Many bros have asked me how to get a woman to fall in love with her on a date. In the final analysis, the premise is that the other party is interested in you. Of course, having the right dating skills is essential. This is based on your social intuition, and the more social experience you have, the better you will understand this secret. The susceptibility, maturity, and emotional availability that a man can present in this process has been learned and handed down for millennia among a select few. Then I clicked directly, telling the secret, so that everyone can understand, from the shadow of the Diaoyu Island man, the good man, to become a new generation of girl masters.

1: Choose a place of comfort

Since you’re taking the initiative to ask girls, you should choose a place to date. All the itineraries should be arranged by you, and finding some comfort zones allows the other party to let down their defenses against you. This way you can get closer.

2: The chat dialogue will stop when the key points are reached

Most guys, when dating a girl, can easily fall into a situation where they get fueled by tension and then enter an endless cycle of nervousness, more talk, and even loss of control. In the process of chatting, this topic is discussed very deeply. Not only does it talk about this topic, but it cannot be diverted, and it is easy to lose control and play with yourself. Especially if you have no experience and don’t know how to plan. You have to understand that if you want a girl to give you affection, you have to get further validation from the girl during the dating process so that your attraction will work. If a girl doesn’t trust you at all, no matter how attractive you are, it’s a conversation, right?

3: The point of the chat is to talk to each other

When chatting, try not to talk about your past. No girl is going to be interested in your past from the start. The common ground is that you are interested in her, or you are originally interested. Many boys will talk about their past at the beginning, how hard-working and outstanding they are, but are girls interested in these? Focus on the other person, and chat about her interested. If you don’t know what the other person’s interests are, you can talk about food, travel, movies, etc. Girls generally like these topics very much.

4: In a leadership position

In nature, male animals always tend to dominate and lead. See it not as a burden but as a privilege as a man. This will bring you more fun. So, do things the way you like and you will make the decisions. If she doesn’t want to say no, then there are a few things you can discuss from now on.

5: Make Laughter

Love and smiles always go with it. In the traditional sense, a sense of humor has always played a very important role in those factors that make love between a man and a woman. The shared feeling of laughter will greatly reduce the distance between men and women and form an intimate relationship. Learn and exercise step by step, and keep learning from experience. Make your emotional life more interesting.

6: girls like

When you meet a girl for the first time and chat while walking, you can find chat topics from the girls’ preferences. For example, when it’s time for your date to have dinner, you say to her, “What kind of food do you usually like to eat, by the way, remember the last time you chatted, you said you like spicy food, right?”, the girl replied You can then say, “I know there is a hot pot restaurant that is super spicy, let’s go, let’s try it”.

When we are dating, we have to ask girls about their preferences from time to time and then spread the topic through her replies, and then lead girls on dates. In the same way, you can do this when watching a movie or going to an amusement park. It not only shows your concern for girls but also lets her see that you are a boy with your own opinions.

7: Family relationship

When eating or shopping, you can ask the girl’s family and ask her if she has brothers or sisters. If the girl is willing to talk about this topic with you, you should also talk to her about your family, and finally extend to your parents’ work and family relationship. come up. The biggest advantage of talking about family is that you can quickly get closer to girls. People are reluctant to talk about family with someone they don’t know very well. What you have to do is to use this topic to reduce the strangeness between you and make her feel You are a close person.

8: Travel

Whether it’s chatting online or dating, travel is always a topic worth talking about. Take the initiative to tell the girl about the tourist attractions she has visited in the past six months or a year, and share some anecdotes with her when traveling. If a girl also likes to travel, then there will be a steady stream of topics between you, let her take the initiative to share with you, and express a strong sense of interest and recognition in it. If a girl doesn’t have much time to travel, you can say to her, “There’s a place I’ve always wanted to go, and I’m planning to go there recently, so I’ll take you there when I have time”, and you can come to the scene according to the topic Vague invitation.

9: work

When dating a girl, the topic of work will inevitably be talked about, but when many boys talk about this topic, they usually ask, are you at work, what do you do, and working hours, a series of questions similar to checking your household registration. This is the case. Sometimes the way of chatting makes girls feel impatient because it is a relaxed and pleasant process for a girl to date you. We want to make her forget those tedious and stressful things in this process.

