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number 6

local firefighters. Same age as me. 183cm. I spent six years in the army before. The photo looks very handsome, looks a bit like the actor Lian Kai, do you know him? Unexpectedly, his European and American genes can also be passed on to Asians. Ha ha.

This person was the only one I took the initiative to attack on the Internet at that time, using my provocative skills, provoking with words, and wholeheartedly trying to take him down. I gave him the only “super like” permission in the software (poor people don’t open membership haha), and he came back and matched me right after a short while, and I laughed so hard at that time. Haha, I am a member of the Appearance Association, and I finally met a handsome guy who meets my aesthetic standards online. Is it worthy of my single years if I don’t salvage it? Moreover, I have always liked to chase the person I like, as long as the man I like, my behavior is not reserved.

When chatting with this person online, I feel that my English proficiency has improved instantly. My unreserved language such as:
1, hey, I just bought a firefighter calendar for next year, why isn’t it you on the cover? They should pick you. Unfair, shady. I want to be your fan and support you on the cover next year.

  1. I am in a very good mood today, because our match is successful, and I have been giggling all the time.
    We chatted for a day and a half, and then he took the initiative to ask me if I want to meet the next day, the key day is Christmas. I thought to myself, my sister’s flirting skills are okay, and you will see me even on Christmas, a day when you get together with your family, and I am complacent. As a result, I later learned that there are firefighters on duty, and they can’t leave on Christmas, which has nothing to do with me:

On the day we met, I saw him approaching from a distance, and I was overwhelmed by the male hormones exuding from his whole body. Sister, I felt secretly relieved, okay, it’s you! But I still pretend to be calm, thinking that my behavior is dignified and decent, which is different from the sultry state on the Internet.

We went to a bar near the sea and sat down, and the chat was nothing more than, how is your work, where did you live when you were young, how did you spend the Christmas holiday, and so on. He also asked me about my current relationship status. I said that I was still a little unhappy when I just broke up, so I came out to meet more people to distract myself.

What’s a little troublesome is that he has a strong local accent, and I can’t understand what he is saying. I keep asking him to repeat it, but he repeats it patiently. We just drank a beer and went home.

I was quite excited after meeting that day, so I hurried to gossip about this guy to my friend, after all, meeting me is not easy. After I got home, I quickly received a message from him, to the effect: Nice to meet you, you are a bit more beautiful than I imagined, but I don’t want a relationship (relationship), just want to have fun (have fun), are you right? What do you think?

Because I mentioned to him that my ex and I have been in a relationship for two years and recently broke up. He may think that I should be the kind of person who is easily moved and needs emotional support, so he will be straightforward and not afraid of me being sad. To be honest, I was a little disappointed at the time. I felt that even though I had just broken up, I could devote myself to the next relationship when I met someone I liked.

I struggled for a long time looking at his text messages. Maybe I still have traditional thinking in my heart. I feel that people who are extremely interested in me can’t play casually, otherwise it’s easy to fall into it; but another little devil is here again Say, you are single now, you should enjoy your single life to the fullest, life is too short! Live in the moment and enjoy yourself in time.

then number 6

Then I replied to him pretending to be cool: I just broke up, and I just want to enjoy the moment, you are very suitable for my type, but I can’t have anything to do with you right away, I don’t feel safe now. Now that he knew he had a chance, he began to prepare for the next date. The second meeting I will define as a date, because both of us know what will happen. Ever since, he bought a ticket for the open-air cinema, which was chosen by me, and he could watch it lying on the sofa bed with a blanket on.

He lined up early to buy tickets, but he didn’t arrive until the movie was about to start. I thought the movie tickets were quite expensive, so I paid for the rental of blankets and drinks. It is my consistent principle not to delay or owe. The place I chose is too romantic. The rooftop cinema can also overlook the city lights. While drinking a little wine, we hug each other and watch a movie. If we feel cold, we can cover ourselves with a blanket to keep out the wind. I have to say that to win him, I compared several places.

The atmosphere has been enhanced to this point, who has time to pay attention to the movie? Anyway, I’m distracted. When I pretended to pay attention to the movie for about ten minutes, I turned my head and looked at him, and said quietly: You are better than the movie (actually, the movie I chose was Venom, and I am a big fan of Marvel movies, no matter how ugly I am. People who want to flatter their stinky feet, how can they dislike the bad movies, I am a hypocritical scheming bitch!)

