Continue to No. 10 (changed, written angry, don’t give him refills, this SB)

I remember asking him: what are you looking for?
He told me sincerely and seriously that there was no smile this time: I’m looking for something meaningful
(I have to say that his answer touched me. Although he didn’t explain too much, I thought he was looking for a potential partner just like me. I said I was, too, and then we shook hands and shook hands very happily. Satisfied with the other person’s answer)

With the lessons learned from the firefighters and my remaining sanity, I didn’t invite No. 10 into the house this time (although I was also unbearable for the U fire at the time hahaha). He didn’t even take the initiative to ask to enter the door. I was a little surprised at that time, your lower body reaction is so obvious, but you are sitting still, without even asking, what kind of pure breed are you?!

After he left, I was still reminiscing about his kiss and then fell asleep sweetly with a silly smile. I thought my mother’s spring was coming soon, but it turned out that the rhythm of TMD winter is coming followed.

As I gleefully looked forward to our next date, I kept chatting with 10 as usual while updating my friends on my progress. During the period, the fireman also sent me a text message to make an appointment, and I said sorry brother, I am dating a very good boy recently, and we will not meet for the time being.

Speaking of this, I would like to mention my own life at that time by the way. Usually, I had to attend classes all day from Monday to Friday, practice and write homework plus work, and I had a part-time job on weekends. At that time, I went to the gym every week, and I also taught myself Japanese and programming. I also need to practice handwork and occasionally practice my hard-tipped calligraphy and photography. I also basically missed out on gatherings with friends. And I tidy myself up every day in a decent manner, with a smile on my face. In any case, my situation is also a positive and progressive old lady, right? I’m not the kind of person who does nothing every day and puts all his heart into his feelings. I have school friends who need to balance work and hobbies, but if I meet a good man, I can put everything on the back burner and just open the way for him.

It’s finally the third date, I went to the house on the 10th to play games, I don’t remember who asked who first, it doesn’t matter anymore.
I just remember that he arranged for me very casually that day, and asked me to meet at his house at 5 pm. At that time, I was a little looking forward to it: shall we go out for dinner after playing games? But I didn’t ask him. But the reality is a slap in the face.

Not long after I arrived at his house, he told me: I made an appointment to play basketball with my brothers nearby at 7 p.m., and it will end at about 8 o’clock. You can play games at home and wait for me to come back.
I felt a little uncomfortable at the time, thinking that he was too perfunctory for me, right? At least you told me clearly about your arrangement before I came. I spared my precious time for you, but you only treat me as entertainment between your games, right? I was very disappointed at the time, but it didn’t happen (I would have turned my face away if I changed someone).
I also asked him weakly, as if I was wrong: I didn’t even know you were going to play basketball, and if I knew, I wouldn’t come. Do you have to fight today?
He said: Yes, we play regular games, I have to go.
I said: that’s fine. Then I’ll play with your account for a while, and then let’s go together.
He persisted for a while: You can wait for me at home, I’ll be back soon after finishing the fight. (He didn’t say anything about his plans when he came back)
I refused, and I said let’s go together, and this time he didn’t refuse either.
I didn’t think much about it at the time and continued to play games heartlessly. We also kissed and (not having sex) in the middle, which was very sweet. After all, I was really happy to see him, and the disappointment was nothing. Woolen cloth?

Now that I am writing this date, I feel sorry for myself and want to hug myself at that time. I didn’t care about being wrong at that time, how stupid I am! We went out together at the time, and he asked me how to get back. I said I will take the bus soon. At this time, he didn’t offer to drive me to the bus station, and he didn’t offer to pay me to take a taxi like the first time. I went out and turned left, and I watched him drive to the right. At that moment, I was extremely lost. May I ask where are your warm male image and gentlemanly behavior? Didn’t you look like this when we met last week?

Sisters, judging from this dating experience, do you still think he is a warm guy?

Continue to number 10 (SB)

After this date, I felt that the intimacy between me and No. 10 took a turn for the worse. I didn’t mind his previous dating arrangement, and I still expressed my enthusiasm as always. But he was not paying attention. I didn’t say hello sooner or later, and I didn’t reply for a long time when I took the initiative to send a text message, the reply was also faint and there would be no further topics. But you can see that he logs in to WhatsApp very frequently, but he is deliberately indifferent to me. The bad trick played by the number 10 has also been used by other people a lot. We are all adults. I understand that you are so inactive that you want to quit. It’s just that I don’t understand why! Varied! what!

At that time, I was a little angry that he was so indifferent to me. Okay, if you ignore me, I will ignore you. It’s not that no one likes me. As a result, within two days, I became very depressed. Although I couldn’t resist him, I was analyzing what I did wrong.

I asked No. 5’s fitness trainer for his opinion. He said it very tactfully, but the implication was that I should not put so much thought on No. 10, and take my time and not rush. And he kept encouraging me, saying that I am so good that I am afraid I can’t find a better one, and number 10 is a jerk. I still said no, I just like this one, I just want him to like me too!

Take a look at the mentally handicapped brain of a 34-year-old woman at the time!

Let me tell you about the constellation first, I am a Sagittarius. It is said that Sagittarius likes to chase people who don’t like them the most, and they are not interested in licking dogs. I don’t know if I inherited this zodiac trait, but I do anyway. His indifferent attitude aroused my greater interest. I was not convinced, and I just wanted to capture him.

Like a Xianglin sister-in-law, I consulted my friends everywhere, and they all tried to persuade me to quit, but I didn’t believe in evil. No. 10 is inexplicably indifferent to me and there is no reason, at least I will die to understand, right?

