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She said I’m a playboy

“I was called a scumbag by a certain woman today. The reason is that I dated her a few days ago, and today I dated another woman. She posted on her Moments saying that I was a scumbag and that I was a fool!!! I Huh!!”

“I’m going, what age is this, do you still think of dating as being in love?? I went to the movies with her and invited her to dinner. I didn’t even sleep. Because this girl is too tall. Rotten. I had no desire to eat at all. So after the date, for any reason, I left.”

“All judges and judges, am I a scumbag???”

“Dating at most is to get to know each other with women. If you are suitable, continue, maybe there will be a possibility of falling in love in the future. If it is not suitable, we will just date and break up, right? Besides, I think dating several women at the same time It’s also possible, there is no problem at all. Isn’t it? Anyway, everyone chooses each other!”


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After reading this male netizen’s post. Some people are already messed up in the wind. After the date, you say that the girl is ugly and bad-looking, and the value of a date is measured by whether you have slept in it-is this objectification of women too naked?

It is possible to date several people at the same time. In this way, do they choose each other, or ride a donkey to find a horse? Opinions vary.

In line with the lofty idea that love is priceless, the editor wants to talk to you about the dating culture in Canada today and help you identify the real scumbags and scumbags.


Don’t underestimate our Canadian countryside, especially Vancouver. Although all kinds of urban infrastructure are 18-line villages. But it was never “Country Love” here.


It’s the American feel “Sex and the City” who has been dating for four or five years and hasn’t turned into a boyfriend and girlfriend and has friends with benefits ABCDE who take turns meeting.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at our dating culture in Vancouver, and you will laugh and cry: the city has deep routines, and I want to go back to the countryside.

Phase 1: Hang out

In our Wencun’er, we have appointments to drink milk tea, eat hot pot together, and watch movies together at every turn. Regardless of whether it’s a man or a woman, same-sex or opposite-sex, sometimes two people hang out alone, and you think they are interested in you, but in fact, they are simply hanging out with friends!


Phase 2: Seeing

Do you think you can go from hanging out to dating after going out alone several times? No, no, you may still say “We are just seeing!”. That kind of mutual affection, but it can’t be said that each other is the only one for the other, it is very likely that you are just a seeing object in the other’s mouth.

Since there is no confession, no holding hands, just ambiguity, seeing several people, maybe it isn’t scum.


Phase 3: Dating

After being ambiguous for so long, do you think it will be a matter of course and officially become each other’s BF/GF… No, you just started dating.

Watching movies, eating, having sex, as long as you don’t admit your relationship, I’m sorry you are still just dating.


If you are just casually dating, the other party has the right to date others. And if you tell each other to start exclusive dating, that’s one-on-one.


Stage 3.5: Relationships went awry

If you start flirting before your relationship starts, maybe you are just hit on. Kiss me if you’re chatting, it’s just make out. (Hook up) Then your relationship develops, and it may not reach the fourth stage-you hook up (friends with benefits).


Phase Four: BFGF

Some people may have been dating for several years, and they are all spare tires who have not yet become regulars. But once you wait until that day, and finally ask you out and say that you will be a boyfriend and girlfriend, congratulations, you are officially out of the singles.


After talking about the dating culture in our village, the vast majority of decent Chinese people don’t use it. Even CBC may seldom enter stage 3.5, but scumbags, scumbags, absorb these cultures one after another.


Do you think Lao Lizi, who has dated at least 20 supermodels and girlfriends with an average age of 20, is a complete scumbag?

No, they have admitted that they are girlfriends in every paragraph, and it is one-on-one dating, and there is no Neptune sailing at the same time!

Another example is our female version of Xiao Lizi, sister of Vancouver Neptune Elva Hsiao. His 17 boyfriends are still exclusive dates, and both parties are extremely open.


Topic analysis:

This forum netizen did not tell the woman bluntly that we are casual dating, making the woman mistakenly think that they are one-on-one, of course, they deserve to be called scumbags…

Correct way:

Tell the other party directly, let’s make an appointment to chat now, if it is suitable, we can talk, if it is not suitable, forget it.

After learning this question, do you know how to distinguish between scumbags and scumbags?


Our forum receives all kinds of submissions from scumbags and scumbags every day.

What kind of cheating, flirting, domestic violence…

Don’t identify it, if you see it is garbage, it is recommended to throw these people directly into the garbage recycling bin!

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