He smiled embarrassingly, and when he smiled, he showed two small dimples, which made him look even more cute. At this time, he asked me, do you want to lean over and watch it together? Of course I wish for it. By the way, there was a wind assist that night, so we were able to put on the covers and play a little coy under the covers. I won’t describe the embarrassing method in detail, so as not to be deleted. It’s nothing more than scratching the itch in pants.

For me, once I meet someone who can make my hormones go up, the skill of flirting is easy to come by. I will be shy, but excuse me? I forgot what reservedness is. Do you feel the same way?
Alas, the appearance association kills people. But I’m not specifically picking that kind of super handsome guy, because I can’t afford to be high and I’m not a normal person haha. Mainly the eyes.

then number 6

What was embarrassing during watching the movie was that I drank a little wine and went to the toilet three times. My bladder was very embarrassing that day, and my heart was chaotic but it directly affected the function of my bladder and I was also drunk.

After exploring for a while through the quilt, he asked me: Do you want to go home with me later? I played dumb to tease him: I came out without a condom. He laughed and said: Don’t worry, I have. Then I blushed and agreed. Afterwards, I played a lot of big dramas in my heart, what are we two? Is it dating? I’m so nervous I can’t breathe! Wow, is he a bad guy? It doesn’t look like that either. Hey, what would it look like if you were naked? (Thinking of this, I unconsciously raise the corners of my mouth). Will Daihui go to his house? Do you want to stay overnight… (women are so smart sometimes)

After watching the movie in a daze, he grabbed my hand and left. At 183cm, he is not particularly tall in the local area, but he is indeed very strong. He has a T-shaped figure, and a pair of big hands hold me and surround my child-like hands. I felt very safe being led by him, and went out with the crowd after the show. At that time, I shamelessly thought that our handsome man and beautiful woman matched each other like a couple. I looked back at him from time to time, just smirked and didn’t speak, and he also smiled and didn’t speak. The feeling was very harmonious, and I was a little bit moved.

Then firefighter number 6

Well, I finally came to his house, and he invited me in to have a look around. I was nervous as hell, but I acted casually, admiring him for a nice house, and scrambling to find useful information to prove he was lying. By the way, regarding the matter of dating this man that day, I sent a message to my best boyfriend, and also sent him the address. I said that if I didn’t send you a message within 15 minutes of entering the door, you will Call me, if you can’t get through, call the police. In fact, not only is it safe, but it is also an excuse for me to go back and leave. I’m a chicken thief, hehe.

From my brief review analysis of his room, I came to the following conclusions:

  1. This person must be single. Because there are accumulated dishes in the kitchen sink, the room is rather messy, and there are a lot of personal debris and dust on the table (if you have a female ticket, you will clean it up, right). There is only an electric toothbrush and a towel in the bathroom, and there are no feminine products on the countertop. The closet was open, and at a glance, it was full of his overalls and camouflage uniforms. The bedroom bed is a single bed, the guest room has no bed.
  2. The person’s personal information is consistent with what he said. This can be seen in his framed discharge certificate hanging on the wall, complete with full name and photo. There are other military-related decorative paintings on the wall, and his pile of overalls is enough to identify him as a fireman.

Someone is going to ask, do you still have so many inspections just to make an appointment? of course! All the people I met from the Internet can agree to come out and meet, no matter what the purpose is first, I only have two requirements: single, sincere. I’m not interested in getting involved in a relationship and I’m worth finding an open and honest person to approach. And if I just lie about myself on the Internet, I will reveal my truth after a few questions, and I will not reach the step of meeting.

Then firefighter number 6

After lifting the cordon, I immediately relaxed, and immediately sent a message to my boyfriend: Everything is normal, please don’t come to harass me later.

After I sent the message, I realized that I was sitting on someone’s bed, and I started to enter the shy stage, what should I do? Do you want to take a shower and remove your makeup first? Before I finished my research, No. 6 came directly into the room, hugged me with a smile and asked me: How is it? Are you ready? At this time, I could feel the swell under him. I was so shy that I could only cover up my nervousness with an exaggerated laugh. Hahaha. He asked me what I was laughing at. I said I’m very nervous. Now that I think about it, I was nervous like a virgin, hahaha.

Don’t be nervous, Number 6 said softly. Suddenly, he picked me up and straddled his waist, and kissed me, and I smelled a breath of peppermint. It turned out that this guy went to the bathroom to take a rest and brush his teeth while I was sneaking around his house, haha. His kiss was very gentle and patient, not rushing or impatient, and my tension gradually faded away. A few hundred words are omitted below.

