Among the complaints about sex life, “not enough” is the most complained by men, while “not romantic enough” is the biggest dissatisfaction of women. In fact, the awakening of women’s sexual consciousness is generally later than that of men. Men’s sexual consciousness is direct and crisp, but women’s sexual consciousness is deep, and difficult to see its traces…

Many men express in private that they hate the kind of women who just dedicate their lives to fulfill their obligations. They are cold, dry, and seem unconscious. Some even think about her knitting when they are in love! Wonderful love Love should be that bed of moonlight, not that cold quilt. So what should a woman do?

In fact, it’s not that taking off your clothes can suffocate your husband’s temptation. If you want your husband to “raise his gun in salute” as soon as he sees you, you have to learn to show your seduction skills and seductive postures on the bed.

A complete collection of bed skills that make men so cool
Tip 1. Exquisite and clear packaging
Making love also takes some packaging. First of all, don’t think that being naked is the best expression. In bed, this time is often not the time, to be frank, it is more of a decoration, and the small distance between hiding and revealing will often make the souls of both parties lose longer.

Secondly, it must be packaged exquisitely. When a woman wrote a letter to a magazine, she regretfully mentioned a detail that made her very embarrassed: one night, she went to bed early, thinking that her husband who was on night shift would not be sexual, so she didn’t take a shower She went to bed, and what made her even more regretful was that she was wearing a pair of underwear with several holes… When her husband held the lamp and wanted to admire Sleeping Beauty, he was shocked. She described that lying there was really shameless, and she was too imageless.

A woman who understands love will pay great attention to her image on the bed. Don’t think that she is not beautiful in front of “your own people”. Don’t think that the body on the bed can be easily dismissed. Baby, your jade body will make beautiful dreams come true longer. This is respect for him, but also respect for yourself.


Technique 2, groaning in ecstasy
In fact, men are quite fond of flirting. Those immoral goblins may be hateful, but those loud voices make men’s blood boil, and they can’t help themselves. Sexual love is not only a kind of physical communication, but also a kind of emotional communication, and if you give up language, it will inevitably affect the harmony and unity of soul and body.

Men not only like to make love with their eyes but also with their ears. Sex is a process of feeling, and the full participation of your five sense organs will make this beautiful sport more perfect and colorful.

Tip 3, the body is clean and fragrant
Here, it is worth mentioning that among all the “packaging”, the most fundamental premise is: you must be clean, with a hint of fragrance, not too strong, too strong, like being posted The “strange fragrance” released by sniffing the flowers by the nose for 10 minutes! Because men often make love with their noses and mouths, and if you don’t even take a bath, how can you take care of it and be gentle?

Tip 4. Sexy tousled hair
However, there is only one place where you don’t need to pack it, and that is the hair. It is best to remove the hairpins, combs, and rubber bands to make it “messy”, with a touch of charm, a touch of depravity, a touch of laziness, and a touch of defenselessness. confused……

The biggest difference between the women in the bedroom and the women in the living room is that the former is often disheveled and sexy, while the latter is hung with a high bun, reflecting the noble forehead and reserved neck. The former makes men impulsive, while the latter makes men appreciate.

Skill 5, sex toys to help sex
Appropriately, you can also use sex toys to “ignite” your desires during sex, such as using LELO’s sexy product Ina 2, follow Ina 2 to experience the most intense orgasm experience! Ina 2 is the world’s most popular Welcome to the dual vibrator. The smooth shape design and flexible external massage head make Ina 2, a classic LELO product, perfectly fit the curves and contours of women’s bodies. Once started, Ina 2 stimulates both the G-spot and the clitoris for the most sensual pleasure.

Tip 6. Change roles to add fun
Occasionally playing different tricks on the bed can increase the interest of the two of you, create one or two different situations, and the effect will be beyond your imagination. “My girlfriend once pretended it was her first time during sex,” said Wenzheng, 33, “and I’ve never been so horny in my life, and she’s really a great actress.

Tip 7. Play a strip show
What could be more evocative than a woman with no words and no clothes?

Rowan, 24, said my girlfriend stood in front of me while I was on the phone with my dad and quietly took off her clothes one by one. So I can’t think about anything, I can only answer my dad “Yeah, yeah! Yes, uh. After hanging up, we can’t wait to go out in the kitchen~

Skill 8, not only masturbation
If you want to be a girl with good hands, you have to know how to play tricks. If you keep repeating the action of “rolling”, it will be too boring, maybe the boy will be soft before he climaxes.

In fact, you can play with boys’ JJ and other sensitive parts according to your own ideas. When you focus on jj, in addition to up and down masturbation, you can also rotate masturbation, fast and slow masturbation, two-handed masturbation, one-handed masturbation, finger rubbing up and down, and jj heads, and so on.

Moreover, you can also play with JJ while gently taking care of Dandanjun, hui yin, and around the chrysanthemum, which will also make the pleasure of boys more intense.

Tip 9. Tease his nipples more
Ke Mengbodan has repeatedly emphasized that there are actually as many nerve endings distributed around the nipples of men as women, so of course this part cannot be ignored. A special issue was published recently, and more than half of men aged 17 to 29 said that nipple stimulation can not only enhance the excitement index of sex but also ignite the fire of sex. That’s because when the nipples are fondled, the surrounding muscles make his nipples protrude and blood vessels swell, creating a ripple effect throughout his body.

