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After going to the supermarket to buy things, he asked me how to get home. And continued to offer that he could pay for a taxi back home. I said that there is no need to bother, there is a boat to the other side, but it will take 15 minutes to wait, and I am going to take the boat. He offered to accompany me to wait for the boat, which is what I wish for haha.

When we came to the boarding place, there was a row of embankments surrounding the sea. I was in a good mood, and immediately jumped on it like a little crazy person and started chattering again: wow, the night view opposite is so beautiful, it is indeed my favorite place! Number 10 was standing right behind me, smiling and agreeing with what I said. You can imagine, that kind of scene where you are making trouble, he is laughing, and he stands there very calmly and spoils you with a smile.

I was chattering on the embankment when I suddenly saw the dark sea water below, my head gradually became dizzy, and I quickly said: OMG. Ask me: do you mind if I’m holding you like this? So you will be safe if you stay up there.

I turned to face him because I have the height of the embankment, I found that our eyes were parallel, looking at him so closely, I found little stars in his eyes, and his little stubble And the gray hair is so charming, he wants to protect me so tenderly, I can’t thank you enough for sure I don’t mind, I look into his eyes and say: thank you, I feel safe now because you are protecting I. He smiled and said: my pleasure.

Now that I think about it, I unconsciously created an opportunity for the first physical contact. I was not only frightened by the dark sea water, my heart beat faster, but I was also excited by No. 10 who was holding my arm.

At this time, the boat of the wind came, and he sent me on board, and I said goodbye to him reluctantly. We ended up hugging, and he gave me a brief peck on the right side of my cheek, and we went our separate ways.

For the next two days, we were like the young couples we first came into contact with, saying hello every morning and evening, with a slightly ambiguous chat in the middle but no sex talk. The frequency of text messages is quite high, and he responded promptly. Although we haven’t revealed what the current state is, we all know that we are very close to each other. During that period, I was also looking forward to the time when he offered to go on a second date, but he didn’t, and I was a little anxious to get angry here.

I couldn’t bear the mood of gossip for a long time, and when I didn’t have half a word with the number 10, I spread the word to my friends: I might meet my true love! Ahhh! I told the No. 5 fitness trainer that I met my male version, and he said that if you have gossip, why don’t you hurry up and have dinner with me? So I went out to meet No. 5 and shared my nympho mood. Then I suddenly realized a problem: I offered to go to the No. 10 house to play games before, does this request make me seem frivolous? Will it make him think I’m easy or a playgirl?

See, I’ve been worrying about gain and loss since here. Number 5 tells me not to think too much, encourages me to be myself, and to do whatever I want.

I came home apprehensive, thinking about how to write an appropriate message to convey the attitude that I didn’t just want to have fun with him. When I used English, I hated it less. Now it seems that my information is a bit weird and inexplicable. I said: hey, hope this message won’t bother you. I offered to play games at your home last time, I didn’t mean to send any sexual signals, hope you understand what am I talking about and don’t think too much.
On the 10th, he replied lightly: all good.
I read the text message and thought of his calm way of speaking. I was a little upset that he replied to me with simple words, but I was also patient and wanted to push our progress, and I roared in my heart: this passionate chat on the Internet after meeting It’s been three days, and you haven’t asked me out for the second time, what are you waiting for?!

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During this period, I turned on my peeping skills and searched his fb and ins. His ins is unlocked, and the photos are unobstructed.

Analyzing from my peeping situation: this person is indeed as he said, a simple and happy nerd. Pictures are posted infrequently, and only one picture is posted every few months or even a year. Most of the picture filters are useless, and there is no composition. The pictures are basically of family members, brothers, or the surrounding scenery plus small animals and insects. Still obsessed with finding a four-leaf clover, three of the few pictures are pictures of him finding a four-leaf clover. None of his photos are good-looking, far from his temperament, I was thinking secretly again, when you become my boyfriend, I will dress you up beautifully, and then act as my model everywhere Take your photo. I also checked his following to see his tastes and hobbies, and it was pretty much the same as he said before.

In fact, after meeting him, I called my mother to find out that she was hospitalized. I couldn’t help but be anxious here and suffered from insomnia for several nights. The connection with 10 was my only outlet for stress relief, but I didn’t tell him about it to be sympathetic.

On the weekend night, I finished my work and saw that it was almost 9 p.m. At that time, I missed him very much, and I was depressed by my mother’s illness throughout the week, so I carefully took the initiative to ask him out: I know it’s a bit late to post The invitation may not be appropriate, but I still want to ask you, are you free to come out for a drink? He replied: You can go out, but I need to get ready, we can meet in about an hour. I don’t like going to xx places very much, it’s too noisy there, can I choose a quieter place?

I happily chose a fancy but quieter bar near my house. I tidied myself up, it was a little cold that day, I wore a close-fitting sweater and a small ostrich feather vest, put on my high heels, tied a ponytail that reached the top of my head, and finally painted red lips, which is all right What a sexy Yujie image! I’ve fallen in love with myself in the mirror, and imagining that image of me will also fascinate Number 10.

Around 10:30 pm, he was waiting for me downstairs in my apartment. He wore a dark jacket and trousers with leather shoes. It was casually mixed with formal style, but his attire was straight men’s aesthetic. As soon as we met, there was a big hug, and he smiled and said to me: you look so stunning! (This is the effect I want). I thank him: thank you, you look wonderful too. And also thank you for coming at night. Then we walked towards the bar tacitly holding hands.

