Then I left and we never saw each other until the day I left. On the day of departure, he liked the boarding pass picture I posted on ins, but he didn’t even say a word of kindness like a good journey.

Hehe, that’s fine, I completely gave up and boarded the plane. Nothing to worry about on the 10th.

present tense 1 with number 10

I logged into this new city in mid-March, without any resources or friends, ready to start over. As soon as I came here, I found that the epidemic situation in this country was worsening, and the situation was very tense. There was no response to the N resumes I sent out, and the two casual on-call offers I received were still far away. Before moving, I was very busy and felt very uncomfortable at home, but the epidemic gave me a reason to be lazy, so I had a lot of time to play World of Warcraft and came here to post more hahaha.

Nearly a month after losing contact with No. 10, he sent a text message: XXX city going good?
I calmly complained about the new place to him, and by the way, I have been addicted to playing games recently. Words without any flirting.
Then he sent me some nasty words, you can see, of course, I said no. I rolled my eyes inwardly, what the hell did you do before? Now I’m lonely and come to tease me again, this set doesn’t work for my old lady!

present tense with number 10 2

I put my heart and soul into the game (I make excuses for my depravity, I am not addicted, I learn English while playing games and can socialize for multiple purposes), and I am full of enthusiasm for watching videos and learning skills. If you don’t understand the question, you can only ask the 10th if you still don’t understand it after Google. He explained the details and techniques to me very patiently. It’s a pure nerd conversation between us.
It was the day before yesterday when we continued the topic of the game, he suddenly apologized to me. It seems that the picture cannot be posted, so I will copy it.
Number 10: I just want to say, I am sorry that we didn’t date each other properly. I should have dated you and been a better person. I’m sorry about that. You are a fantastic girl. And I was not very good to you. I’m sorry 🙁
Me: ??? what’s happening? Why suddenly say sorry to me?
Number 10: I have been wanting to for a while. Just felt bad. Just wanted you to know that you are an awesome person. And I hope you find the best guy!
Me: cold sweat expression + you are scaring me
Number 10: No all is good. Just wanted you to know you great 🙂

I don’t understand why No. 10 came to apologize suddenly under the normal chat, I don’t think there is any need to apologize. Then I told him not to think too much, he didn’t hit my self-confidence before, I said I was a little sad but I handled it. All of this has passed, and I am chatting with him now as a friend, and I have no other intentions. Finally, I wish him a great girl!
He said sorry twice again, and I felt a little annoyed, so I brought the topic back to the game. At this time, the game is the most important thing to me, man, it’s all passing.

Present tense with number 10 3

Yesterday morning on the 10th, I came to chat with me again. Now that I have recovered my original aura, I thought he was a bit annoying. After a while, I just sent him a few sentences and wished him a good day. I forcibly ended the conversation. I don’t want to waste time. He didn’t bother, he just said: you too sexy bum.
For me, this good day/evening is almost the same as if I go to have a meal or take a shower in China, it means stop talking nonsense with me. Ha ha.

However, today he took the initiative to send me a message again! Feel free to ask me how the new character is doing. (What else can I do, do I still have to report my progress to you every day? I wonder, what is he going to do?) I let him lazily reply for a while and said it was okay, and he said something useful there. No no. My intuition tells me that he has something to tell me, otherwise, he wouldn’t be so grouchy! But I didn’t ask, and I was afraid of being sentimental, so I didn’t bother to start a new topic.
Sure enough, after a while, his message came:
I was on Tinder yesterday, looking for my co-workers’ son’s GF. He thinks she’s cheating. Couldn’t find her but found your friend, so I swiped right and matched. She must have realized who I was and deleted me hehe ️. I deleted Tinder an hour later anyway, but was funny for a moment.
Me: My friend? European girl? Hahahahaha that’s destiny. Grab it!
Number 10: I bet she was like oh that’s xx’s friend – delete
Me: At least you guys matched there are some reasons haha wink face
Number 10: Haha ? Been on Tinder all over there?
Me: Deleted it a long time ago? haven’t downloaded yet here. Afraid of viruses haha.
Number 10: I’m sure will be fun when you do, once you can meet people haha yeah
Masturbation till it’s done
Me: Don’t wanna date anyone atm. Keener to play my game?
Me: So you felt embarrassed that you matched my friend, that’s why you explained it to me?
Number 10: I didn’t feel embarrassed, she’s a pretty girl. I just thought maybe she realized who I was and deleted me. Or maybe she accidentally swiped right I don’t know. Is all good either way
Me: Cool. I mean, don’t feel embarrassed if you match someone who is my friend. I don’t care if you like my friend. That’s your choice. or do you want me to help you with this delete thing? I’m happy to help?

