So the advantage of my writing so carefully is that I can reflect my character from the details afterward! In the future, every time I make an appointment, I will have to consider the details more.

On the 10th, he is a Libra, gentle and gentle. He has many friends who have lasted for many years, and the relationship is very good. This shows that his emotional intelligence is not low, because friendship also needs to be continuously maintained and persistent. It’s not okay to be ignorant of the world.

Yes, he always knew he hadn’t done well before.
He’s not the Silicon Valley type of nerd with a high IQ and low EQ, he just deliberately alienated and indifferent to me. He doesn’t treat me as well as his new friends I’m sure. I never blamed him for that. It’s just that he came to apologize again, which was tantamount to reminding me to go through the previous things again, and I was a little speechless.

Regarding the matter that he said to match my friend today, it was indeed one of the few phone calls. Or should I describe it as a serious matter? I don’t want to delve into the meaning behind this. If he becomes friends with me, I will bless him, but I probably won’t be friends with both of them.

First of all, I would like to say that I appreciate Liz’s courage to express his (not good) experience and very personal feelings here, which is very similar to mine. Because many people here only show affection and get compliments, or never post their own stories, only dare to point out other people’s experiences from the perspective of a sage with a moral high ground, or criticize others for how low and cheap they use the app while slapping himself with double standards. So let me first talk about why I support lz like chicken blood.

On the other hand, I can empathize with Liz’s experience too much, and I have done all the test papers for lz and know the answer! Hahahaha, hurry up and answer. Here’s my take on story number 10:

Regarding the summary of No. 10, the sisters upstairs have already mentioned the main points. I think lz also has the answer in his heart, but he can’t get out of the test in his heart. Here I will talk about some additional feelings. Lz may be a fan of the authorities, but I think it’s more about Lz needing to reconcile with his own heart. It’s normal to be sad and disappointed when you meet someone you like but don’t like yourself. The sisters in the building also said that they have, but what I’m concerned about is why lz hasn’t fully come out after almost a year, because in my opinion, Frankly speaking, you just had a wonderful first date, that’s it, [just a date]. With all due respect, I don’t think it’s a date in the next few times, whether it’s a date arrangement or the attitude of the other party, and the other party knows it very well. So here’s what I’m wondering (beginning psychotherapist upper body): Why do you obsess so much about someone who’s only dated once? Do you know the [real] him? Do you know about his past? There is an obvious thing, that is, you dare to ask the 10th if you are seeing others at a very late stage (already giving up and giving up). To be honest, I will meet this question about the third time and I find that I still very I like to ask when I am very entangled, instead of guessing and confusing myself. Also, I don’t know when you found out that the other party just broke up with you after five years of a relationship. From what you said, he took the initiative to tell you in the past few days, and I think this information is the key to the whole incident. What should be known from the beginning is more important than knowing what games he likes to play, because you met on a dating app, not a gaming site, right?

In my opinion, the various operations of lz show more of your lack of confidence in your relationship and relationship between the sexes, not just because you have no resistance to the person you like. Because a person with a strong sense of self-esteem, facing a person who doesn’t care about him and doesn’t want to give, what he does is turn off, why does lz keep turning on? That’s why I don’t quite understand why it takes so long for lz to move on.

In addition, I don’t think it has anything to do with relationship experience (this is why I think it’s funny that some people like to attack others for “can’t find” a boyfriend), lz also said that he has had four formal relationship experiences, but If you meet someone you like, you will still lose. I think having a boyfriend or a person with a particularly smooth relationship experience can only mean that you are lucky. This is luck, or your requirements are not too high. Going back to No. 10, as a bystander, I think he is not as warm as lz said, even from your description, I think he is a bit frivolous or even slightly obscene (someone mentioned in ls that he masturbated there) when he met for the first time, he took the initiative to say “you can touch my abs” frivolously, what’s wrong with this statement not that, it more reflects that he is not as serious as you imagined, looking for Serious (in fact, he never said that he wanted a serious relationship, not even a relationship, it was all made up by LZ himself), no Westerner I have ever dated would say such words implying physical contact when they first met Yes, this can only show the fact that No. 10 is looking for casual, if not a hookup.

