I’m coming, friends ?
In the half a year that has not been updated, the host has not been idle, busy with work and sightseeing, and at the same time met some people one after another.

To sum up: I met 8 people. ?
Two of them are my food (sleeping one of them, the other is too far away from me, calling each other but no follow-up);
There is another one who entered the Friend Zone after the first meeting, and now he has become my old friend, and my local emergency contact has been replaced by him;
After seeing the rest, there is no more text, and they don’t want to follow up with each other.

It’s 2021, and the host is still single, hahaha. My mother asked someone to tell me my fortune last month, saying that I still won’t succeed this year, and I will see one yellow and one yellow. I disdain it at first, but I think that 4 of the 8 people will meet in January 2021. So I think I should let go of worldly desires and concentrate on making money in 2021, but I still want to write one of them Little Brother’s stories.

Let me state first that this is an FWB story (if you don’t want to read it, you can go out and turn left), but I feel that I can’t talk to this little brother as a friend. To be honest, I don’t know how to define this relationship. Now that I think about it, as long as I have a journey with myself and leave good memories, it’s enough. It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship it is.

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This little brother was found on Tinder after the epidemic eased in August 2020 and my life and work returned to normal. He is three years younger than me. Because I have complained about the countryside before, I have no choice. A little brother with a well-managed figure, a sunny temperament, and a good-looking little brother, yo, and sister, I suddenly regained my spirits.

After the match was successful, I took the initiative to talk to him. After chatting for a while, I found out that he came to Australia to study for a master’s degree from the United States (well, it’s strange to come to Australia to study for a master’s degree without a master’s degree in the United States). After graduation, he signed a work visa in Australia. Opportunity to live and travel around Australia. Well, when I heard this, I guessed that this little brother would not want to develop any serious relationship, he is just a passerby here.

In fact, during the epidemic last year, I struggled for a long time. At that time, I never thought about staying in Australia for a long time and preparing to develop in other countries. So when he said his plan like this, I felt a little relieved. After chatting casually, he asked me to meet on Saturday. For the convenience of description, hereinafter referred to as the little brother of the United States.

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We met somewhere in the center of the city on Saturday, and I knew at first sight that the little brother from the country of America was about to be thrown down by me (the last time I had this feeling of wanting to fall at a glance was to the firefighters, it seems that I am easy to be against This robust little brother produces hormones).

The younger brother is of Japanese-American mixed race, Asian in color, and his hair is all black. His flickering long eyelashes make my sister and I feel refreshed. He was wearing a casual shirt, and the bag was quite tight, but he could tell that he was in good shape. The most important thing is that I have been tortured by the Australian accent for so many years, and his American English has improved my ear’s ability to receive information several times.

At that time, my brother was still relatively shy, and he didn’t dare to look me in the eyes when talking to me. He stared at the ground and spoke slowly. We walked and chatted all the way. In the beginning, we introduced some basic information to each other, such as where we went to school, why we came to Australia, why we came to this city, what we did during the epidemic, what we plan to do next, etc. Although it was all simple information, based on the other party’s answer and expression, I can also outline a person’s basic form, and I can also know whether to continue contact and the length of contact that day. Someone might want to ask if this information is not clear before the meeting. I don’t like to talk about basic information seriously on Tinder now. I guess it’s because I have rich experience in seeing people. Generally, I can accept the basics of people I can match.

At this time, he reiterated that he stayed in this city as a “tourist” and wanted to experience the local life and scenery, and he might go to other places to experience it soon. I expressed my appreciation and support for his decision, and at the same time, I also talked about my plans to develop in other countries next year. At this moment, the two of us seemed to have reached some unspeakable agreement tacitly: since both of us are tourists here, we don’t need to be responsible for each other for what happens in the future.

