No 4

33 years old, looks Zhou Zheng, black hair, thin, looks like an immigrant from Eastern Europe, about 175 or so. Engineers are often on business trips.

This person was not found on Tinder, but on another dating site. His personal information is very sincere and detailed, and his various conditions and looks are quite in line with my ideals. I was a bit annoyed by that kind of small talk at the time, so I thought this person might not be annoying, so I just met up to see what was going on, and saved some time chatting online. Look at my logic, I didn’t want to waste time, I went to the appointment after a brief inspection, and then the retribution came!

This time I met a very lively cafe. As soon as I sat down, I felt that this person was not in the right mood with me. He is good-looking to be honest, but from his sitting posture and expression, I can see that he looks superior. How can I describe it? He put one hand on the sofa, crossed his legs, and talked to me sideways. Yes, we sat side by side drinking coffee, but I have never seen other people in the coffee shop chatting with others in such an arrogant manner. And we were not chatting, he seemed to be interrogating me, the prisoner. In the past, my date had verbal interactions. It was very interesting to come and go, but this big brother asked me questions all the time, such as what hobbies do you have? Where have you traveled and so on? The questions are very common and I don’t mind answering them, but his questioning with his nostrils in the sky and the feeling of contempt after I answered it made me very uncomfortable. Oh, plus a wicked smile, I don’t know him What the hell are you laughing at.

Then a strange person came, this person was very straightforward, and asked me if I would like to go to his house to watch Netflix when I was free. (Foreign men and women invite to watch Netflix and chill at home, everyone knows that it’s usually a sign of dating, right?) I rolled my eyes in my heart , also directly replied to him: I can watch it at my house, why should I go to your house to watch it? So what is your purpose? He insisted that the answer was just to watch Netflix, why should I think so much. This person is still pretending to be a white lotus at this time. I just pretended to smile and said okay, let’s watch it again when I have a chance Meaning), unexpectedly he picked up his mobile phone to check his schedule, thinking about it while checking, next Monday and Wednesday I have dance lessons, I have an appointment with friends on Friday, and I have to work out on weekends. Life is full and he is a motivated person, so he can only arrange for me to watch Netflix at his house on Tuesday night. Let’s talk about it next week, I’m also very busy. Then I planned to leave. He was a little surprised but came out with me. I didn’t expect to go too far behind, he took my hand when I crossed the road at the door? ! I yelled in my heart, but there were so many people around that night, I wanted to save face and didn’t shake off his hand (now that I think about it, I’m so weak! Isn’t this a signal to him?) Later, he offered to send me back Man, I said no, I can walk back very close, and then the show operation came, this bastard came up and kissed me forcefully, I smelled his saliva and almost didn’t spit, I scolded him Then ran away. Then I went home and rinsed my mouth thoroughly, and the next day I remembered that the smell was still disgusting.

Look, No. 4’s information on the Internet is so detailed, with a dignified look, but he does this kind of thing as soon as they meet, so it’s useless to write hype on the Internet. I was too optimistic before, thinking that there would be no problem with so many people out there, and I don’t like making people look ugly and embarrassed because of myself, but it was my fault that I encountered such a bad thing. shame. In the end, I must have blacked him out.

Number 5

Fitness coach, 38 years old, around 175. He looks like an ordinary person, and his smile is brighter. Looking at the photos, he is not the muscular macho type. I can’t see any traces of fitness except his arms are a bit strong. I am still wondering how he became a coach?

Before we met, I thought it would be nice to be friends with a fitness trainer. I am a fitness novice. Wouldn’t it be great if the other party could guide me occasionally? With this mentality, I went to the appointment, and the location was a small coffee shop in Linhai Park.

My first impression of him is that he is not tall (the original poster is 160 but has a heart that wants to look for more than 180), not handsome but I don’t dislike him, because his smile makes people feel very safe. He interacts positively, listens patiently to what you have to say and then mainly encourages you. You will be very willing to continue communicating with him. From the chat with him, I learned that he dropped out of college, because his parents passed away at that time, and then he didn’t want to study (he was originally a computer major), and he usually has a hobby of fitness and likes to communicate with people, and then he did Worked as a fitness trainer. He rents gym space and pays them rent, then trains the students himself. He has been in this industry for many years and has won a reputation for his professionalism. Therefore, it is not important for his students whether they have abdominal muscles or chest muscles. The most important thing is their practicality. His income should be good these years, and he bought a high-end apartment in the city center.