In the end (Oh my god, it became a thesis), lz asked me a question. I want to say that the progress of the relationship is not controlled by the [man], it needs [the man] to take the initiative to propose this and that, but the [not so devoted] One party] controls the progress, and the [woman] can also take the initiative to make any request (I still have a lot of experience on this point, and I will express it later). The most important thing is whether [you] are happy.

Thank you Niuniu for your paper! Does typing this text make you tired? I know codewords are very hard, thank you for working so hard to analyze them for me! Love you!
Well, your question is very level, let me answer you:

  1. Why haven’t you come out for almost a year? Why do you miss someone who only dated once? (I came out completely because I interacted with you in this post these days, can you believe it? Life was too busy before, and I neglected to talk to myself, and now I feel like I have done an emotional cleaning for myself, and I have swept out a lot of garbage)
    –Yes, I only define our first and second dates as dates. Then I posted it completely upside down.
    –The main reason why I can’t forget, as I mentioned before, the lack of love and the deep-seated inferiority complex that some sisters said without knowing it. There is another reason I didn’t write in detail in the post, which has something to do with having four formal relationships before. I especially agree with the lucky one you said. I belonged to the lucky group before. I got what I wanted with almost no effort. That feeling is that if I work hard, the other party is more caring than you. And then return your two points, it’s not my turn to deny myself there. I have seen those beautiful things, and I have enough confidence to gallop on the battlefield. Maybe because it went too well, now I meet someone I deeply like but can’t take. This is the first time in my life. So there is the kind of thinking that the sisters above said: I am good at everything, you are not good enough for me, but why don’t you like me? I am not convinced! Then he has been humbly doing the above things to No. 10. To put it bluntly, I don’t know how much I like him, but I just like his attitude of not liking me! I feel challenged! Ha ha. Thinking about it is also very sick.
  2. About the past of No. 10.
    I knew about his 5-year relationship before. That’s what he said by himself after he was raped that time. I may have missed it, sorry, because there was this factor, so that time he told me to take it slowly and didn’t want to rush. He was bad because his tone of voice and various actions seemed very indecisive. While saying that he didn’t want to rush but he was affectionate to me. At that time, I mistakenly thought that I still had a chance to take the position, and he just needed time to come out. But now it seems that he is actually what everyone calls a spare tire.
    In this comparison, I think it’s good for a firefighter to not be procrastinating. If you draw a clear line from the beginning and be a friend with sex, you won’t be mentally tortured.
    No. 10 is the typical implementation of the three no’s principle, no initiative, no rejection, no responsibility.
    I don’t make any more guesses about the 10th, and I won’t comment on those obscene text messages he sent. I think there is also my help in this.
    If other sisters with little experience meet you in the future who you like very much but have inconsistent expectations, you should think rationally before taking action.
    Anyway, I have no opinion on No. 10’s personality, and I believe that one day he will meet the right person at the right time and treat her well, but that person is not me.
    That’s it, thank you again for your inspiration, okay? 🙂 I have bookmarked your post, and I am ready to follow it. hey-hey

Speed Dating

On this day, I wore a slim one-piece denim skirt, stepped on high heels, and put on some light makeup. The overall bump was a temperament line, not a nightclub style. I never expected that I would dress up so casually. When I got to the set I realized I was a little overdressed among the ladies. This bar is newly opened, with a Japanese style, and the space is quite large. I arrived with No. 5 stepping on the spot. As soon as I entered, I scanned the crowded places. Within 10 seconds, my radar scan results told me: Come on, you spent 89 dollars today to practice oral English.

I don’t know if my sister has this kind of experience. If you go out with your friends, when you go to any pub or club, you will subconsciously scan to see if any dishes suit your appetite. If not, you may not want to Stay and then leave immediately. When I walked into the Bar of the day, I immediately wanted to retreat, but I spent money and came with No. 5, so I had to cheer up and go through the process.

It’s officially started! First, I received a mobile phone message from the organizer’s system. After I clicked on the link, I saw the headshot and name of a man with a pig’s kidney face. This was the first person I wanted to meet. Then the mobile phones around me rang, and I saw the men and women around me looking for a designated date in that bar as if they were looking for relatives.

