then number 6
Get to the point and get done with the firefighters.
Sometimes I meet with him two or three times a month, sometimes once a month, we don’t stay overnight, don’t ask about our private life, and don’t send messages when we have nothing to do, the message is to go straight to the topic: wanna get together tonight? In the end, I was trained by him A qualified buddy with benefits. Why is this so? The following are the stages.

For the first month, we saw each other every week, either he came to my house or I went to his house, and occasionally we chatted by text message. At this time, the eighth season of Game of Thrones came out, and I said coquettishly that I wanted to watch it together with him, and he fulfilled my wish. At this time, I would still fantasize about whether I would express feelings and the relationship would be different. However, I am too young and too naive.

It’s been the second month. Once a group of us were going to watch a drama, and a friend couldn’t make it temporarily. The ticket was too expensive and I didn’t want to waste it. I asked other friends on the Internet and they didn’t have time to come, so I just asked I asked him if he wanted to come, and specifically asked him not to think too much. He replied in a long paragraph in a subtle but polite manner, to the effect: Thank you for your invitation, I have something to do today, and I need to explain again that I am not suitable for dating you, lest you misunderstand, This is for your good. This text message made me half-dead, how confident is he? Or seeing that I have a deep heart for him, so I took the opportunity to reiterate our impossible things. In short, this broken text message made me feel very bad. At this time, I am not a professional sex friend.

I am also forgetful. After this incident, I continued to meet and went straight to the topic, and there were no such emotional disputes. I still didn’t believe in evil at the time. I don’t think any man or woman would be tempted to maintain a purely physical relationship. Could it be that he has a girlfriend??

During this period, I deliberately asked him, do you have a girlfriend? He told me very seriously that he would not come out to play if he had a girlfriend. Then I asked him, have you seen any other girls recently? He said no and was no availability. At that time, I calculated the time when he met me, and combined with his shift system, maybe I was the only one with sex, and I was a little happy.

After that, I wanted to do some work to see if there was any possibility of further development, so I just told him that we don’t want to meet anymore and that I want to have a boyfriend. I learned a trick on the Internet before. If you want to change your relationship with friends with benefits into a relationship of couples, you must first tell the other party what you think, and then wait for the other party to consider. After that, the relationship may end or you may achieve what you want willing.

As a result, I went completely against him at the time. First of all, I didn’t tell him that I liked him, nor did I say that I wanted to develop into a boyfriend and girlfriend with him. Maybe it was because his text messages stimulated me at that time, and I didn’t want to say such humble words to make him proud. So I said across the board that we should not meet each other. Do you think I got what I wanted?

Let me tell you about the information I found on the Internet. Regardless of whether it is Chinese or foreign, I feel that the proportion of friends with benefits who turn into lovers is still very small. The story of Boss Jia and that friend who turned into a couple is generally not staged in reality. So, I am just a grain of cannon fodder.

Then he said, he heard me say that he was looking for a boyfriend, and he generously said yes, if you are not going well, please send me a message. I smiled and said no, but I didn’t expect to be slapped in the face afterward. I haven’t contacted him for more than a month. During this period, I didn’t have the urge to contact him, because I was also studying and doing self-improvement in the middle, so I didn’t have much time. Later, when he came back from a trip to Japan, he continued to send messages to ask me out like a normal person. I rolled my eyes, but my body was very honest: I am free on Friday night, come to my house. This time I did a good job of mental preparation, and I was only going to lose my kidney.

The next thing is to make appointments step by step. Under my training, his pile driver skills are a little better, but he is still obsessed with kissing as always. He always wants to stick his mouth to his mouth during the process, and he doesn’t like doggy. Because he said he couldn’t kiss! I can’t laugh or cry.

Although we don’t participate in each other’s lives, we will chat about work, the dramas we watch, and our dating status when we meet. I am more concerned about whether she is dating other girls, I am not possessive or jealous, I think it is scumbag behavior if he is dating someone else and maintaining this relationship with me, it is not fair to other girls! He said no every time, and I chose to believe him. Of course, I will chat with others online during the period, and I think there will be a suitable person to ask out to see, but I will not have any intimate relationship with dating.

Later, I met a boy who wanted to develop a good relationship. Psychologically, I couldn’t accept the fact that I still have friends with benefits. I would also send a message to No. 6 saying: Hey, I want to develop a good relationship with a boy recently. I can’t keep your appointment. The 6 will also say back: Well, good luck, I’ll still be here if I change my mind. Later, the person I dated didn’t work out, so I contacted him again, and he never rejected me. I felt quite comfortable with such a relationship without psychological burden.

Then one time I was scared by him. After it was over, he asked me if I wanted to have a 3P with someone else or change my wife. I felt my head explode at the time, thinking that this idea was so dirty and it was easy to get sick! Then ask him: Have you tried it? He said: It’s because I haven’t tried it before, so I asked you if you want to come with me. I said not, I haven’t opened up to that level yet. He didn’t give up and even showed me a photo of an Asian couple. I glanced at it, and it looked like an Indonesian or Filipino one, and I shook my head even more. I asked him: Do you want to have sex with this man? He laughed, of course not the woman I want to fuck. I rolled my eyes, then you go, why bring me? He explained that it was a pair for a pair. I made a disgusted face and said, that man can’t do it. He thought I was interested, so he said: I thought you liked this type, how handsome, how about I look for it again? I hastily rejected his invitation. After this, I have a small lump in my heart for him. It’s not that I’m jealous of him playing this kind of game. I’m afraid that he’s prone to getting sick. Even though we wear condoms, we still don’t feel safe.

