How to find a partner on dating app? How to quickly, accurately and relentlessly locate your significant other?
The version shared his thoughts on finding boyfriends and girlfriends on the dating app, and summarized a set for boys and girls respectively, helping male and female compatriots save dating costs.

Hello everyone, today I will talk about some impressions of using the dating app for more than half a year. Let me introduce myself first, I have been in the American imperial capital for the sixth year. I have been very busy, and I feel that there are too many things to play and many friends. Finding a partner is delayed. In addition, the feelings are relatively introverted, so I haven’t looked for it.

Since February, I have been downloading the dating app and dating. From not being able to chat with strangers at the beginning, to talking nonsense without knowing the depth, to understanding how to have reservations. I met more than 20 people before and after. Some I like very much, some like me very much. Some are very congenial, and some are not.
Most people are very good, but the fate did not come
. Although I still haven’t found the right person, I learned a new skill through the dating app: rock climbing, and made a good friend.

Help female compatriots save dating costs

  1. Posted on the self-introduction, or directly said that they want to have sex. (
    Don’t think that friends with sex will become regulars, it’s impossible
  2. Soon after the chat, I started chatting about coquettishness (the sweet one is fun, the bad one is hunger and thirst. See which girl is easy to get hooked.) I didn’t know the attitude of Americans at the beginning, and I was open to ask any questions at the beginning. It turns out that there are still some people like this. They don’t want to be serious. Don’t be fooled.
  3. Don’t make good contact at the beginning of the chat stage. Often no one can be found. This kind of player is not necessarily a player, but he must not be ready emotionally. May have been hurt, may not have confidence in the relationship, etc. This is how I met an ABC, and the meeting and chatting were very good. In the end, when the poster thought it should be more ambiguous, someone gave me a good person card.
  4. Don’t pay for the first date. Boys want to invest at low cost. Cast a wide net. The most direct way for boys to express their love for girls they like is to spend money.
  5. The first time to drink coffee or drink. Low cost input again. However, if you have time and feel that the various conditions are not bad, you can also go. Don’t get your hopes up though.
  6. Do not introduce you into the circle of friends. Dating apps are easier to cut all ties at once. So if he starts introducing friends to each other, that’s a huge plus. It has never been, and it can be next.
  7. For short-term travel: for dating, you can next
  8. The one who speaks foul language when they first meet, or doesn’t dress well: He doesn’t care much about his image in your heart. To put it bluntly, I didn’t pay attention to it at the beginning.
  9. Seriously late: If you like a girl, you can’t wait to see her as soon as possible. Personally, being 20 minutes late is not acceptable.
  10. He has no plans for his future, or tells you that his life is unstable. (This is actually what I summed up from my own words: If I like a little brother, I will tell him that I should plan to develop here for a long time. If I don’t like it, I will say in a few words that I think I am because of H1 or something Yes, it may be unstable, I am also looking at opportunities in China, etc. So this is unisex)
  11. The person who asks you to go to his house for the first time: Dating, don’t go.
  12. Those who directly tell you that they don’t want to fall in love: Either they don’t have the courage, or they don’t like you. No other meaning.
  13. I suddenly thought of another one: I told you that I will be on a business trip next week, and I will travel (if I contact you halfway, OK, if not, I will use this as an excuse later, and I can next)
  14. Last minute date, don’t go. It’s just to gather the number of people and relieve boredom. Interested boys will make appointments a week in advance. I ignored anyone who wanted to meet up after 10 o’clock. You know the general reason

Finally, I would like to recommend a movie to you crazy men and women:.

The most important thing about intensive dating is to protect yourself emotionally. It takes a year or more to get to know someone. So try not to get too involved at the beginning.

A couple makes a love symbol with their hands on Valentine’s Day at Hussain Sagar lake in Hyderabad, India, Friday, Feb. 14, 2020. (AP Photo/Mahesh Kumar A.)

But dating is a good way to get to know yourself. For example, I now feel good to be single again. Although I will continue to date.

Help male compatriots save dating costs

  1. All topics are initiated by you. She never made a ball. Yes, there is no doubt that she is not interested in you. You try your best to post topics, but she just says yes or no. Tired, you can next.
  2. When chatting, sometimes she will reply in seconds, and sometimes she will not see anyone for many days. There is no doubt that there are many men around her.
  3. Some male compatriots will think that this is an independent woman who proposes AA to you on the first date! No, not. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with you in the future. If you still want to pursue it hard, you must rush to pay the bill, so that there may be a little hope. If you think that’s it, then AA.
  4. She always misses appointments, or fails to make appointments no matter what. (No matter how beautiful you are, don’t waste your time)
  5. When you’re having a great conversation, you want to start getting physically closer. She started to dodge, flung away directly, or suddenly froze. This is the first time, which means that she feels that you are not that familiar yet. You need to step back a bit, don’t force it. But if it happens many times, you will never be allowed to touch it. Um. . . She resists you physically, there is no way.
  6. Those who talk about plans to dodge are obviously out of step with you. It can also be next.
  7. It has always been that you spend money to come out with you, and she will not come out without spending money on her. It’s okay if you don’t mind. . . (Personally, I usually only look at boys eating a good meal, depending on their minds. For the rest of the date, I am completely OK to eat whatever I want.)
  8. She has never seen your profile, and the questions she asks are very general. Hmm, probably just wanted to come out for a meal.
  9. Never talked about any of her family, friends. (In the early stage) You talked about it, but she also dodged to talk about other things. Not taking you to any of her friends, not introducing you to her family. Or the family relationship is particularly bad, or people are very withdrawn. Or she doesn’t want you to know about these (later) unisex ones at all. I wrote about it in another post.
  10. She directly showed her cards and said that they were friends. Decisive next, just leave good memories. If you think you can be friends with this girl, just be friends, don’t think too much about it, don’t be a licking dog. Others may be entangled and shaken at first. But in the end, you’re all tired.

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