Landlord, don’t doubt yourself because things don’t work out, don’t, because this is not your problem.
I think 10 likes you, but liking is not binary, not yes or no, but many shades of like
Some people like to be ready to grow old with you, ready to shoulder your happiness and sadness, ready to have children and grandchildren with you;
Some people like to hang out with you occasionally, be intimate, enjoy the care and company of the opposite sex, and know that they are wanted.
And this level of readiness is related to their experience and has nothing to do with you.
For example, I can see some behaviors of 10 firefighters from my male friends. For example, I have a friend who had a traumatic relationship for ten years, and he swore he would never do dedication again. He is selfish and only does what he likes. Later, I found a very obedient girlfriend who did everything by his girlfriend. We have been together for two years. I don’t know why she is so dedicated and obedient.
I used to be a very smart person with a Ph.D. in engineering, and I liked to study philosophy very much. He also had a very traumatic relationship. He had a theory. He said that men usually take a long time or even forever than women to be hurt by their hearts. Neither will recover. When I read the article later, women tend to confide, and men tend to self-digest, which is not conducive to their trauma recovery.

From like to love, people must have the courage to be vulnerable and open their soft parts. This is dangerous because the person who loves you and the person you love also can hurt you. pain is the price we pay to love. I think 10 should be a good prudent person, someone with experience, someone with trauma, your relationship for whatever reason makes him not feel safe and vulnerable, safe is probably the biggest reason why people will withdraw after attraction.

anyways it is really about him, not about you. Don’t doubt yourself about this.

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Before we knew it, we walked to the bar we were going to, and the little brother still understood it very well, so he rushed to pay the bill that night. The atmosphere in the bar was good, we happened to be sitting next to the stage, the band was a bit noisy, we talked very close and had to rely on shouting, thanks to this environment, my brother finally dared to look at me.

I asked him if the shooting video on Tinder looked professional and if there was any background. He told me that he had served in the US military for two years. Then he said he was colorblind and couldn’t see red. I said I don’t believe that people who are colorblind can still serve as soldiers. He explained that it doesn’t matter if some troops are colorblind. At this time, my provocative skills were automatically turned on. After I took a sip of wine, I pressed my fingers on my lips and said to him: What color lipstick do you think I am wearing? He looked at it carefully, and then smiled embarrassedly and said to me: You didn’t wear lipstick. I said orange, idiot. I felt that after this, the little brother relaxed a lot, he was not so shy, and he talked more.

At this time, a single uncle at the next table came over and talked to us. The other party must have drunk too much. The younger brother was annoying him and then told me to go to another place to continue the chat. Then we moved on to the casino. Both of us are casino novices. Looking at the rows of machines, we didn’t know how to play, but my brother seemed very excited and immediately went to the counter to buy chips. After that, the two of us drank and played around in the casino. After three glasses of wine, my brother’s behavior gradually became strange.

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I can feel that his behavior has become childish, such as randomly pressing the keys on the machine, then laughing stupidly, and acting like a baby to me, his tone is like a child. I asked him: hey man are you drunk? He said yes, he usually gets dizzy after drinking two glasses, and he has drunk the third one today. I really can’t laugh or cry, I said why you can’t drink better than me, I drink at least three or four glasses before I feel drunk. His size is not proportional to his drinking capacity, I immediately think he is so weak.

At this time my elder brother Fan came out again, I said Bro, don’t worry, I’ll take care of you if you are drunk. My younger brother was slightly drunk but in high spirits, we both finished drinking on the first floor of the casino Continue to go to the bar on the second floor and have another two drinks. I don’t remember what we talked about during the conversation, but we didn’t stop hahaha anyway.

At this time, four hours had passed since we met, and it was already midnight. We were both dizzy at the time, but what I thought was that the other party was drunk. As a coward, I should take care of this little brother who has just arrived, and I need to send him back to the hotel. At that time, I thought he was drunk and needed to be protected, and he had no intention of taking advantage of others. Maybe there is a selfish desire to spend more time with each other. whatever anyway.

