Unexpectedly, the epidemic data here has been rising steadily in the past few weeks. Recently, I have also been quarantined at home, and I just come to share my dating story with you when I have nothing to do, hehe. (ps: I originally posted in other places, and before I posted a few posts, I said my content was “pornographic and vulgar”. I couldn’t figure out where the pornography and vulgarity are? The administrator also deleted the post, and I returned to Douban in a fit of anger I hope I can still say something here)

Let me briefly talk about my situation before starting the eighth. At present, there is a 35-year-old single sister. It is a bit late to go abroad at the age of 30. She has long hair and fair skin, and has a good temperament and figure. She is not photogenic but looks better than the photo. I am a scumbag, my mental age is about 25 years old, I believe in love but the way of dealing with feelings is very naive, so in fact, the process of dating is also equivalent to the process of self-cultivation, and I have summed up some experiences and gained some insights. Give me some experience and opinions 🙂

I use Tinder, which everyone loves, and I also use coffee meets bagel, which is about the same. I think the software is pretty much the same. It has nothing to do with the software whether you meet the right person or not. My colleague dated her Tinder partner for half a year and then got married. I also personally witnessed and participated in the wedding, so why not.

I don’t have any specific conditions for dating partners. Generally, I will swipe right when I am interested, but there are a few types of people I will never swipe right: large tattoos (feeling violent), certain countries or Those who have a certain belief (not racism but personal preference), most of the backgrounds are pictures of bars or parties (I don’t like those who often go outside, although I am a little bit too).

number 1

band members. During the chat, they shared with me a lot of their band’s works and albums, and often performed in local bars. The photo looks so fresh and sunny, with six pack abs lol. I am particularly interested in people with musical expertise, so I chat with this person more often. The chat content is very pure, nothing more than work, life, hobbies and so on.

Judging from the frequency of chatting and the speed of replying to messages, he should be quite interested in me, so after chatting for a few days, he took the initiative to ask me to meet at a bar, and I readily agreed.

To be honest, this is my first date with a foreigner. Before the meeting, I was a little apprehensive because my English was not very good when I first left the country, so I was nervous and afraid of losing face if I didn’t perform well. On the day we met, I saw him and found that he was a little fatter than in the photo, with much longer hair, a beard, and blonde hair and blue eyes, but he was not the image of the elf prince and Thor you imagined. There was a discrepancy between him and the photo (it was later found out that it was a photo taken three or four years ago), but it must be him. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. In addition, his smile and conversation were very sincere, and the meeting that day was very pleasant.

Our date is set at 4 pm, strictly speaking, this is not a date, at most it is a face-to-face meeting, let’s see if we can call each other first. There was no cost during the period. We each ordered a bottle of corona (yes, that unlucky beer brand), and he was going to pay for it, but I said no, and I came by myself, and he didn’t refuse. I have always felt that dating between men and women is about fairness. I don’t want to be in debt to anyone, even if it’s a boyfriend or girlfriend, let alone the first meeting.

After chatting for about an hour, we understood the basic information and passed our eyes, and then we simply hugged and said goodbye. I feel that he has a pretty good impression of me. Sure enough, within 20 minutes of our separation, he sent me a long message, to the effect that he was very happy to meet me, praised me, and hoped to have a date later. I was quite happy at the time, thinking that it would not be easy for my English level to be able to communicate well with foreigners.

After a week or so, there were various pleasant chats during the period, and then I went to a famous local park for a second date. This time the chemical reaction between the two parties is relatively strong, but it is only polite to hold hands and lead the way. After this date, my liking for him has skyrocketed, but well, I think I should look at other people, so I have date number 2.

number 2

The only one of Indian origin in her dating career, a local junior high school mathematics teacher, double major in computer and mathematics.

Looking at the photos, I have a well-managed figure, big chest muscles, and slightly raised buttocks. The overall personality is relatively good. At first glance, it is the kind of person who lives a more regular life and is more decent, but the hair is a little bald. Haha.

I won’t show how to flirt online. Go straight to the topic and say meet up. The first time we met, he said he would come to pick me up, but I didn’t agree out of vigilance. What I didn’t expect was that he took me to a fancy restaurant and had a good seafood meal (not a big meal) , also ordered red wine. He didn’t ask me to pay at all, and paid the money first while going to the bathroom. I was a little confused at the time. It’s not appropriate to owe someone a favor when we meet for the first time, but I also feel that he takes it very seriously. Mine, at least the etiquette is thoughtful, generous and decent.

We chatted very happily during the meal. He was very funny and humorous, which inspired me too. In fact, besides admiring people who study music, I also admire people who are good at mathematics. Programmers are my ideal type:) Haha. By the way, he doesn’t have an Indian accent, and he doesn’t have the typical Indian shaking his head, which is very important, otherwise he will be depressed to death when eating. Most of his family members are doctors, and he inadvertently revealed that there are servants in his family. Judging from his conversation and sharing point of view, he doesn’t look like a diaosi.

In his case, he moved here from another city after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend, and currently enjoys the single life, but doesn’t mind dating.

After dinner, I thought it was still early, so out of politeness and wanting to return the favor, I asked him if he wanted to have another drink, and I treated him. He agreed, and the money I gave to buy the wine, plus the catalyst of alcohol, continued to have a good chat, but to be honest, I only had the happiness of making friends, without that kind of physical impulse, and he behaved well among him, and there was no deviance move. After drinking and waiting for the alcohol level to subside, I can drive. He proposed to take me home. I said no, I can take a car, so as not to trouble him. He didn’t say anything at the time, but he told me the next day that I rejected him like that at the time, which meant that I had no interest in him at all. I thought at the time, where is this? ! I explained to him that it was too late to trouble you, so he said, next time your date tells you that he wants to take you home, you’d better agree to it, so as not to hurt others’ self-esteem.

