Number 7

35 years old, a busy dentist. Why did you scratch him at the time, I had tooth decay that was about to move, and I was so upset from time to time. I was so poor that I thought it would be cheaper to know a dentist to operate on me. Look at my brain circuit. Ha ha. Because I’m usually super busy, we set up our first date in a relatively quiet bar on Friday night.

How do I describe my impression of him? He looks average, rather bookish, with a high-pitched voice, tall and thin overall, and has a very clean demeanor, but he gives me a bit of a sissy and gay feeling. I am a very sensitive gay-dar. I was afraid that something might go wrong, so I observed his way of walking. Anyway, I felt a little uncertain at the time. When it’s over, I tell myself, don’t care if he’s gay or not, for the sake of your teeth and happiness, let’s chat!

He said that he likes Asian girls. He has dated Japanese girls before and lived in Japan for two years. I was afraid he had yellow fever, so I asked him why he likes Asian girls. He answered that he thought it was cute, and he asked me why I like Australian boys. I just said that I don’t have any special preferences, I just look at the eye.

Through chatting, I learned that he bought a house and became the landlord himself. He also has two Asian roommates, one of whom is from Hong Kong. I don’t like sports, I like to stay at home. He didn’t go out at night and secretly told me that if it wasn’t for me, he wouldn’t come to the bar at all. Overall, he is a rather nerd person.

The dentist also shared one of his experiences in particular. He said that he and his friends traveled to Beijing, China, and found that he was very popular when he got there. When he went to a bar to drink, many women came to chat with him and asked him for a phone number. He said he was shocked and flattered because he had never had such a thing in Australia before. This kind of treatment greatly increased his self-confidence. I’m a little embarrassed to hear him say that, sisters, you can understand why I’m embarrassed, right? I’m not good at commenting, so I can only reply that this is just a way for Chinese people to express friendly (I don’t even believe what I said). He continued: What’s even more exaggerated is that many people offered to take pictures with me. I was a little annoyed, but I also half-jokingly and half-questioningly said: I have never seen so many foreigners in a small town. There may be so many people looking for you to take pictures in Beijing. What magic power do you have? He laughed and said it was true. I was not offended, and I didn’t think he was showing off, because from the previous conversations, I could feel that he was a little inferior, so after going to China, so many people jumped on him, it was true for him. is flattered.

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After we met for the first time, we went home separately, and the subsequent text messages were also the kind of light small talk. I was thinking, this dentist probably didn’t like me, so now I can develop him into a friend. After more than a week, I took the initiative to send him a text message, asking if he was busy. The money he gave me for drinking last time, do you want to come out and have afternoon tea as a treat for me this time? He said yes, just wanted to go shopping. Then we made an appointment to meet in the city.

We call Australia Tu’ao not only because of the backwardness of urban construction and convenience of life, etc. but also because of the way most citizens dress (the real name is envious of friends in Europe). On this day, the dentist’s brother came to the appointment in a typical Tu-Australian boy three-piece suit, hurdle vest, knee-length pants, and flip flops. I didn’t think it was a date, so I didn’t dress up to win his favor, just the usual knitted short-sleeved jeans with a short high heel. When he saw me, he said: wow, you are so stylish! I thought to myself that your standard for being stylish is too low!

Looking at his shopping outfit, I knew that we were 100% useless. Next, I went with him to buy sneakers in the hype. I have to say that my aesthetic differences with him were too great. I suggested styles with slightly richer colors and a younger look. What he brought was the kind of old man who went to the park. Sporty style.

After we finished shopping, we went to the coffee shop and sat down. He didn’t know if he let himself go or something. As soon as I sat down, I started gossiping with me about the shady scenes of their clinic. For example, their doctors also see people ordering dishes and finally decide how much to charge them after seeing the patients’ dress and conversation. Usually, they wear famous brand bags and watches. Those who are slaughtered will not be able to escape. I just listened quietly to his spitting and blah blah blah blah blah blah, and with his squeaky voice, a question kept popping up in my mind: gay or not gay?! I was still thinking about it after the afternoon tea question.

