Do you hot girls have any advice for beginners? For example, what clothes to wear (hot or moderate), what topics to talk about (work or study), what are the hints and slang words on the first date, how to escape if the date is not satisfactory…

Recently, I had a bad date experience. The other party met on ins. I made an appointment for coffee very early, but the person did not match the photo…Let’s not lie about my height, lz 168. The other party said that he was 6 feet and the result was up I’m as tall as lz… and the most important thing is the smell of this Turkish guy. I gave up at the time?, I wanted to escape but I didn’t know what excuses to find?, so we chatted and drank coffee together, and I was desperately looking for the topic

I hope that sisters who have app date experience will share more!

Multicultural group of young friends bonding outdoors and having fun – Stylish cool teens gathering at urban skate park


Hello sisters.

I have some very curious h questions now, and I hope that the sisters who have passed by will leave a message!

First of all, what is the approximate size of a ?? person? Width and length, about 8 inches, is a normal size? Secondly, if it is long, is 45mins considered short?

To be honest, lz had sex with a foreigner for the first time, and it was uncomfortable because he felt that his size was a bit too big, and the pussy tearing feeling was very heavy after the sex… Does anyone have the same experience wwwww, I was wondering Do you want to buy some medicine…


I went on a date with my British brother Xiaokang on Friday. Let’s call him J for short. Brother J is quiet, and there is a feeling that the enemy can’t move me. I don’t have any hot girl clothes, only one strapless Sweater, imagine a 10-degree autumn in the UK. I’m wearing black stockings and an off-the-shoulder sweater and I’m stepping on boots and waiting for him…and I even came to mc.

The result is indeed that he is dignified. Even though we were drinking and chatting about some relationship experiences, the distance between me and him seems to be separated by a Milky Way.

I want to know, sisters, are all British men like this? I wonder


Sisters, time flies. Thanks to the hot sweetest girls who gave their opinions in the comments before. After I changed the title and name, I will record the date here. If you have any suggestions, you can also teach me this love brain that can’t fall in love?

By the way, I forgot to mention that lz finally found an internship. Engineering ? is too difficult. Everyone needs work experience. Even if I just brushed a little bit of Leetcode, I have been brushed for interviews many times. Well, let’s get down to business.

The latest date is British and an engineer, so it seems that the chat can go on. The first time we met, we kept talking about what engineering software everyone used. Our two fields overlapped, so he also taught me some things. Strangely, the people who match are 30+. I don’t have any age requirements, but the people who only realize the date now have stable careers and a well-off life. This brother is quite gentle, and more introverted than some of the previous ones. On the whole, but so far I don’t know much about him. I know more about his industry…

It’s the first time that the can date more than twice. I’m not good at chatting and I don’t know how to answer the conversation. We plan to go to the pub after get off work tomorrow night. I hope we don’t stand out. It’s too cold in the UK in winter, so I still have to go to work now I’m busy, it’s tiring to dress up once ?

10/08 update

Sisters, here I come!

Haven’t updated for a long time, share the latest hinge/tinder adventure

First of all, the suggestions and topics of the sisters in the group are very useful! Secondly, it may be that I am too naive, and those who match or meet rarely have good experiences, or they are just talking nonsense buddies

It feels good to send a post. I went to London to play in early July. I matched a bartender near China Town and invited us to have a drink. The guy is so handsome. My friend and I were just looking for a place to drink, and he was there again I found a match on Tinder, and we went straight to the bar without talking. To tell you the truth, I went to fwb this time, but this guy was too busy, so we just hung out on the road for a while (it was 3 o’clock in the middle of the night) until he got off work, and the wine we mixed was pretty good, Sure enough, some people lie about their age on tinder. My buddy says 26 years old, but it gives me the feeling of 30+, which is a very mature Southern European style, very flirtatious, and keeps giving me flirtatious eyes at work… It’s a pity that the next day he is Too busy and I’m only in London for three days, so we’ll call it a day

Later, when I went back to school, I chatted with a British man, lz, who majored in engineering, we matched at the beginning because he studied nuclear weapons, so we chatted, and it felt okay. He is very academically accomplished, and he is also a pub appointment. This dude drinks. Nope, I have a good drinker and I don’t think the British drinker is particularly bad, but he drank 5 pints of beer (sounds like a lot but we drank it for a long time!), he kind of started to tell the truth, the people I chatted with are all 28 to 30 years old, and this person is also 33 years old. I had a good chat, but suddenly came out and told me that he has two children, just divorced, and said that he is very rich and has a house and a car. Can you take me home, me??? Does the whole person question mark? Say you are here, luckily my friend is nearby, so I hurriedly called for rescuers to come over and leave with an excuse…

My sisters, dating is really difficult!

Update 27/06

Hi sisters, let me share with you the recent status of the date

I slipped into a blonde French boy A last week, so I started chatting but never exchanged personal information. Liz is used to using WhatsApp and has been chatting every sentence. He started chatting because he told me that he has a beautiful golden retriever dog. , and then I chatted with him about my current situation of preparing for a work visa and preparing for an interview. The other party is a Ph.D. student from the engineering school of the same school, and we have been chatting with each other. I was doing modeling at school on Thursday, and he told me that he was in the office and wanted to have a cup of coffee with me, so we met at Costa. It’s the first start. A looks better than the photo, but I don’t say he’s handsome. Maybe the photo is a bit of a dead straight guy without a French accent. Advice for applying for a Ph.D.

The conversation was good, but, the most important thing, I feel that the other party didn’t mean to date me at all, and I didn’t seem to say anything special, I feel like we became friends… ???

Another question is, how do sisters avoid meeting people they know on Tinder…

In addition, I met a Chinese boy recently. I don’t know if it’s because I have very little contact with Chinese boys (I mean, I haven’t talked to boys much in undergraduate courses, and then there are only foreign boys in the graduate class). Chinese boys find it very troublesome to contact, not direct, very roundabout, send me a message every day asking what I am doing, and then don’t say what I want to do, keep chatting awkwardly, and only met twice, maybe he wants to talk to me I go further, or maybe just want to be friends, I don’t understand what he means. Everyone is busy with their affairs. I am busy doing experiments and writing papers. I also want to meet a good-looking foreign guy in my spare time. If he wants to play with me, I will tell him that I will drink with my friends and ask you to come, but he does not want to come. I just want you to ask me to come out alone, say I want to go out with me, and just walk around, I feel bored and not as interesting as foreigners… I don’t know if my sisters will have the same idea as me after getting along with foreigners a lot?? I always feel that this is a bit suspicious of xenophobia…but I just feel that he is boring?

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