He wants to send me home. I don’t know if he is a real gentleman or has other purposes. I just want to ask you girls, if you were, would you let your first date pick you up and drive you home? Generally still be vigilant.

then number 2

I just went abroad, I am not familiar with the local dating culture, and I can’t ask people, but I have done some homework. For example, before the relationship between men and women is established, one person can see many people at the same time, but the other party can have the right to know. If both men and women are dating well, see if you want exclusives dating. This is very different from the dating culture I accepted in China. At that time, I thought that I could only date one-on-one. Isn’t one-to-many dating the Neptune who raises fish in today’s terms? !

Anyway, so I do as the Romans do. While keeping in touch with No. 1, I also have contact with No. 2. I just want to see and compare more, and then choose one to be my boyfriend.

I was planning to go out with No. 2 on Friday night, but my mobile phone suddenly broke down. He couldn’t reach me and it was difficult to park. I managed to find a place to contact him, but in the end we didn’t After meeting, both parties were very angry. After a big argument on the phone, they went home. Well, I have a problem, he is also an arrogant person, and then we didn’t talk to each other for a week. After a week, he called me and chatted for a while, and then reconciled, and I said let’s be friends. After that, I invited him to eat hot pot and went on a trip together, all as ordinary friends. Later, he moved to another city and lost contact at all.

What I didn’t expect was that almost two years later, this guy called me and asked me how I was doing, if I had a boyfriend, and if I had time to go to the cities where he was located to find him? Probably because he saw my new photo on what’s app finally, and then he thought something else. My previous photos were all sand sculptures or cute dogs. He probably doesn’t remember this at all. Who is the goods, so I never talk to me. Heh, man.

Just to clarify, maybe it was fate, since the 2nd, I didn’t have any interest in dating other people, so I can’t compare it. Then I fell in love with the 1st for two years, and I didn’t have anything to do with any man during the period. The following guys who are dating are all about letting themselves go after breaking up with #1. As for the separation and reunion with No. 1, I don’t want to start it in this post. We are still friends now, and he still puts me in a special position, but it is impossible.

Because my sister is almost 33 years old after being single abroad again, and there is nowhere to get rid of the disappointment of being single, so I downloaded Tinder again. I usually choose the age group of 30-40, and the distance should not exceed 50km. My idea is that those under 30 still love to play and don’t want to be stable, and the economic conditions will not be very good, and the distance is too far to be reliable.

number 3

Irish, 39 years old, with a master’s degree, has dual citizenship, and has a serious Irish accent. An engineer, who travels frequently, works hard to earn money to buy a house, and has a little research on how to increase the value of his assets. When chatting, I feel that he is quite a literary person, and he will share with me the books I am reading, the movies I am watching, and so on. I’m sorry I can’t remember what it was, because those books and movies are not the type I want to watch, I’m superficial haha. Appearance, normal below, protruding hairline. Looks are not my thing, but my sister is single, so we can meet each other based on the principle of making friends.

In the end we sat down and chatted in a game bar. It was pretty easy to play arcade games after drinking something. He felt similar to the Internet, but his figure was still relatively strong, and he was also a frequent visitor to the gym. The first meeting did not leave a special impression, and I didn’t feel much about him. He was also kind to me.

Although there was no chemical reaction the first time, we also met the second time. This time, two of our European friends joined him, and he didn’t mind that I called someone else, and the atmosphere was relaxed and happy. The result is still no chemical reaction, haha. Now I put him in the circle of friends completely.

Later, we tacitly never went out again, but we kept chatting and sharing some trivial things in life with each other, which lasted for half a year. He even went back to his hometown in Ireland to renovate his own home, and gave me pictures and text live broadcasts throughout the whole process. What I think is that it’s okay to practice English if you have nothing to do. After all, the experiences he shared are worth learning from.

Our chat is pure chat and not flirtatious, there is no ambiguity at all, and I don’t understand why he patiently chats with me. Thinking about the two chats now, he vaguely shifted the topic to ambiguous topics, for example, I remember saying: It’s raining today, it’s so cold in the room. He said: Shall I warm you up? I’m not interested in flirting with people who don’t call, and then I ignored his complaints. I guess he also knew that I couldn’t flirt and didn’t call him. Gradually, he stopped talking, and now he is still lying in the contacts.

Regarding No. 3, I don’t call him at all, but I admire him quite a lot. He has a clear mind and strong hands-on ability (as seen from his decoration of a small villa in Qingshui in the country). He has a serious and good job and fixed assets. , with a fair degree of education, and a middle-aged man of literature and art, the requirements for a love partner are also comparable. If you can’t find a suitable one, you would rather be single all the time. Occasionally meet someone pleasing to the eye and you can get along with and pass the time, but it may take a long journey to get away. I remember one time he happily shared with me that recently he finally met a more like-minded girl. I quickly congratulated him, and he said to see what the next step is, looking very cautious.

I think it is the general environment that determines his unhurried attitude towards marriage, because no one urges him and no one judges him. I believe he is also a person who believes in true love and is willing to stick to this persistence.

I think number 3 is pretty good. If I were to change it, I might suggest that the two date each other, and if it doesn’t work, we can be friends again. There is no doubt that he likes you, only … Toni
I’m a person who has an association with appearance, and I’m particular about my eyes. If I don’t like it at first sight, it’s useless later on. I’ve also tried to stop judging by appearances, but it doesn’t work… the next date will see it.

No. 3 is material for being a husband, but I am naive, I only look at my feelings and not other conditions, so I have been unable to say anything haha. He probably doesn’t like me, liking to chat with me can only mean that he is boring haha.
Sister, what did you say that you went around and got together again during this epidemic? Is it your fate that will always come back?

To be continued, the next issue will be more exciting!

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