Well, the next thing is that I practiced oral English for more than an hour, you can just look at it:

number 1. The first man I paired with was a typical Australian, looking at his temperament as a blue-collar worker. But that day he still wore a shirt and a vest, and he looked very serious with his back hair. We sat down and chatted naturally, and he said that he was a plumber, and he came here just after getting off work and changing his clothes. I have two kids, the older one is almost 10 years old. The first time I saw him, I knew it was impossible, but he did have the laid-back attitude of a typical Australian. Although I chatted with him without sparks, I didn’t hate him.

number 2. One of the most hated pairings ever. Dry and thin, with a receding hairline, wearing a suit. Looks like a well-educated Indian or a high caste I don’t know, with a British accent. After exchanging basic information with each other, I knew that he was in the management of the company, and then interrogated me with a superior posture (the tone was very blunt, and the sitting posture was leaning on the sofa and talking to me squinting). Didn’t the domestic virus just break out at that time? He asked me a lot about the virus with a clear feelings, and finally, I didn’t want to answer, so I asked him some lighter topics, asking him what he does in his spare time when he is not working. He said he likes to travel. I said that I also like to travel, but the economy has not allowed me to study here in the past few years, and I can’t go to many places I want to go. He continued to squint and ask me: Have you ever been to America? I just briefly talked about what I did in the United States before. He was noncommittal and did not share his travel experience. I felt that he was waiting for me to say that I hadn’t been there so that he could share that he had been to the “Gao Dashang” in the United States. Experience? Let alone chat with this kind of person for ten minutes, I chatted with him for three minutes and I feel that life is worse than death.

number 3. The Australians are tall, white, white, and fat, a bit like the money shopkeeper in Wulin’s Biography hahaha. This man is retired from the Navy and now works for the government. We just chatted about his time in the Navy, and I shared some funny things about my class, and then there was nothing else. Anyway, I don’t want to be Mrs. Qian hehe.

No 4. 100% pure computer nerd. Thin and weak, with pimples on his face, and a plaid shirt, speaks in a low voice, and timidly dares not look at you. Alas, when I sat down, my first thought was: Son, you are so timid, it is probably not easy to find a girlfriend in the whole world, right? I have always been interested in programmer-related careers, so I asked him for some superficial knowledge of programming and algorithms, and he straightforwardly explained to me without asking me other questions. Finally, we happily ended this computer knowledge Q&A link.

Number 5. CFO of a company. This is one of the best male candidates of the day. At the age of 40, he has a very mature and attractive appearance (not handsome but very attractive), and his conversation and behavior are very decent. I don’t know much about financial operations, but I am happy to hear him share his work situation, and he will leave me time to listen to my story after he finishes speaking. In short, No. 5 is an excellent and attractive man. He probably treats me like a little girl and doesn’t call me. I don’t think I can hold such a person.

number 6. Psychological counselor. This one looks like an Indian-Pakistani, and his hair is going bald. Soft-spoken, a bit girly. The overall chat is useless. It is estimated that his guests prefer his way of speaking. Although he is a bit girly, he feels very safe.

Number 7. New Zealander, tall and thin, with gray hair. I have a psychological shadow of this kind of gray hair (brought by No. 10 before), so I am casual when chatting. I am more interested in the Jade Buddha on his chest.

There should have been two conversations afterward. . I am too lazy to write.

Finally, after the chat, I sat down with my friend No. 5 and two other girls to continue chatting. After that, No. 1, No. 4, and No. 6 joined us one after another. Don’t look sociable on the 4th, but at least I have seen him trying to integrate into the social group, so I wish him well.

To be honest, after observing the audience, I think my friend No. 5 is still the most popular in the audience. Several times I can hear the girls who confronted him laughing. When I look back, I feel that he is quite popular with girls. Yes, otherwise he could end up chatting casually with one man and two women. I took this opportunity to ask my friend, who do you fancy? He said: None. In the end, we didn’t exchange calls with anyone, and we didn’t chat with these people on the website after that. I knew that we were going to be single forever.

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