As I write here, I would like to ask my sisters,
Do you think my suggestion to go to his house to play games has X meaning in his opinion?
Do you think it is appropriate for me to send that explaining text message later? Is there a feeling of being superfluous?
Also, is it appropriate to take the initiative to ask a guy to go to a bar at night when you don’t know him very well?

Why am I asking this? Because I didn’t dare to ask him, but I do want to know what such a woman would think in the eyes of a nerdy foreigner like him. I am a simple and casual person, I do whatever I think of, and I don’t make decisions after careful consideration, but sometimes impulsiveness is easy to do bad things.

Looking back now, my evaluation of myself is: that explaining text messages was completely sick and redundant. It’s not a good idea to go to a bar at night. As for the suggestion to go to his house to play games, I have a conscience, I wanted to play his game account, not him.
But I have done all these things, and there is no way to reverse the time and space. I hope that the other self in the parallel time and space will abandon the above stupid actions when making decisions, and maybe it will be another different story.

Do you think my suggestion to go to his house to play games has X meaning in his opinion? — I don’t think so if he thinks that’s his problem, and I read the previous article again, you just mentioned playing games together, it was he who offered to go to his house
Do you think it is appropriate for me to send that explaining text message later? Is there a feeling of being superfluous? — This explaining text message is superfluous, as you said, because you care too much about him, you are worrying about gain and loss
Also, is it appropriate to take the initiative to ask a guy to go to a bar at night when you don’t know him very well? — I think it’s okay to take the initiative to ask men to go to the bar, not to mention that you met on the dating app, and you had such a good first date, I think the problem is (1) Didn’t you agree to play games for the second time?? (2) More importantly, he did not take the initiative to invite this time. I think this is the key, and it can reflect his attitude from the side.

Judging from Liz’s tone, you are very annoyed by your above behavior (it’s been almost a year and you haven’t let it go), but as an outsider + having stayed in the United States for almost ten years, you think you understand the perspective of Westerners Look, I don’t think you have much to blame yourself for. Whatever the guy did next (I can probably guess, but I’m curious), I don’t think it’s your problem, you did nothing wrong, it just reflects that his character may be flawed.

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We held hands and came to the bar. There are still many people on weekends but not noisy. I dragged his hand to open the way around the crowd like a queen, and he let me pull behind him. I offered to buy wine because you drove here for me at night.
I observed that there are many handsome men and beautiful women around. Although we are not handsome men and beautiful women, we have an aura and are a good match. I enjoyed the atmosphere that everyone would glance at us after we entered, no matter what their purpose was. Look at us, I want to show off: Yes, I’m pulling is Lao Tzu’s man, just look at it!

We ordered a glass of wine and found a place to sit down. On such an ambiguous weekend night, coupled with the overflowing light and the lingering music environment, when I met his eyes, I began to feel shy like a girl again. We chatted briefly because recently text messages are frequent and we know what the other party is doing every day, he suddenly said let’s play a game, ask each other a question, and then answer it.

He first asked me what color I like, and I said black, white, blue, and purple. My clothes are these four colors. I asked him back and he said he liked black and blue too (I could see it). Later, I asked each other a few innocuous questions, and I don’t remember them very clearly, but they didn’t involve sensitive topics such as relationship experience and property status.

It was his turn to ask again, this time he asked me with a wicked smile: What’s the feeling of your kiss?
(Well, the old driver is waiting for me here!)
I almost spit out my drink, then laughed like crazy, and then I said: I don’t know, maybe you can try it, and then tell me how it feels.
Then our two old drivers with the name of Nerd kissed smoothly. Hahaha.
After a long series of deep French kisses, I asked him: any comment about my kiss? He said amazing, and happy to try more. Later in the bar we just kissed and chatted, I know the PDA is annoying, but we couldn’t help but feel sorry for the audience at that time.

With the company of the 10th, my heart which has been depressed for a long time has been relieved a lot, so I solemnly thank him for being with me on the big night. I told him that my mother was hospitalized and I was not in a good mood, but I have his company tonight Much better.
I touched him a bit when I brought up family issues. He comforted me, and then I asked about his parents. It turned out that his parents were divorced, and his mother passed away last year, which hit him hard. He said sadly that It hasn’t slowed down yet. At that time, I was very distressed by the slightly teary expression in his eyes. I hugged him, leaned my head in his arms, stroked his heart with my left hand, and comforted him by saying your mother just gone to a better place. He will always be in your heart.

Later, we walked back with our arms around each other. He said that he likes hugging others and being hugged the most. It feels very warm. Indeed, when I peeked at his photos, I found that every one of his photos is a close shoulder or hug with relatives and friends. From this point of view, I think he is a very loving person. He may long for love but also share love with relatives and friends. I feel warm, so I want to get closer to him.

After walking for about ten minutes, I arrived at my house. I expressed my gratitude to No. 10 again, followed by a series of lingering deep French kisses. I can feel the reaction of his body, but he remained calm as always and didn’t ask me any further. I was very hot inside and out, and I was wondering if it was at the door of my apartment, should I invite him in or not?

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