No. 10

36 years old. Gardening technicians are blue-collar workers. Normal looks, gray hair, slightly long face, looks not my type but not annoying. But why did I mark him, because his personal information meets all the conditions of my potential dating partner, remember, it is all!
His personal information is as follows:
XX area based
A single happy man
Full-time work
No smoke/ drink
Like animals
Getting gray
A bit nerd
The following is a brief introduction, to the effect: I am a very simple person, I like a balanced life, and family and friends are the most important. In my spare time, I like to gather with family and friends, listen to music, read books, do sports, and play games.

At that time, I was not excited at all when we got a match, because I had several candidates talking, and I also had a firefighter accompanying me from time to time. My attitude towards him at the time was dispensable, but I still remember that the opening sentence I sent him was: Hi, I like nerd:). After chatting for a while, we made an appointment to meet at my favorite seaside park, The time is 5 pm. Unfortunately, there was a thunderstorm halfway through my appointment, so I sent him a message saying: The weather is not good today, why don’t we just forget it? He replied: “Look at you, I’ll be there soon. If you want to change the day, we can change it.” I felt that it would be bad to miss the appointment even if he was about to arrive, so I bit the bullet and moved closer to the destination, and I was not in a particularly good mood.

It turned out that I got there first. By this time the sky had cleared. The air is mixed with the aroma of soil, flowers, and plants, and with the breeze from the Buddha’s face, I wake up instantly. I usually like to take pictures, so I picked up my phone and started taking pictures everywhere until the 10th said he had arrived.

After I stopped taking pictures, I turned around and walked a few steps and saw him walking towards me: he had a bright smile on his face and white teeth, he was tall (187cm according to him), thin but not weak, wearing a long blue T The casual dress of T-shirt, the whole person is particularly refreshing and sunny. It’s completely different from the dead look in his photo, this is a fresh and vivid man!

My blood tank is about to overflow like a buff has been added, haha. It’s rare to meet someone who fits my fancy again, and I tell myself to take good care of it.
We greeted each other with a brief hug, and then I suggested taking a look at the scenery along the road, this is my favorite place. He said he did too, he lived nearby. Then we walked side by side, talking while walking.

I have to say that the sky was so beautiful that day. First, the dark clouds were so cool that it looked like aliens were about to visit the Earth, and then there was an extremely spectacular sunset. As I was walking, I was bluffing about why the scenery is so beautiful and the air is so fresh. I asked him if he would mind if I took a photo. He said: go for it. Then I took out my mobile phone to take pictures, and finally, I saw from the camera that he was in harmony with the beauty, and I asked him: Do you mind if I take a picture of your back? He said: I don’t mind. would love to do it. So I clicked and left this photo that I like very much.

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Looking at his picture and his smiling face, I started to get shy, and once I get shy, it was a sign that I’m attracted to others.
Then we entered the formal small talk session, and the content of our conversation was not high-level.
Me: I didn’t expect you to be so tall.
No. 10 smiled and said: It’s okay, it’s not particularly high. Occasionally play basketball. (My inner drama: love a sport, extra points)
me: really? Exercise is a good habit, who do you fight with? (Extended to ask relatives and friends)
No. 10: Friends and brothers, basically go to play once a week. (My inner drama: yo, very self-disciplined, has regular friends, and is not withdrawn, plus points)
Me: Do you have brothers? That’s great, I’m an only child.
Number 10: Well, I have two younger brothers. I am the boss. (My inner drama: the family situation has been initially clarified)
Me: Your brothers are so lucky to have a brother like you.

The next question I asked made our first meeting last nearly 3 hours.
My question is: How nerd you are? Haha. (He doesn’t look like a nerd like me, but I’m a nerd inside)

Number 10 couldn’t stop laughing, and then we started to complain about the end of Game of Thrones and talked about Japanese anime (he followed manga more than me and even followed all Naruto, and by the way, he had a Japanese girlfriend many years ago), Share about going to the comic exhibition (he said that he recently spent more than 300 dollars to buy a Grom. Hellscream figure at the comic exhibition, my groundhog screamed oh no! Quickly asked him to send me a picture, I want to see- Note: Grom.Hellscream Grom Hellscream is the chieftain of the Warsong clan in Warcraft stories).

We talked about the topic of “Warcraft warcraft” for at least half an hour, and I was so excited that I wanted to cry. Because he played World of Warcraft at about the same time as I did, about 14 years ago, and he also read most of the early Warcraft novels like me. We know that game very well, the world and character development in it. By the way, I found my first boyfriend there haha, so I have a deep feeling for Warcraft. He experienced the youth I experienced back then, and he knew how passionate and unforgettable it was. Although we were in different hemispheres, we had the same life trajectory back then, which I thought was amazing at the time.

He is also a Harry Potter fan like me, plus a fanatic Star Wars fan (I don’t like this alone), and the endless topics can’t be stopped. Before I knew it, it was getting dark, but I was in high spirits, not thirsty or hungry at all, and I saw that he was having a good chat, so we found a bench and sat down to continue chatting.

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During the period, he also asked me with concern if I wanted to eat something. I said no.
Later, I saw that it was almost 7 o’clock. I was a little hungry, but I felt that it was a bit inappropriate to go to eat, so I said: It’s a bit late, I had a good chat with you (internal drama: I have more ideas), I want to go to a nearby supermarket Buy something and go home, see you next time. He happily proposed to go to the supermarket with me and said: If you go to the supermarket to buy food, I am happy to pay, because you are far from here, I am very sorry if it is inconvenient for you to go back later (Note: I Can’t drive because I’m scared), I can pay you to call a taxi.