Then I sent him to the hotel door to leave, and he asked me in that puppy tone: Do you want to go in with me? I said: Thank you for the invitation, but I’m still going home. He lowered his head in an instant, and without looking at me, he said to the ground in that weak tone: Why? I told you to come in with me, but I didn’t have to do anything. I sneered in my heart, are you lying here to deceive innocent girls? But I wasn’t angry either (speaking of this, I want to say that I have double standards. If someone I didn’t like had such a purposeful invitation, I would have turned my face and left and then blocked). I also honestly explained to him: My aunt is here, and I can’t do anything with you. He continued: My room has two beds, and each of us sleeps on the same bed. My room faces the sea, and I can get up to watch the sunrise tomorrow morning. I also went on to explain to him: I’ve never slept with someone on the first date, I’m not used to it.

But after saying this, I asked myself in my heart: Since I have never done it before, why not do it once? Why explain to him? After explaining, can you prove to the other party that you are a conservative girl who never messes around?

I asked myself: what do you need now? At that time, I told myself: I want to throw down the little brother in front of me. Well, after understanding my real needs and doing about 5 minutes of mental construction, I followed my little brother to the gate of the hotel.

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The little brother from the United States did not deceive me. There are two queen beds in the room, and the balcony faces the sea. Although I was a little dizzy, my rationality was still reminding me: Is this stranger in front of me dangerous? Will you force me to do something? After I entered the room, I sent a message to my friend to let me know where I was going. While I was struggling, I blurted out unconsciously and asked my little brother if he was a pervert. What’s your full name? He was a little helpless and told me that if he felt unsafe, he would leave at any time, and he didn’t mind. Then he told me his full name.

Having said that, I still want to remind everyone that it is best to be vigilant and not learn from me. At that time, I believed in my intuition and my experience in making decisions. Now I think I was just lucky. The little brother from the United States is not a pervert, otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

As the alcohol wore off, I became more sober. When my little brother went to the bathroom, I observed one of his items and found that his luggage and toiletry bag was made of camouflage, and his full name was sewn on the toiletry bag, which reminded me of the message he sent me before. The name of my personal YouTube channel is also the same, and I feel a little more at ease. The little brother also woke up after taking a bath, but he had a headache after drinking too much alcohol. I despise him silently in my heart again, this is too weak.

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This kind of impromptu overnight stay is inconvenient for girls. They don’t have to wipe their face, wash their face, makeup, or pajamas. I had to wash my face with hotel soap and sleep in my brother’s T-shirt.

After the two parties finished washing, we were all dressed neatly and wrapped tightly. But neither of them seemed to be sleepy, so he hugged me to watch Nolan’s new movie “Creed”, which was just released at that time, and showed me his childhood photos by the way.

We just lay together naturally, watching and chatting, and I felt very comfortable and safe. The little brother smells very good, not the smell of perfume or shower gel, but now I think it is the smell of hormones that attracts the opposite sex, and this smell is exactly what I am willing to get close to.

It was one o’clock in the morning, and the little brother from Miguo did what he said, he didn’t do anything to me, but he jumped on my bed and let me sleep with his hand on his head. He didn’t kiss me, didn’t touch my chest, and didn’t do anything else. I wondered at the time, is this thing gay?

I have slept alone for a long time, and I also enjoy the simple feeling of being hugged and sleeping. In the middle of the night, I was woken up by the heat of the person next to me, who was burning hot like a fever. I asked him, are you ok? He said it was okay, but he couldn’t fall asleep and had a headache. He probably didn’t fall asleep. Later, half asleep and half awake, I rolled aside unconsciously, and he dragged me back and hugged me. I can feel him tossing and turning next to me, um, it must not be too uncomfortable?

Then the little brother had a headache until the next morning, and taking ibuprofen didn’t help. But when we woke up in the morning, we still kissed, I took off his shirt, and the other’s abs made me turn on haha, but we touched each other a few times and there was no follow-up. As I said earlier, my aunt is here. Sorry to disappoint everyone, this is the climactic part.

I didn’t see the sunrise, because it rained the next morning, I got up after eight o’clock, hugged him goodbye, and left by myself.

To be continued…

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