Of course, there was no later, I offered him an olive branch to be friends, but we didn’t even have the fate to be friends, and we didn’t talk too much, so we didn’t contact him later.

A three-piece suit for Tu-Australian boys

Americans are more fashionable than Americans

This dentist is so weird. If you only look at the face, what kind of appearance is it? Is it a nerd that is visible to the naked eye, or is he a handsome guy without talking?

I can’t stand guys who talk shit but it’s okay with being gay

When I play dating software, I still pay more attention to quality. It doesn’t mean that the people I meet must be tall, rich, and handsome, and tall, rich, and handsome people don’t necessarily like me hahaha, I am very self-aware. The quality I am talking about is that a certain characteristic of the other party can meet the scope of my friendship, and I will swipe right. The kind of people who just swipe right and match successfully, besides satisfying vanity, is a waste of time for me. So for those who can match with me successfully and come out to meet each other, I have put in a lot of hard work.

Let me share my picture screening experience and personal preferences below, for the reference of sisters, and welcome to add your picture review experience and I will also learn from it:)

  1. There is only one non-personal picture, the name is a letter code, and there is no introduction, 90% of the date will not run. It is also not ruled out that it is a phishing or peeping number.
  2. There is only a photo of a big-headed person without any personal introduction. This kind of person cannot analyze the source, it is not safe, cross it out!
  3. Most of the pictures are photos of traveling around the world. In the personal description, it says looking for a partner in crime. I think it is not stable yet, and I want to find someone to pass the time. Goodbye.
  4. Most of the pictures are related to parties and drinking. They are well-dressed and handsome. Occasionally, one or two pictures still embrace beautiful women. I don’t think I can hold it, so cross it out!
  5. Fitness fanatics, who show their pectoral and abdominal muscles, I think they are too hungry and thirsty, so cross them all out!
  6. Bungee jumping, cross-country surfing, and all kinds of extreme lovers, I can only silently cross it out. I envy their courage, but I am a sports idiot, so we probably can’t talk.
  7. It is taught by a certain country in a certain country (you know it), this can be seen from the name and appearance, some look like Europeans but the name is uncertain, you can google it, and it may be from a certain country. It’s not discrimination, it’s because I have no faith and I’m not going to join the religion for anyone unless I want to; second, I’m not a vegetarian, so it’s very painful if I can’t eat together.
  8. About appearance and height. As I said, at 160cm, I have the heart to look for more than 180cm, so I value height very much. Generally, if a boy is confident about his height, he will write it down. If he doesn’t write it down, I will observe the body proportions. For photos taken at a normal level, I will only look at the leg length. I really can’t make up my mind to plan first and then talk haha. As for the appearance, I have affirmed it by the Appearance Association, but I will not touch the one that is out of my league just by looking at it.
  9. Must be single, divorced, and unmarried with children are not accepted. I should compromise when I’m old, but I don’t, hahaha.
  10. Work and other material conditions. To be honest, I don’t care much about this one. Too many ordinary people here do ordinary jobs but have an interesting souls, and as long as they are not lazy and earn subsistence allowances, everyone will have a car and a house. This is very different from domestic ones.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you think my selection criteria are picky? Ha ha. To sum up, there are not many men in my age group who can meet my expectations. I have met so many men who are actually in the above range, but the number 8 I will talk about next is a bit beyond the standard.

I feel sorry for myself too hahaha.
This dentist has a baby face, quite cute, not ugly in photos. I am 180cm+, but the bad thing is that my girly temperament and voice are not rough enough.
He doesn’t look like the geek in The Big Bang Theory or Silicon Valley, he is purely thin and weak and doesn’t like sports, certainly, he is not popular with local girls.

I don’t know if it is appropriate or not, it depends on the context and situation. Once Raytheon sent an ins to thank his wife, saying that his wife is his partner in crime, and I felt very happy and well-matched. I feel like it’s just for fun when I put it on a dating site, haha, I don’t know if I have a problem… I think even if those people write looking for a soulmate, they should look sincere. Personal opinion, for reference only haha.

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