation, was always a little short. He said the feeling of ordinary lovemaking is like climbing a small mountain, the pleasure slowly soars, will not be particularly pleasurable, can always get to the top of the mouth, is to drive a train to climb a 90-degree mountain, miso as soon as soaring up, but then, to a certain point, it has been floating there, has been cloudy, but want to ascend to the top, difficult.

I only sucked out numerous not many times, most of the time to the late stage is to cooperate with the hand jacking or real gun fork, or always on not go. I researched a certain Akira Yoshizawa action movie with a lot of mouths and realized that the master was also jerked out.

Anyways, I’d like to hear from you male about what kind of action you get when you’re being sucked the most. Like deep-throating? Like how her tongue moves? I’ve been running a little dry on ideas lately, so I’m trying to gather some fresh ones to try next time.

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