In the stereotypes, it is generally men who master the sex skills, and the rhythm of sexual climax can only be with him. Want to make their sex life better, women should also understand some, so that sex life skills increase, fancy, to add a lot of fun to the sex life, let’s take a look at what sex skills need you to learn!  

  Men and women must have 18 classic sex life skills 

  1, exercise three times a week

  Not only for physical health but because you can have stronger “sex”, your orgasm potential, and your sexual staying power.

  2. Understand the hormonal climax

  This can help you have the best sex life possible. The seven to fourteen days of a cycle are the high point of your sexual routine.

  3. Find your G-spot

  The elusive G-spot isn’t so elusive if you know how to look for it. It will be a little easier to find it when you are having sex ……

  4, seize the erotic sensitive area

  Erotic sensitive areas are found all over the body, and if caressed properly, these places can give you the same feeling of stimulation during foreplay, lovemaking, and even after lovemaking.


  5. Talk about your sexual fantasies

  This will get you in the mood right away and work better than foreplay. If you have concerns about what to say, then let him talk first.

  6. Talk less about sex with others

  Surprisingly, talking to your friends about your boudoir can have a devastating effect on your sex life.

  7, have sex at least once a week

  Surveys have shown that having sex at least once a week can keep you away from illness and depression. Reproductive stimulation makes the immune system more effective, reduces headaches and treats acne, and also slows down the pain of everyday life, among other things.

  8, change the missionary position

  Try to take the lead, fresh positions will bring fresh sensations like never before. You can explore your imagination, only with due regard for each other’s flexibility.

  9: Take a banana to bed

  But not for the reason you think, bananas are rich in vitamin B, so eating a banana can improve your sex life and the quality of your orgasms by boosting blood circulation to parts of your sexual organs.

  10. Choose your food carefully

  Your stomach can’t be seared, even though it may look that way in the movies. But you can’t just put whatever you want in there, and not being able to eat it will directly affect your sexuality.

  11, do not be surprised that he did not respond

  Contrary to popular belief, an erection is not something he alone can actively control on his own, and exhaustion and stress are the most common causes of unresponsiveness.

  12. Improve your orgasmic potential

  For better orgasms, exercise your abdominal wall muscles, also known as the PC (pubococcygeus) muscles, which are what you’ll use when you pee. All you need to do is exercise these muscles. Simply stop and count five times in between when you are peeing and then relax.

  13. Use a condom

  Whether you choose to have sex during your period is a personal preference. If you’re going to do that, then use a condom because your cervix is more open during this phase and therefore more susceptible to infection.

  14. Forget about those sex stats

  If you want to have a better sex life, then start ignoring those statistics about how often other people have sex. That kind of data can only lead to feelings of insecurity and unworthiness, and those feelings can lead to a decline in the quality of your sex life.

  15. Masturbate more often

  Masturbation is a perfect remedy for everyday problems like stress and anxiety. If you have problems reaching orgasm, this can have a very good effect on you.

  16. Get frequent health checkups

  Nothing can ruin your sex life more than abdominal pain, premenstrual pain, scratching, and mysterious discharge. If you notice anything that worries you (even a strange odor), it’s best to get it all checked out by your doctor.

  17: Re-evaluate birth control

  With the ever-changing methods of birth control on the market, it’s best that you learn more about them. Even if you’ve had bad luck failing a method you’ve tried before, it’s well worth it to check out what’s new.

  18. Forget about orgasms

  They did it, but that’s because they were faking it (even in a porn movie). The likelihood of the two of you screaming together until the house collapses is slim, and trying too hard and trying to accomplish that goal will result in making your orgasm simply not exist.


  A great sex life can make a couple’s life more romantic and their bond deeper, so it’s good to learn some sex tips!

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