Don’t wait for him to ask you to do it: The survey found that 17% of men are willing to ask for a female partner. So you can satisfy him with your hands or your mouth. In the beginning, you can touch with your fingertips, then slowly pinch, and then you can lick with your tongue, bite lightly with your teeth, and suck his pointed nipples at this time. His nipples, being so sensitive, can also experience incredible stimulation as you vary the pressure and rhythm.

Tip 10. Caress his perineum
Although this part cannot be regarded as the most sensitive provocative area of his whole body, the perineum (the soft part between the male testicles and anus) is one of the most worthy of development. Experts say that the nerves in this place are integrated with the penis, but because it has been forgotten by women for a long time, it makes the perineum more sensitive. Hand poking too directly can scare your partner, so the best time to do it is in the missionary position: after he’s inside you, put your hand between his legs and tease his babe. Put pressure on his perineum with your thumb as you reach behind his testicles, or stimulate it in small circles with the knuckle of your index finger. You can go clockwise or counterclockwise, the greater the pressure, the greater the pleasure.

Tip 11. Show the primal desires of animals
When he’s on the brink of breaking point, he’ll go back to the man’s primal animal instincts and grab your hips and boobs. At this time, he also longs for you to be rough with him. You can pull his hair, scratch his back with your fingernails, or slap his butt hard.

Men’s skin is not only thicker than women’s, but also the pain index he can bear is relatively higher during orgasm. On the verge of orgasm, his body was flooded with testosterone and dopamine, temporarily numb his body. So don’t worry that these actions will make him feel that you are bullying him!

Technique 12. Sensitive zones that make you unexpected
There are some places you often miss during foreplay, and that’s his lips, his neck, or his earlobes. Almost every man has a sensitive zone that is rarely explored by female partners, and believe it or not, it is his nose. Besides the lips, the nose is the part of the face that has the most nerve endings. There are many blood vessels and nerve endings distributed around the nose, so this place is a very sensitive area. A man’s nasal cavity is a bit like a penis’s erection mechanism: the more you caress it, the more intense his dick’s reaction will be. Of course, we are not asking you to play with his nose all the time, or help him pick his nose, you only need to kiss and nibble the tip of his nose to achieve the effect. Or you can slide your fingers down his nose to his belly and testicles and back again. This action can wake up the cells and nerves in the whole body, making him numb and weak.

What skills make a man so cool that he screams out
Love doesn’t have to be on the bed, many places can become passionate places~

1. Kitchen
The kitchen is also a good place. The boy hugs his partner from behind and makes teasing or caressing behaviors. In fact, it will easily arouse the desire of the two. Now that they have started caressing, let’s continue!

[Precautions] Although you are not afraid of being peeped at home, please be careful of knives, kitchen utensils, and hot water in the kitchen.

2. Balcony
This is the easiest way ~ open the door of the house and go directly to the balcony ~ you can consider laying a quilt on the ground so that it will be less painful!! You can also consider standing directly ~ looking at the scenery outside!!

[Precautions] Be careful of the sight of other residents!! Don’t forget to shout loudly because it is too intense~

3. In front of French windows
Love love in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows! Looking at the scenery outside~ I have to pay attention to whether someone notices and I feel nervous from time to time.

[Precautions] Be careful to protect yourself, don’t forget that you are in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows because you are too involved, and be careful to see if anyone is peeping or secretly taking pictures!! Also, pay attention to whether the floor-to-ceiling windows will be broken because you are too intense!!

4. Bathroom
In the bathroom, you can turn on the shower and start to touch each other’s body and gradually develop down! When the warm water rushes to the body and gradually flows down, the hands of both parties walk on the body again~ This kind of flirting is It’s wonderful!! After flirting, you can consider standing behind you!!

[Precautions] The bathroom is very slippery!! Please don’t slip and fall, after all, the space in the bathroom is limited, and it is easy to hurt your head if you slip and fall!! Please also be careful not to sit on the sink!! The sink is very likely to break!! It will cause serious damage!!

5. Top floor
Having sex on the top floor is very exciting, it is a holy place for field battles, but please be careful that the residents of the surrounding buildings can see you having sex!

[Precautions] Please pay attention to safety when having sex, and be careful not to fall on the top floor.


6. On the car
When you have sex in the car, you can put down the front seat first or lie flat on the back seat. If you want to be more exciting, you can also choose to sit in the front seat. Boys sit~girls sit on top of boys and shake. I feel the same way!!

[Precautions] Don’t make love while driving!!! And don’t be in a crowded place~ It’s best to stick heat-insulating paper on the windows that are not easy to peep!

7. Office
Office Love Love~ It must be a place where everyone is full of fantasy!! Think about it on the desk in the office on weekdays!! Or in the meeting room during the meeting!! It must be very exciting to think about the excitement!?

[Precautions] It is best not to do this. If you are discovered by then, there is a high possibility that you will lose your job.

8. In front of the mirror
Those of you who are often in love can find that your ordinary vision is limited to what you see in front of your eyes. Seeing the same person, the same action, the same scene.

Why not try it, but change the same venue in front of the mirror?! You will find that your vision will no longer be limited to your eyes!! The picture reflected in the mirror will be a door opened in your love. ~~~

[Precautions] Don’t break the mirror because it is too intense!!

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