Then I continued to attack him.
First of all, I pretended to ignore the fact that he was indifferent to me, and I sent a message to the effect that: I know your life is very busy, but I am very busy too. If you don’t like to send messages, then I can understand, we can chat less frequently, just let me know that you are all right. I think this message looks very decent and magnanimous, and it looks very considerate and cute with the addition of symbolic expressions.
Back on the 10th: ok. Thanks for understanding.
You can see, I didn’t expose the fact that he wanted to be indifferent to me, I found him a step down, if a normal man is interested in you, he must explain why he didn’t reply after seeing this message, but he didn’t! Then I knew he did it on purpose.

I will not give up until I get the answer to “why you are cold to me”. I have reduced the frequency of sending messages to him. It is really rare. Even so, he will take a second for one of my messages. genius back.

One day, I took the initiative to ask him again, do you want to meet? Because I think it’s time to make a break, and I admit that you don’t like me (this is the first time I’ve met someone I like who doesn’t like me as an adult, I’m a little sad but I have to accept it).
but! I can’t accept the person I like texting me ghosting me or being cold to me, what I want is to give me an accurate word in person. Of course, he was pushing back and forth and didn’t want to come out, and there were a lot of reasons, but he still hung up on me and said that he would be free some time.
You see, men and women all over the world pretend to be busy and reject people in the same way.

Now I couldn’t hold my face anymore, so I asked him directly: How busy are you? Is it true that you can’t even reply to a message in time? Can’t we meet too? Could you please respect me a little?
Unexpectedly, he sent a long message over and shocked me. I feel that this information is very important, so I write the whole point to share with my sisters. The content of the information is as follows:

Hey xx, you are a smart and beautiful woman, I like you. (It’s a foreigner who says I’m smart, beautiful, and sexy. I’m immune, and I’m self-aware when I know it’s a polite word)
But I am a person who pays special attention to life balance. I like to have friends, relatives, and my own time in my life. Dating is currently only a part of it. I like the slow pace, I hope you can understand.
Also, you sent a message yourself saying that if you are busy, you should reduce text messages. I respect your opinion, but you seem to be angry about it now. I don’t quite understand why you suggested sending fewer messages, but you are angry.
Also, we can find another time to date and see how it goes if you still want to, but I’m busy this week, maybe next week. Shall we send another message to make an appointment?

Looking back now, in fact, the message he sent me may be sincerely expressing his needs and questions.
But at that time, I was tortured to a certain level by his indifference, and I felt that his word-for-word was extremely hypocritical!
He was indifferent to me for no reason at first, and I just said fewer text messages to give each other a step-down, and now he beats me up and says I am making trouble for no reason.
Coupled with the uncertain words such as perhaps in the text message, I decided that he just wanted to get rid of me quickly but was looking for a high-sounding excuse. I feel like I’m hitting cotton with every punch, I just want a quick fix, number 10 you bitch don’t torture my patience! (I’m in a crazy state now)
So I continued pressing hard, asking him to come out and give me an answer.

Continue to number 10 (I’m so sad)

I thought at the time that we would not be able to talk about love elegantly when we met this time, and it would cost money, so I called him to my house to chat with me. He didn’t know whether he was forced to be helpless by me or what, but he agreed to come to my house to meet, so he came when he was free on weekends.

The moment I opened the door to see him, all the previous entanglements, annoyances, and sadness disappeared, and his attitude toward me was as gentle and friendly as before. We hugged each other naturally when we saw each other for the first time Let’s say to each other: I miss you.

Because for a long time, we had no text messages to chat normally, and then we sat on the sofa in the living room and happily shared the latest life. We chatted and chatted and we started to gnaw at each other again (I don’t want to describe it very romantically, just hug and gnaw together, hungry men and women, imagine it yourself)

(Actually, what is my expression when I write this memory now??? I want to question myself at the time: Big sister, what kind of operation are you doing? Don’t you want to ask someone to give you an answer so that you can completely give up? Why? As soon as I saw it, I posted it without principle. I agree)

Then I, this unfulfilling thing, made another show operation, and I asked number 10: do you wanna have xxx with me?
On the 10th, he continued to answer in a calm tone: it’s up to you if you want.
Me: OK, let’s go to the bedroom.

When I got to the bedroom, I pushed him onto the bed, helped him take off all his clothes, and served him first, then he came over to let me enjoy it, but I stopped him: thanks I don’t like that way, more like severing ppl haha. He didn’t make a strong request, and then I rode on him…Details are omitted below.

Well, number 10 is very CU but generally CHANG, enough for me. Halfway through the ride, I said it’s you, and then he finally ended the battle with the male ZS. In the end, he asked me if I had arrived, and I said no. He said with a slightly regretful tone: Why didn’t you say it, you asked me to come, I thought you were here. I said it doesn’t matter, as long as you are happy.

After I fell in love with him, I didn’t have any big emotional ups and downs, and I still like him as much as before. We learned together and chatted quietly, looked into each other’s eyes from time to time as if we were looking for and confirming something, and then kissed deeply. His eyes are blue-green, and his eyes are very gentle and pure like a puppy. Every time I look at each other, I will be attracted by his eyes.

All my previous pressing, the so-called meeting him and asking for an answer, actually the most real need is that I like him, I want to have him, even if this is the last time we meet, I don’t think it matters. Thinking of this, I don’t feel any resentment anymore, and I don’t want to ask the so-called answer.

Sisters, what do you think about my above-mentioned coquettish operations? Welcome to give me some advice.
If I take the initiative to invite him to have XXX, is it considered cheap? (I now think that it was because of the deep love at that time, and I did what I wanted to do. If you love me, it is not considered cheap)

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