After a while, he sent me another message with a photo of a man and asked me if I liked it, and if I liked it, the three of us could play together. I was laughed at by him at the time, and he insisted on dragging me into the water. This time, I warned him in a very serious tone not to make such a request to me again. I was a little disgusted. He had no choice but to give up, but he did not forget to reply to me: I know you are very picky and like good-looking ones, so I will continue to find good-looking ones for you, with a wink expression attached. I was so speechless that I didn’t want to talk to him. I asked him later, and he said that his 3P and wife-swapping plans have been stranded without my participation. Who knows if it’s true??

I think my mind is open-minded, but the request he put forward does not meet my bottom line, and I don’t want to try it at all. He didn’t force me, and I respected his needs and wouldn’t judge him. However, since he made such a request, my heart has completely cooled, and I have kicked him out of the potential male ticket forever.

There was a time when wildfires broke out frequently, and the firefighters were fighting fires everywhere, and the whole country was praying for them. I also sent him a message to thank him for his work and ask him to be careful, because several firefighters died after reading the news. He was exhausted, and he hadn’t slept for more than 30 hours when he replied to my message.

As for me in the second half, I have no other feelings for him except that his work is admirable. I even thought he was a bit stupid, so I won’t describe the details, since I’m not the same person anyway. As early as when I was purely in love with him, I didn’t have the feeling of being shy and speechless when I saw him. I returned to my nature, joking and joking, occasionally pretending to be cute to tease him, and thinking very Being active, I have to say, being myself is fun! I don’t care what he thinks, the most important thing is to be happy.

From No. 6, I learned a few things.

  1. Differences between men and women. There is a reason to say that men are lower-body animals, and women are emotional animals. Once women get into bed, they will fantasize that their relationship with each other may be different one day. With men, define your role very clearly, and there is almost no chance of turning things around. If a woman is obsessed with a man’s appearance and there are other things that she can’t get out of, and she thinks that she will be the exception to impress him, then she is too naive! I also have to thank him for being honest and honest all the time. He didn’t say sweet words to make me fantasize to maintain the relationship between friends with benefits. So in the end, I could afford it and let it go, and occasionally I recalled this experience and my heart was calm.
  2. It is important to be yourself, understand your needs, and stick to them. Firefighters have had this in common with almost every other date I’ve met, and after this one, I started to take it seriously. Before I met him, I was still uncertain. What is the ultimate purpose of making friends online? Is it treating the pain of a broken relationship to kill time? Are you looking for a boyfriend or just want to make friends? Later, I found that only by determining my real needs can I achieve my goals with the greatest benefit.
    For example, my real need is to find a regular boyfriend, but in the beginning, I have to stubbornly show that I can play with you to covet the beauty of others. Everyone is an adult and has to be responsible for what they say, and foreigners don’t understand the twists and turns of Chinese women, so they will believe what you say. Then, not long after I started, I couldn’t afford it, so I used the common method of Chinese women to do it, trying to gamble on my position in the other party’s heart, and the result was of course very miserable. Fortunately, I was only sad for a short while in the end, and quickly recovered and returned to the battlefield. From him, I also strengthened my determination to find a boyfriend.
    I didn’t wonder how many female votes he had (he was curious about how many male votes I had, and he was nervous), but I was curious why he doesn’t have a girlfriend now, according to him, the current state is very good, No need for a girlfriend. He has indeed been practicing this principle for a long time. We are the same age, I can’t do without a boyfriend, woman!
  3. You must focus on your hobbies and life. The benefit of this was once again confirmed in him. The advantage is that you don’t have to worry about your relationship, X life is just a spice. His hobby is traveling, and he will go abroad whenever he is free. Although firefighters work hard, they have a one-month-long vacation every six months, and they can go to many places in a year.

Oops, handshake. There is no comparison between a friend with benefits and a boyfriend. The easiest thing is to send a message. Boyfriends will create some topics for you to chat about, but friends with benefits will never allow you to expand on other topics.

I think a woman’s heart is honed by a man, who is not arrogant, the pure physical relationship you want, my wife can also give it, and it’s not that I can’t afford it. I have done a lot of homework in private to prevent myself from getting hurt, and I only know about the tangled process, alas.

In this relationship that lasted for more than a year, both of us were qualified friends with benefits, no strings attached. Recall that at the very beginning, I used a joke to express that I liked him. I took the 2019 firefighter calendar and told him: This guy on the cover is super handsome, very gentle, and sunny. (Because I just bought it from him hee hee) Did he curl his lips a little disdainfully: really? I put my arms around him, put my face on his chest, and said: I don’t care, I just like you. After finishing speaking, I pushed him away and said: anyway, you can go home now.

It’s 2020 in a blink of an eye, and I added a local firefighter’s calendar. He came to my house to open it and said while reading: hmm, I know this, oops, I know this too. I said that it’s useless for you to just know each other, and you can’t be selected if you don’t have abdominal muscles (I’m so mean now, which is completely different from the state of the sex-obsessed girl I saw a year ago). A few days ago he sent me another message, we seem to have had no contact for more than a month, I think the best way to say goodbye to friends with benefits is “no goodbye” because we are nothing, right? So I didn’t tell him about my move to another state.
Let’s end story number 6 with our last text message.
Everyone has a different idea about it.

I was really scared when the fireman made this request to me. After I calmed down, I thought about it. He is single and he knows what he wants. If he wants to try, he will try it. It’s just different. I don’t have the same hobbies as him in this regard, but I respect his choice, and besides, he didn’t force me.

Adults, be open and honest, about what you love and what you want. It’s just our pure sex buddy relationship. First, he is good-looking, clean, and tidy, and second, he is sincere and doesn’t make me think too much. That’s enough for me haha.

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