He brought up this detail and my favor for him increased even more, so we walked to the supermarket again. Now that I think about it, our meeting that day was exhausting. We walked for at least 7 or 8 kilometers back and forth, without drinking or eating and talking all the time. But the chemistry makes us completely forget about that.

The supermarket is near his home, so he asked me to leave and said he would go back to the bathroom, and asked me if I would go. I didn’t want to go and was a little wary, so I didn’t go. So I waited for him at the crossroads outside his house. In an instant, I was possessed by a fake photographer, took out my camera, and took this photo of the street sign. Then I sighed, the mood of love makes the street sign cute. !

Let me talk about a digression about No. 10. I met him at the end of July last year and we are still in touch. But I’m still single.

Tonight, I don’t want to update No. 10 and want to continue to indulge in the game, but I sent him a message at night about the game. After he answered patiently, he suddenly changed his style of painting and had a very serious conversation with me. (It’s not a confession, please don’t worry) I won’t spoil what the dialogue is, I should post it later.

The story on the 10th should be longer than the others, not because our dating story is still going on, but because I have a lot of confusion in it, and I hope that when I post it, you can analyze it objectively, and then give some opinions, Thanks.

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When he came out, he quickly showed me the video he just recorded for me as if offering a treasure. The content was his Groom figurine worth more than 300 Australian dollars, plus his cabinet of various figurines. I again screamed Groundhog and expressed jealousy, I said your figure is so cool, 300 dollars is worth it! At this time, I began to fantasize silently: how interesting it will be for us to be together in the future, we can eat, drink and play games together if we have such similar hobbies, and we won’t be disgusted by spending money when we go to the comic exhibition to buy figures. Thinking about it, I laughed silly all the way.

I mentioned that summer is coming and I’ve been going to the gym once or twice a week lately and my abs haven’t appeared in so long. (I am implying that I am also a positive and positive person). He went on to say that his original abdominal muscles are almost gone, and he has been working hard recently.
I squinted and said: wow, glad to hear that you had six packs before but it’s a pity that I haven’t had a chance to see it.
No. 10: It’s okay, you will come back after practicing, and you will experience it, haha. I have two yuan left now, would you like to touch it?
(Sisters, if the guy who meets me for the first time takes the initiative to touch his abs and I have no feelings for him, I will think it is a hooligan. But I opened this topic, and I have a good impression of him, So I don’t mind flirting. Do you think women have double standards sometimes?)
Of course, I didn’t touch it, I laughed and said: thanks for offering that, I’m good. You can show them off to me when you have them back.

Then we chat about what we like to eat. He said that he cooks by himself at night, which is vegetables and meat, and occasionally eats vegan (a regular diet and attention to maintenance are another bonus item). I like Chinese food, especially fried rice with seafood. I said that my cooking is average, but if I have a chance, I can try my fried rice (the signal I send is too obvious), and I am currently doing “Meatless Monday” and I also reduce my meat consumption. Protect the environment (you can see that our eating habits are very compatible, he occasionally becomes a vegetarian and I do too!)

After talking here, I found that No. 10 has no shortcomings. This person is simply my ideal version of my boyfriend! To describe it in domestic terms, this person is an affordable man, very suitable for me. No, I have to be more rational and look for his shortcomings, so I thought that the general problem of our type of nerd is that they are more addicted to games. I quit games for several years at that time, so I was fine, but through his Description, he plays most of the games of Company B, which requires a huge amount of time investment. Here I am going to confirm a question, if he is so obsessed with games, will he ignore his partner?

So I gave a real example to see his reaction from the side. I said that I have a friend who has three mobile phones, one for chatting with people in the game, and the other two for playing games. My friend can spend 10 hours a day on the game, basically never offline at home, and has almost no communication with his wife. But his wife is a traditional Chinese woman who is very tolerant of him. I said it’s okay to play games, but I can’t accept this kind of addiction, because we are all adults and have to pay, so I asked him what he thinks.

Number 10: It’s not good to be too addicted. I have friends who have the same situation.
Me: Actually, I think it’s good for boys to play games, much better than those who go to bars every day to drink or go to parties everywhere. (I’m speaking from the situation of the locals.)
Speaking of this, No. 10 is a little excited: Yes, yes, I have friends who ask me, why do you usually play games at home at night and not go out? That’s how I answered them, like drinking and partying is your hobby, I just like staying at home, this has nothing to do with you.

When I ended this topic, I didn’t get the answer I wanted. I couldn’t ask him directly: How many hours do you play games every day? How do you balance your time playing games and spending time with girls? Asking this kind of question for the first time feels too aggressive. So I marked these questions in my mind, and I will observe them later.

At the same time, I said with a feverish head: I haven’t returned to that game world for a long time, we can play together for a while when we have time.
No. 10: OK, OK, I have several computers at home, you can come to my house to play.
Me: Good idea, but I don’t have an account now, I want to play with your account.
Number 10: No problem, I have many occupations, you can choose whatever you want.
So we agreed to go to his house to play games on the second date! You see, our nerd’s way of dating is so simple, cute, and environmentally friendly. Ha ha.

After walking, my neck was super tired, because we have a height difference of 27cm, and I was still wearing flat sneakers that day, I like to look into his eyes and talk, but I have to look up at him when we walk side by side. I just said: My neck is so tired talking to you, you are too tall. He was a little embarrassed and said: I’m sorry, I don’t want to either. Then I observed that after I said this, he would look for opportunities to take the road with gaps when we were on the road, and then he chose to take the short side and let me go on the high side.
(You say, is this a warm man?!)

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