Abstract: Singles’ Day is here again, and it’s the time for the annual dog abuse. Friends studying in the United States, how do you spend your time? Xiaozhan Jun will recommend some dating apps for you, learn more about American culture and some hobbies of American young people, and help you better integrate into their circle.
If you are in the United States, 28 years old, single, and live in a big city, there are many more ways to get out of the singles than in China. There are countless parties, happy hours, and bars. As long as you are willing to go out, your eyes will be full of spring.

If you are too lazy to go out, you can also use various dating apps to discover new lands. The high penetration rate of dating apps in the United States is surprising. I feel that basically all the single people around me are using it, and many of them are still using 3-4 apps at the same time to try non-stop. If you think about it carefully, and observe how many girls are smearing in the women’s bathroom during off-duty hours, you can know a little about the prosperity of dating apps.

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【1】There are countless dating apps, which ones stand out?


Tinder has the highest market share among dating apps, and many apps such as Momo have copied Tinder. This dating app, which started 12 years, has spread to 196 countries four years later, firmly occupying the top position of dating apps. According to Tinder data, there are now 1.4 billion swipes and 26 million matches in the world every day. Tinder is easy to use, swipe right to like and swipe left to dislike. If the other party chooses to like it, then match it, and the two parties can chat directly. Before using Tinder, it was free, and the profit model was not clear. Even if the expansion is rapid, the industry still has doubts about its profitability.

However, with the release of the high-end membership model Tinder Plus last year, there were 1 million paying members in the first quarter of this year, which made the performance of the parent company (also the parent company of the old dating site match.com) far exceed expectations, and its future seems clearer up. To put it bluntly, Tinder Plus is to let you pay yourself a chance to regret it. If you swipe your hand and lose a person, you regret it. If you are a paid member, you can go back and choose again.

Its pricing is also interesting, $9.99 per month for those under 30, and $19.99 for those over 30. Who wants you to rush to find a partner when you are older and have a higher income? Tinder has just launched a new Tinder Boost algorithm, which is spending money to buy layouts – making yourself appear at the top of other people’s selected pages. It is said that during the tests in Australia and the UK, the average page views of customers who used the Boost function were 10 times that of the previous ones, and the match success rate also increased by 3 times. Now you can choose a paid package according to how many times you want to boost –

Coffee meets Bagel

This is one of the hottest dating apps these days, especially among Asians. The three founders, the Kang sisters, have their own stories. These three young Korean girls immigrated to the United States when they were young. One is stronger than the other. Harvard Business School, Stanford Business School, and Parsons School of Design. After discovering the problem of online dating in life, the three sisters gave up their high-paying jobs and resolutely moved to Silicon Valley to create Coffee meets Bagel. Last year, they participated in Shark Tank, a well-known entrepreneurial reality show in the United States. They rejected the well-known investor Mark Cuban’s $30 million investment on the spot, which caused a lot of controversies and made the coffee meets bagel a hit.

The girl appreciates the self-confidence and vigor of these three girls, after all, they are still so young, and it is their first time to start a business. From the perspective of his own experience, the founder positioned Coffee meets Bagel as a ‘Ladies’ choice’ – a dating app for women to find true love. “In general dating apps, only 27% of girls initiate chats, and our system can make girls more active because they know that these boys have already liked her.” The initial setting is that the system only sends one most suitable match to boys every day, and only the boys like it first will push it to girls. But recently they’ve tweaked the product because research has revealed a timeless truth – for men, more is always better.

So now it has been improved to send 20 girls to boys (bagel) every day. The boys first decide whether to like or pass and then the system will select a few of the like boys to send to the girls according to the degree of fit. Once the girl chooses like, then the pairing is successful. So compared to other dating apps where men and women choose each other, this app gives the final choice to girls.

The profit model of Coffee meets Bagel is not as diverse as that of Tinder. Now it relies on selling virtual currency coffee beans – you can use beans to buy various data, such as seeing which friends you have in common with the girl you like, and which photos of you have the most likes. You can also play tricks if you have money, and let the system push you more choices every day. There are still benefits for the entrepreneurial dog who makes a dating app – the founders said that two of their three girls who are not married are using this app for dating. Work and life are balanced, looking for a boyfriend and testing products at the same time, very good.

【2】 Is the niche boutique route a trend?

Some of the largest dating apps currently in development have a mixed problem – how can we help users find the right dates more accurately and efficiently, instead of a hundred people who are not interested in the date and find a reliable one?

So, in the past two years, some smaller and more sophisticated dating apps have emerged with good results –

Raya Celebrity Dating

Luxury high-income group

Inner Circle Europeans in America

The League Ivy League Alumni

The League, which is unknown, is an app for Ivy League alumni. Amanda Bradford, a 31-year-old founder of Stanford Graduate School of Business, used a lot of dating apps and found the results disappointing. Especially compared to the 300 students in her Stanford Business School class, there are 40 pairs – this ratio is a bit too amazing. The girl thinks that the ratio of general business schools is estimated to be 15 pairs of 300 students. Indeed, business schools can easily become matchmaking agencies. The main reason is that both parties have similar backgrounds, especially women who are pursuing careers. Here, you can meet a group of men who are also pursuing and are relatively high in quality. So in The League, you must be a graduate of an Ivy League school, and everyone has a similar background. The personal data are connected to LinkedIn to ensure the accuracy of the information. The annual fee of $179 also screens out some people who are not serious about finding a partner. A large number of offline activities provide a platform to get to know each other more efficiently.

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【3】Why is the American dating app not just a dating app?

Although, a lot of people just use it for hookups…but the dating app in the United States is still very reliable. Friends and colleagues around the editor intuitively feel that at least 10-20% use dating apps to find their current stable boyfriend and girlfriend, or they have already achieved positive results. This seems to be a lot more serious than Momo in China, which has already equated with the dating app.

The reason is that on the one hand, cultural differences make it difficult for dating apps to start in China. China itself does not have a dating culture, and meeting strangers still requires psychological construction for many people. It is difficult for Americans to date several people at the same time, and then choose a go exclusive, which is difficult to be accepted in Chinese culture. People who can accept an open and respectful dating culture hope that this app is a small but sophisticated organization with a high-quality customer base.

However, even if an app restricts professional education photos, etc., how can it know whether the information is true or false?

It is impossible for an app to verify customer information when absorbing users – without Linkin, a platform like Facebook that integrates basic owners can help with verification, and it cannot afford to burn the money to build it by itself. Even if the information is true, how do you know the issues that everyone cares about most – how much income, whether there is a house and a car at home… But I believe that shortly, as people’s mentality tends to become more and more international In urban areas, the domestic market of dating apps will be further opened up.

The success of Coffee meets bagel in Hong Kong is a good example – Shanghai and Beijing have become more and more like Hong Kong, with a large number of young people with overseas education backgrounds, pursuing freshness, and demanding quality of life. With such a market, there will inevitably be a large number of higher-level, even small, and sophisticated apps.

After all, is the dating app reliable? It is quite reliable. After reading thousands of sails, the one that finally stops at the port must have something special. But only if you don’t get too picky. Met 100 girls, when flirting becomes habit and meeting becomes routine, then what’s the fun of dating? In the era of fast consumption, it is the essence of dating to try to stop at the right time and to work hard.

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