I want to tell all the little sisters who are full of longing and anticipation for love, in this era when everyone is extremely busy, the circle is closed, and the Internet is highly developed, use dating apps (stranger dating software such as Tantan, Soul, etc. ) is not shameful, it is perfectly normal to strike up a chat with the little brothers bravely, and to build a closer relationship, but it is just that whether a person is a scum needs the little sisters to keep their eyes open and judge carefully. Especially the check before the meeting is related to your personal and property safety, so you need to be very cautious and not agree to meet impulsively. In the next article, I will share some of my experiences with you in detail, and I also welcome the little sisters to communicate with me.

It’s been more than a month since my old driver overturned my car. Here I would like to share with you all my experience of accidentally being tricked into dating a Korean Oppa.

I met this Oppa in 1993 on Tantan. We chatted for about a day and then added WeChat to continue chatting. At that time, I was obsessed with Korean dramas and pretended to learn Korean. I didn’t have the option of “no meeting”, so I chatted with this little brother I agreed to meet in 3-4 days, and it was scheduled on the Friday after National Day. The time and place were all set by me. Noon, BCD Tofu, the most lively place, thinking that he would not do anything to me in public. unfavorable thing.

My brother was 2 hours late and I didn’t say anything. After meeting him, I didn’t think he was particularly amazing. He just looks like the photo, with small eyes and acne marks on his face, but his skin is still fair. It can be seen that he has been carefully cared for. Yes, the height and body are all normal – thin and tall, and the hairstyle is the hot middle part that Koreans like very much. connect.

When we entered the meal session, we chatted one after another, because there were more people and the session was noisy, and I couldn’t hear each other’s voice clearly when I sat face to face with him. As soon as the routine came (if the lateness was not on purpose), I asked him a question, he leaned over to listen and then told me to talk later, I said ok (because we discussed before we met, I can bring He went to USC), at this time, I didn’t know that he had planted a foreshadowing. When paying, he said that he was late, so he came to treat this meal. I thought that Asian boys might accept it better than American gentlemen at this point, and I had planned to buy drinks later and I would pay for it.

Then I got into his car and got into his serial routine. The first routine is that he handed me a piece of chewing gum. I am also used to chewing some gum after meals to freshen my breath. I just think he is quite considerate. Later, thinking about it, his thoughtfulness is preparing for the first base…

After getting into his car, we chatted normally at the beginning, but when we got to my school (I don’t know how he could drive for so long on the ten-minute drive), he started all kinds of tricks and grabbed me I kept touching my legs without letting go of my hands, and I kept taking his hands away to remind him to concentrate on driving and not to overturn the car with him, but… I also clearly said that this progress is too fast, which is not the habit of Chinese girls, but… The author hates this kind of writing that doesn’t respect women’s wishes. I’m really angry, but because I’m not the kind of particularly strong girl who can’t open the door and get off the car immediately, I went to school nervously amid half back and half up.

In the process of visiting the school, he put his hands on my shoulders and waist and brushed my hair thoughtfully. I thought it was bearable, but I realized that I was a little dangerous at this time, so I proposed that I have an appointment at 4 o’clock. Roommate (this is indeed a promise, but I moved the time forward), I have to leave when the time comes. I felt that he did not really want to visit the campus and always wanted to find a quiet place to sit down (routine warning ⚠️), I instinctively did not obey but pulled him to continue to perform my duties as a tour guide.

Then we went back to the vicinity of the parking lot, and there was nothing to shop around, so I proposed to buy a drink, and this brother dei asked me kindly, would you buy me a drink, I said of course, and then I bought it Two drinks. Okay, here comes the routine again, he insisted that I try his drink because I usually don’t shy away from these things with my friends, and then I thought afterward, this is another routine or he tacitly agreed that I would like to kiss- After all, using a straw is ambiguous…

Then came the climax of the whole drama, I said I was leaving, but he insisted on taking me home, I said that I don’t need to walk back because I live very close, and then he said in a half-considerate and half-coquettish tone, the sun outside It’s so big and so sunny, I don’t trust you to go back alone. I really can’t stand the pouting and coquettish appearance of Korean boys. I couldn’t help it, so I agreed to go to the basement with him.

Sisters, promise me that you don’t want to get into the boy’s car casually. Once the door is closed, the space is so small that there is no escape. After I got in the car, my silly fufu fastened my seat belt and asked him why he still didn’t leave. He started to act coquettishly and then begged for a kiss. I was already very nervous at this time, so I had to cover my mouth. Let him kiss my face. At that time, I was completely petrified, and I didn’t know how his patience and endurance were so good? (maybe that’s why he came here for this purpose), and I gave up resisting until I gave up resistance, and then rolled over smoothly.

Although his skills are good in all fairness, I also felt aroused, but it was not out of my will, and it would be considered obscene if I wanted to pursue it. In the end, I could only comfort myself, as if I went to a nightclub to recruit a cowboy. I was pressed and kissed by him for a long time (don’t remember if it was ten minutes?) When he stretched his hand towards my crotch, I grabbed his hand and said that I had to leave before he stopped and started the car.

Is the underground garage also a public place? Isn’t he afraid of being photographed? It’s sperm on the brain. I have always been very conscious, and I even worried about whether he had secretly filmed, and whether he shared and discussed my reaction (Victory Gate) with his companions, so I have never been able to get involved. On the way to send me back, he still didn’t stop his salty hands, and asked me hypocritically, how are you? Nonsense, of course, I am not well, I can only reply to him very passively, I just want to get out of the car quickly.

When he arrived at my door, he was still thinking about going up to my house (of course everyone can guess what he was doing), and said, can’t you just let your roommate leave for an hour or two? Of course not. I wanted to ask Bobo again, but I left without saying yes and called him “text me” politely. Later that night, I sent a WeChat message to ask if he was home, but he didn’t reply to me again (I guess he also felt that he was frustrated here, and he didn’t want to spend energy on people with a low probability and wanted to find other targets). So far, the experience of this rollover has finally come to an end.


Boys can be separated by sex. My personal experience tells me that girls really can’t. After the matter is over, I can’t help but think about it all the time, and even have the idea of ​​breaking the can, and I want to find other people to see if I am true. It can only attract people who want to develop a short-term relationship with me. Fortunately, my roommates and veterans have been with me so that I don’t have extra time and energy to make mistakes.

The summary is, don’t touch Korean Oppa easily unless you also have more physical needs than psychological needs; in addition, girls’ emotions are easily affected, and being inseparable from a person does not necessarily mean that this person is liked or suitable for you You have to distinguish clearly between your people, don’t love because of sex, the bottom line is that a man who doesn’t respect your wishes must not be good, go away with a domineering president or something.

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