Because his conditions are not bad, and his personality is very cheerful and talkative, I asked him why he is still single? His original words said that he has been single for a long time, and he has met many girls during this period, but he has not met the right one. My gut told me he was telling the truth, but well, from the first moment I saw him, I knew he wasn’t my type. I am a person who attaches great importance to the first impression. If I don’t like it at first sight, no matter how I continue afterwards, there will be no sparks. We happily basked in the lazy sun at the seaside cafe for almost two hours, and then said goodbye friendly.

Continue to number 5

I wasn’t thrilled when I got back, I just thought it would be fun to be friends with someone who is so talkative and can crack jokes just right. We sent messages as always, without ambiguous topics. I didn’t know if he was afraid of scaring me or thinking about other things. He also stayed put and chatted purely with friends. Because we only had a hangout once, and the other party didn’t say anything special to advance the process, I acquiesced that he felt the same as me, and we belonged to each other in the circle of friends.

Later, there was a second hangout, and I went to a bar to sit. At that time, Game of Thrones was not over yet, and we were still waiting for the eighth season. We were all die-hard fans, so we analyzed the plot trend in various ways, and chatted with the screenwriter very happily. I called him “mate, mate” at that time. Call him, and also imitate the local funny accent. This meeting feels that our friendship has deepened, of course, this is my unilateral idea, and I will never have any relationship with a man who calls me a brother.

The third time he said he wanted to meet two female friends, the bar had a beautiful view, and asked me if I wanted to meet more friends. Of course I would! So I went, and I won’t talk about the details. The two ladies are also fitness instructors, and one of them can’t see any traces of training haha, but the experience that day was quite pleasant. According to his friends, he should not be too bad.

Well, we are still very close friends, and now we have met for the fourth time, which can be regarded as a turning point in my mental journey. This time he invited me to a party organized by him, and it happened that the roof of his house could see fireworks and BBQ. When I arrived at the scene, I got to know his two friends, colleagues and friends, and two close customers (one is a Chinese little brother, who looks very in line with my aesthetic standards haha). I brought my drinks and food (do as the Romans do, and you usually have to bring your drinks when you go to a local party). I can’t drink enough, I was a little dizzy after three bottles of cider, and then I took the courage to pay attention to that Chinese guy, and asked him about it. He just turned 30, and my old cow can’t chew this tender grass anymore. And I will be transferred to work in Europe soon, I regret to give up, but I did not stare at him that night hahaha.

Continue to number 5

When I almost finished drinking the wine I brought, the fireworks were over, and the party was coming to an end. During the period, he watched the fireworks with me on the 5th, and he took the trouble to find an angle for me to take pictures. It may be because of alcohol, I think his attitude towards me that day seems to be different from before, a little ambiguous. A group of people left the venue very quickly, and I finally reluctantly told my Chinese brother to take care of everything in Europe, and finally asked him to send me a car to drive me home on the 5th.

After returning home, I was depressed, or I didn’t like drinking too much, every time I got up, I was very depressed and had nowhere to vent. And it’s not easy to meet a Chinese brother I like, which is impossible in eight lifetimes. Then I remembered that he behaved strangely on the night of the 5th, Jiu Zhuang was cowardly, so I texted him and asked if he had plans for me? ! He answered very quickly, to the effect that he had a good impression of me, but he knew that I might not be ready to fall in love just now, so he wanted to say that we should get along as friends first to see if there is a chance to formally develop it in the future. I was half sober at the time, and it turned out that he had a Plan B for me, but I only had a Plan A for him, that is, we can only be friends. Then I asked him again, what do you friends think of us? He said: “They knew we were seeing each other. I went, no wonder the Chinese brother was a little bit avoiding suspicion. It turned out that everyone thought that although we were not dating, we were heading in that direction. I replied to him directly at that time: I am very happy to play with you, but I always thought that we got along as friends, and I didn’t think about developing other relationships. He replied: Who knows, don’t define it so early, just follow the fate. Then I replied to him sternly: Sorry, I think you will be a very good friend of mine, we will not have other developments, so don’t give me any hope, and friendship lasts longer than love, so cherish it Friendship is the most important thing, besides, I never go to my friends, this is my principle and bottom line. After sending the message, he didn’t stick to the topic, and I fell asleep quickly afterwards.

