Reaching orgasm during intercourse is usually due to the conscious, active participation of women who place a portion of their clitoris, the most sensitive part of their senses, at the center of their physical contact with the male, usually bringing it into contact with the male’s pubic area during sexual intercourse. Fundamentally, therefore, clitoral stimulation during intercourse can be viewed as a woman’s stimulation of herself during intercourse.

1. The method of rubbing the pubic area together with the pubic bone
This method of rubbing is very similar to the woman’s upper body position but can be used in any position. Grinding includes complete penetration, leaving only a little penis pumped into the vagina, or making the penis completely inserted, not pumped, rotating and twisting the body in a circle, so that the men and women’s pubic areas will be close together, rubbing against each other In addition, especially the woman’s labia and the pubic bone area will be stimulated by the friction of the very large and very comfortable.
2, during sexual intercourse, men’s and women’s pubic bones contact each other
The man’s pubic bone is close to the woman’s clitoris, and each penis pumps to the clitoris to be stimulated. In most cases, the physical action is carried out by the man. One of the most common positions is the man-on-top position, or one or both partners can take a seated position. The woman’s legs can be in any position, such as thighs apart, upward, bent backward, or thighs in the air. The principle is to make the stimulation of the clitoris by penile stimulation less difficult, and the woman’s body movements should be free.
When friction stimulates the “male and female clitoris”, the woman’s preference is: slow, gentle, sensitive, and strong. It is not a constant onslaught. Slow and gentle penetration, squeezing the clitoris when penetration is complete. Generally, only women who are unable to reach orgasm during intercourse prefer rough treatment.
During “squeeze and rub” stimulation, women prefer the following: gentle but deep penetration – hardly any suction, just a deep embrace and deep penetration of the penis into the vagina. But it should also be remembered that women need constant stimulation to reach orgasm, while men need moderate intermittent stimulation. This is because an effective rhythm of movement needs to be maintained at every shortest moment.
3, the female-initiated intercourse position
Female supremacy should be the most effective way for women to seek full freedom of movement for self-satisfaction. This position simultaneously allows the woman to tighten her legs and hold them together, or you can adjust the magnitude of penile penetration to suit the woman’s own needs so that her clitoris is in contact with the man’s pubic bone.
Alternatively, you can use the position of pressing the woman’s abdomen against her buttocks, which works for many women. The woman lies face down on the bed and the man inserts his penis into the vagina from behind, which allows the woman to rub herself on the bed and sheets in the way she’s used to while the man adds more on top of her For her pleasure.

4. Leave the penis in the vagina and don’t let it pump back and forth

The head of the penis sits right in the labia and the root of the penis pushes upward into the clitoral area as if to cover the door. But paradoxically, what feels good to a woman can sometimes feel bad to another man, and this position where the penis is not inserted deeply can make some men feel incompletely sexual.
5. Repeated vaginal penetration with the penis
In this type of intercourse, the penis is inserted less than in the previous position. That is, the penis is only active near the inner edge of the outer labia and even leaves the vagina completely with each twitch so that the vaginal opening and labia are constantly pulled and stimulated.
6, before orgasm fully given clitoral stimulation or other forms of stimulation, and then insert the penis into the vagina, a little later the woman is to achieve orgasm

Before inserting the penis into the vagina, adequate pre-caressing should be carried out. This is because women receive very little actual stimulation during intercourse. Most women masturbate without “pre-caressing”. Men should pay close attention to this. Only then will you be able to give your partner a mesmerizing orgasm, and you will experience a thrilling moment of ecstasy.

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