I know that some people are more concerned about the key points, so I will briefly talk about it. No. 6’s organs are in line with his height and weight. I am not surprised or surprised, but his skills in bed are average. A good kiss doesn’t make up for the fact that he’s a piledriver.

I have no experience with the first date, so I am a little undecided whether to leave or stay. I asked him: Do you want me to stay here tonight? (Okay, I will give you the choice.)
He said: You can stay here if you want. (Damn, throw the question to me again)

I thought about it, let’s stay here. One was that it was too late in the morning to move, and the other was that I was still immersed in the joy of having sex with him, so I was willing to sleep with him for another night. Then I went to the shower to remove my makeup and left it on for the night.

I saw the post next door asking whether to remove makeup overnight, of course you have to remove makeup, think about your foundation slogan eyebrow pencil all rubbing on other people’s bed sheets is not good, right? It is also uncomfortable to sleep with makeup on. I’m not even afraid of a browless monster hehe.

Let’s talk about number 6

You want to ask me how it feels to spend the night at No. 6 house? Well, didn’t sleep well at all! Because he tossed and turned all night, the bed was small, and his figure took up more than half of the space, and it was very uncomfortable for me to sleep in the crack. I asked him why he couldn’t sleep? He said that his work and rest schedule is different from ours. He works on four days and rests on four days, and often goes to work day and night upside down. Also, I feel that he doesn’t like intimate actions very much. For example, I said, can I sleep with my arms around you? He asked if I wanted to be like a big spoon hugging a little spoon? (It’s a posture where couples hug and sleep) I said I’d better sleep with you. As a result, after a while, he removed my hand and started to turn over, and I fell asleep on the side because I was so tired! It turned out that he was gone in the morning, and I didn’t care. After a while, he came in. I asked him what he was doing, and he said that he turned over at night to avoid disturbing me, so he went to sleep outside for a while. I thought to myself, you have so many problems!

I just said that you can’t sleep well for a long time, can your body bear it? He said just get used to it. At that time, I was still a little bit careful about him, after all, it was not easy to work so hard to protect everyone. After chatting for a while, his mouth came close to kiss me again, oh my head is big, I didn’t brush my teeth, you kiss me? ! Then I tasted another sweet peppermint and it turned out the guy brushed his teeth. Then I knew what he was going to do, and I will continue to omit hundreds of words below.

I didn’t expect that he didn’t sleep much at night and still had the energy to play with me. I also cooperated very well. As the saying goes, he is more emotional than the first time, but he is still a pile driver. I don’t feel good physically, but I get great spiritual satisfaction. I have the vanity of being in love with a handsome guy! Moreover, this handsome guy respects me very much, keeps me clean and hygienic, not only brushes my teeth before kissing, but also trims my body hair for this purpose. I have to say that I regret that I don’t have the six-pack abs I was expecting, and then it’s like a big job. At that time, I was thinking that maybe I was not familiar with the physical needs of the other party at the beginning, so I couldn’t get used to it, and it would be good to get familiar with it later. So I unilaterally decided that there will be opportunities for running-in in the future.

still number 6

After returning home, we had a tacit understanding and did not send messages to each other. I’m also struggling, is this a date with him? I told myself: I promised the other party that it was just for fun, so don’t send messages to harass them.

But, after all, it’s the first time I dated a handsome guy I like. As a woman, it’s impossible to simply forget him as a date. I only shared this affair with my male girlfriends. My colleagues knew that I had a date with a firefighter. They were very gossip and said that I looked like I was in love.

what to do? While suppressing my urge to contact him, I kept searching on the Internet such as “how to be a qualified sex friend?” to learn, and then felt unwilling, so I continued to search “how to become a regular sex friend?” and continued Learn “Why Some Men Don’t Want to Be in a Relationship?”. Also research whether his professional characteristics have caused some shadows, so he doesn’t want to fall in love? The search content is both in Chinese and English, which is convenient for understanding the differences between China and the West.

Thinking about it now, my behavior is very funny, but for me who is new to the relationship with friends with benefits, a series of learning is conducive to my control of this relationship, so as not to fall into a disadvantageous situation. Since you want to play, you have to be able to play, can you let it go? Through searching, I found that regardless of Chinese or Western, in the relationship between friends with benefits, most of the injured are always women. I don’t know if their body structure is different. Women are emotional animals and are easy to fall in love first. The so-called whoever falls in love first loses!

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