still number 5

Friends who follow the post, don’t be too annoying, why I have to write so much on the 5th, I will explain in detail later.

Then come the update. After the text message is clear, I will adopt an ostrich policy. I will first observe what happens after the 5th, and then I will react. He is still the same as before, he comes to meme packs or nonsense from time to time. At this time, I start to pretend, and I don’t have a good chat like before. The reply to the message is very slow, and the content is basically “OK, cool” and the like. It’s equal to domestic um, oh, it took me a long time before the other party took the initiative to bring up the topic, and it took me a long time to send a “”Sorry, I was busy just now” and cut off the topic directly.

Looking back now, it was a bit too much for me to pretend to be indifferent to avoid being misunderstood by No. 5. It was like this for about 4 or 5 days. It was a coincidence that one evening I happened to go to a five-star hotel to attend the birthday invitation of my best friend. This hotel is quite close to his house. I saw it in a taxi. He was crossing the road hand in hand with a girl. The two were dressed in sportswear, casually dressed but with a very intimate look. Looking at the two of them, I felt a sense of relief in my heart. It is a good thing for me that he moved on so quickly, or he is also doing it with others at the same time, so it will not delay the follow-up to be friends, haha.

I immediately sent him a text message, to the effect: hey, the lady you hold hands with looks like you, hahaha! It took him a long time to get back to me this time, and there was a bit of embarrassment in his words. He said this: Where did you see it? That woman was just my client. I finished exercising with her, and then we walked together. When she was crossing the road, she was afraid of running a red light, so I picked her up and walked with her. I replied: It’s okay, no matter who the girl is, I’m happy for you. He went on to reply: Didn’t you say that you are not in a hurry to fall in love yet? So even if I’m with other girls, there’s nothing wrong with you, right? I replied: Of course no problem, we are friends, mate.

For more than a year since then, No. 5 has become a very close local friend of mine. We eat, drink and have fun together, complain about all kinds of weird things, share each other’s love affairs and gossip, and we also enter each other’s circle of friends to play together. Actually met and chatted well with my ex, the two told me privately that each other is very good, haha. I also joked that you can try it.

Summarize number 5
Number 5 and I share the same sign, we both have a casual personality, carefree, straight-talking people, so it’s easy to chat. You said that he is a fitness coach, and it is reasonable to say that he has many opportunities to meet female members and the like, but he did not find them through this channel. He thinks similarly to Irishman No. 3. He has a steady and stable life, and he is not in a hurry to find a partner for marriage. He focuses on his own life first, but he is not so religious that he does not need someone to accompany him, so making friends online is just A channel to broaden the scope of social interaction, others follow the fate (the original words go with the flow)
Through contact with him, I began to realize that it is a great thing to focus on myself, because I used to be the kind of person who put all my heart into it when I was in a relationship and didn’t care about anything else, which was a kind of bondage to each other. Especially when it comes to feelings, he has an attitude that you can’t meet but you should cherish it when you meet it. The most important thing is to be self-centered to improve your vision and ability. The most important thing is to be happy. There is a Chinese saying that doesn’t mean , if you are in full bloom, will the butterflies come by themselves? This sentence can be regarded as an attitude of No. 5 towards feelings.

After chatting with No. 5, I’m going to talk about No. 6. Let me give you a preview. I have a lot of information with No. 6, and I have a physical entanglement, hehe

I have also encountered No. 4, school, work, and ig are all popular, and the personal introduction is very sincere (love travel, love nature, love work, love life, etc.)
After meeting and chatting for half an hour, they took advantage of the loopholes to hold hands and kiss, giving people a feeling of going all out

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