After returning to the country recently, I was about to be drowned by the spit of the marriage-urging army. After I returned to the United States and read online reviews, I decisively downloaded the dating app —hinge. The principle of this software is that if someone likes you, you will click like, and if you like him, click like too, and then you two will be a match. I don’t know if it’s my bad luck or something, but I met two amazing Chinese people as soon as I came up (as for whether they are liars or gangs, everyone can judge for themselves).

The thing is, I started to use this app, and not long after, I met a Chinese boy who was quite handsome, had a good figure, and was slightly older than me. (For the convenience of description, I will call him L) handsome guy, let me go back decisively, and then the other party started to speak actively. Because everyone in this software is English, the name is pinyin, so he began to guess which two words my name is. Although he guessed two words wrong, I think he is quite interesting. I asked him why he used this app, and he said that his friend used this app to successfully find true love, and expressed his disapproval of the behavior of using software to date, so we switched to WhatsApp chat on the Internet that day (Why do Chinese people use WhatsApp? I was also puzzled at the time, but I added it anyway). He also took the initiative to chat with me the next day, but the amazing thing is that I found that I couldn’t find his profile on the hinge the next day, so I asked him why his profile disappeared, and he answered that we chatted It was so good, he deleted that software, and then asked me if I was still using it, and if I was satisfied with him, could I delete this software? (Me: black question mark face.jpg) I told him that if I chat with him, I will not chat with others. If I delete it, there is no need. After all, it took me a long time to fill in the information. This incident turned the page, and then he began to shape his character. Family business, I want to come to the United States to develop my business, be my boss, and live a regular and healthy life. He is simple, kind, and easy to trust, and he is very serious about love. He only broke up with his girlfriend who had been dating for 6 years, and the other party cheated. Shared his diet with me, maybe because I said he was handsome, and he sent me a selfie of going to the gym. Chatting is also very good at answering, and all kinds of boasting to me. I also complain that I don’t share my life with him, saying that he is too busy to meet each other recently, so I want to share my life to deepen our understanding and give both parties a special title. At the same time that such a crazy set was almost in a hurry, on the third night, he began to tell me that the bitcoin market is very good now, and he wants to take a look first, and then talk to me later. After talking for 3 days, he started to discuss investment with me and asked me if I usually invest. I said that I bought some funds with low risk, and then he began to say that funds are boring and risks are relative, and he wanted to teach me to invest. I first politely refused, saying that I don’t like to study this. He started to say who doesn’t like money, and he continued to discuss this with me. I told him very clearly that I don’t like others pushing me, so can we stop talking about investment? He also insisted that I don’t like it is not a problem, it can be solved (me: ???). Because this is a chat or two during lunch, so I don’t want to reply. Then the strange thing happened, at night he started to go berserk, accusing me in a very angry tone, saying that he gave his heart and soul but I didn’t appreciate it, thinking that I didn’t know what to do (excuse me? We chatted intermittently for less than a week! Less than a week!). I don’t think it’s necessary to quarrel with a stranger, so I told him to thank you for your kindness, I think we are out of sync, so I don’t waste his kindness, and then we deleted each other.

Do you think this is the end of the story? not at all!!!

My miraculous thing happened, just after I deleted each other with this person, there was another Chinese in like me, who still looks good. The important point is that his photo is different from L’s, his height and age are similar, but other information is the same as that of the boy before, and the pinyin of his name is written as Lin. They are all engaged in import and export trade and even choose one at random in the profile. Questions, write answers, questions, and answers are the same!!! (Although L quickly unmatch me after the first day, because his information is too simple to fill in, I still remember all the content)

So I have a very bad guess, to confirm the guess, I like back. Then the other party took the initiative to speak. After a brief opening, I took the initiative to ask him about the evaluation of this software, and he said that it was not very good, because the people in it had too much subjective consciousness (???), saying that the people here seemed to be recruiting workers rather than looking for a partner. I asked why he said this, and he said that the people here would recommend it to others. I asked what it was selling, and he said it was selling healthcare products. Then I said, “I haven’t met a person who sells health products, but I have met a person who sells bitcoin.” He said that person is very good to you, and he will talk about this if he likes you. There is no one to guide you if you want to learn. (Are u kidding me? Is this a normal person’s reaction? Or am I abnormal?) So I said, if I didn’t delete him, I can introduce him to you. He asked me what to delete, and I said that I don’t like others to sell me and that strangers should talk about topics that everyone is interested in. Then he began to input a lot, saying that two people need to get in touch with each other and be considerate of each other. He thinks that person is super nice to me, why don’t I like that person? Or do I not like Bitcoin? Although I may not accept it now, and this is the same as our parents treat us, we don’t accept the way they love us, but they all love us, they were just ignorant when they were young. This person insists on recommending this to me to share his life with me, and he hopes you will be interested in his life. Are you not interested in his recommendation because you don’t like him? Balabala… (Me:??? Are you sure you are not him? Or is it, not his gang? Is this a normal person’s reaction to me describing this to him? Human doubts)

When he saw that I didn’t speak, he said that he was a more straightforward person, and he was embarrassed. I said nothing. He changed the subject and began to guess which two words my name was, and said that if he guessed right, he wanted me to reward him. You read that right, guessing the name again!!! (Hehe) And this time, this person guessed right. To be honest, I think the two characters in my name are not so conventional, and the probability of guessing both is low. (I told L my Chinese name) I am not interested in talking nonsense with him anymore and plan to unmatch him tomorrow. tired tired…

Another point of information is to add, that is, when I send a message to L using WhatsApp, if I do not reply in time, there will often be only one gray tick. I checked the three situations where the gray tick appeared: the other party blocked me (excluded); the other party was useless to use this account/logged out of this account; the other party’s network is not good (the network is not good all the time?). So I will tend to the second situation, which means that he has 2 or more accounts switching.

I just signed up for this app for a month, and I haven’t talked much, and I haven’t figured out the principle of this app yet. Shouldn’t this encounter be a random event? You can still choose whose profile to look at. Whether they are a gang or they are two accounts of one person, how can I meet both of them by such a coincidence? Suddenly I feel that being single is very good, it is better than encountering such a strange thing, I am really tired and don’t love it.

I wrote this story because I was speechless and wanted to make complaints about it, and secondly, to remind girls who use dating apps to be more cautious.

After I told this story to my friend, she asked me to watch Netflix’s new movie “The Tinder Swindler” in February 2022. This movie is suitable for me to watch now. I’m off to the movies…

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