Then he called directly and said that the explanation on the phone was clearer.
I was annoyed by him at the time, if you match, you match, why did you tell me solemnly, I am separated from you by 4000+km, can I control you? Speechless.
Then I directly said to him: what’s mate? It’s good that you matched with my friend. You are both single and right with each other. There must be some characteristics that attract each other. This is perfect!
Number 10: No. I recognized you as a friend at the time, and I wanted to play a prank on the right, but it happened to match, and I thought it was very funny, but after a while, your friend may realize who I am, and then delete it immediately. Hahaha, I thought it was interesting so I told you.
Me: Well, I see. She may have deleted it by mistake, can I ask her for you? Hahaha. You know that I am a professional setup, and some of the people I introduce are married, you have to believe in my strength hahaha.
No. 10: I am also a professional matchmaker, and I have successfully introduced several pairs. It is unnecessary.
Me: Are you sure?? If you like my friend, I don’t mind, really don’t mind!
No. 10: I told you no need, hey!
Then we continued to chat about other topics (without any ambiguity) and then hung up.

This happened in the afternoon, it is fresh, what do you think? I just thought it was kind of funny, so I sent it here for you to see.
I think he explained this to me today, just like the text message incident I had back then.
You two are together behind my back, I am a little weird at the beginning, but I will also bless you in the end.
I know my friend’s virtues, she always ticks right on Tinder without looking at the information, so I don’t think it’s a problem that they can match successfully.

I don’t plan to extend it to 10 anymore, I’m just an ordinary friend to him, we may chat in the future, and we may meet in the game, but I won’t be tempted anymore.

The update is over on the 10th, and I plan to talk about my speed dating with the fitness trainer when I have time for my sisters’ reference.

”At the same time, I also reiterated that I will not disturb you to play games if you send me a message when you are done with work. Plus also said that I don’t wanna any dramas. Keep your posture so low, there is no need to send a disclaimer to a man saying that you will not disturb him, if you are not a drama queen or something, you don’t need to prove anything to a man. This tone once again made him feel that you are too keen, afraid of making mistakes or saying something wrong, as you said, Western men really like a positive vibe, your tone is not positive, you are too cautious.

After watching the entanglement between you and No. 10, I couldn’t help sighing, just like me a few years ago, I can completely empathize with you. Behind the humorous and demeaning language (what old aunt, hypocritical, drama queen) is low self-esteem. She seems to be a cool girl but she has fallen in love with her. Obviously, the man did things that made you unhappy and neglected you, and for some reason, you can always persuade yourself to continue dating him in the end and help yourself to convince him ‘Oh, it doesn’t matter, I don’t care about these things’.

From my own experience, I can only suggest that LZ rebuilds his self-worth. For example, first of all, don’t use old self-deprecating humor, especially for those who have low self-esteem and are insecure. Praise yourself more. If you are more positive, it will also help rebuild Confidence pays off. You have a good personality, kindness, positivity, and good looks. These are all good qualities.

Secondly, firmly believe that you are worthy of being pursued and treated well by men. He asks for money to serve you when he wants to take you out on a date for sex, just accept it calmly.

Also, there is no need to express your loyalty to a man in a hurry. For example, if you are not a drama queen and do not pester others, it is unnecessary. It seems that you value him too much and are not confident. Moreover, what men value is action, and it is difficult for them to believe no matter how nice the language is.

The last thing is to establish a healthy bottom line, such as letting you go, not planning a date, not taking you out on a date, and only playing games at home. If these make you unhappy, you should establish a bottom line. The next time a man treats you like this, just say goodbye to him. Don’t wrong yourself and then help the man to try to persuade yourself with an excuse. I don’t think number 10 is an obvious scumbag, but he is low on effort toward you and will not have a relationship with you. You have to think about whether you are willing to entangle with similar people in the future and waste your life.

As an aside, I don’t think high maintenance is a bad thing, of course, the premise is not to ‘do’ it. High-quality people are inherently high-maintenance. Fitness, study, career, social networking, and self-improvement. Women also need skin care. Of course, such people have to maintain their quality, and they are not willing to associate with losers to lower their character. I said this to remind LZ to be careful if a man complains about HM in the future, maybe what he wants is a woman who is easy to fool and associates with him without taking it seriously.

It’s a long story, because your experience is so similar to my previous experience, even the low self-esteem caused by family background and pretending to be cool are so similar! Hope LZ can build self-confidence and find happiness.

Thank you for taking your precious time to enlighten me 🙂
Humbly accept your suggestion.
I usually have a lot of self-confidence, but I am extremely humble in front of the person I like, and I will correct this.

As for the mouth, I don’t like it, I think the saliva is dirty haha. But I don’t mind serving others.

Bottom line, I agree with this very much, and I am determined to correct it, but when I was dating him, I felt inferior and did not take the initiative to raise my expectations for dating, but passively waited for the other party to make arrangements. Let’s not talk about the arrangement on the 10th here. , I would like to ask, is it appropriate to take the initiative to raise your own needs in the future communication process?

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