Of course, we need to talk about this topic, but we should pay attention to the way of chatting. You can simply ask the girl what job she does, then make some simple opinions on her work, and then guide the topic to your work and career, and tell the girl Why do you do this business, and your plans, sublimate the topic of work to your career plans and dreams so that you can also show girls that you are a boy with dreams.

10: hobbies

You can ask girls what they like to do when they are not working, and where they like to go to play. Share your spare time, hobbies, and hobbies with the girl, and let her know that you have a rich life, not a boy who just stays at home and plays games. When you understand her life, hobbies, and habits, it will also be convenient for you to invite her next time.

11: Emotional experience

This topic must not be discussed at the beginning. We must always judge the chat status when we are dating a girl. If the girl is willing to output the topic to you at that time, we must touch it.

Talking about the emotional experience is very easy to touch a girl’s heart. In the beginning, you can tell a girl about interesting things in your school time, take the initiative to tell her the embarrassing things that happened with the girl you liked at that time and guide the girl to share her emotional experience. Once the girl The original intention is to open this topic to you, and the relationship between you can easily get closer. On the contrary, once you touch her rashly, the girl will instinctively resist and resist.

If a girl is resistant to this topic, no matter how hot your chat was before, stop the discussion immediately and just change the topic.

Well, there are also many brothers who privately message Xiao Yuan, hoping that I can recommend some good places for dates to them.

After all, eating, shopping, and watching movies is boring.

I can’t tell girls’ tastes when I eat, it’s too tiring to go shopping, and two people can’t communicate with each other while watching movies. I worry about my brothers. So I searched through various small books and watched various small films.

I have painstakingly sorted out several holy places for dating that can enhance your relationship.

The place to show off your boyfriend’s power

Best places: VR experience hall, room escape experience hall, or playground.

These places with high on-site energy can interact with girls and quickly get closer.

The level of energy is the watershed for whether you can quickly heat your relationship with girls when you are dating.

Come on, close your eyes, and imagine with me.

You’re in a tense and exciting place with her in the dim light, you look at her and she looks at you.

She said to you: “Oh, I’m so scared~”

You said, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here!”

Then you rely on your impressive intelligence and overwhelming boyfriend power to defeat the evil dragon, escape with your little princess, and start a happy life.

Um? Why does it feel weird?

In short, these places will allow you to have more interaction with girls.

Because many links require your cooperation to complete.

When you are frightened, hold her hand tightly to give her strength; when you are nervous, touch her head to comfort her.

Then girls will instantly feel that your shoulders are two meters wide, and your sense of security is so strong that it is dazzling.

Here I want to talk to my brothers about the drawbridge effect, the tense and heart-pounding environment will greatly affect how girls feel about you.

What? You said you want to take a kitchen knife to force others to fall in love with you. Hey, Uncle Policeman, there’s a bad guy up here doing bad things.

Our physical responses often influence how we mentally respond to and interpret the world.

Then it further affects our feelings and actions, so what exactly does the suspension bridge effect mean?

Suspension bridge effect: It means that when a person crosses the suspension bridge with fear, his heartbeat will involuntarily speed up. And at this time, she happens to be with a person of the opposite sex, and she will misunderstand the rapid heartbeat caused by this situation as the other person makes her heart beat, thus creating a feeling of love.

Goodwill is caused by dopamine in the brain. Going to scary or exciting places will increase the secretion of this substance in the brain, resulting in the illusion of love.

Make the other person mistakenly think that their physical reactions are caused by being with you.

Therefore, places that are scary or exciting are the best places to cultivate love.

Show your talents

Best location: mini KTV

It is the kind of small KTV that is often seen in shopping malls and supermarkets, the kind that can usually only seat two people.

Because the space of the mini KTV is very limited, the distance between you and the girls is unconsciously shortened due to the constraints of the environment.

At the same time, you also have the opportunity to make more eye contact and physical contact with girls.

Music is the best tool that can melt people’s rationality. When the atmosphere is here, are you still afraid that she won’t fall in love with you?

The premise is that you try to prepare a few songs that are acceptable to you, and you don’t want to leave immediately when you open your mouth.

Because after all, not everyone looks good and sings well like me, it is so perfect that there are no shortcomings, haha…

Remember not to show off! Express your charm and talent appropriately. Remember, this is not your concert.

Why choose here, because everything here is based on your interaction with her.

Don’t just give me a paragraph as soon as you come up: I’m drunk with one person, and the drunk makes the beautiful woman into a pair, and the two eyes follow each other alone, I only hope that they can return in the future.

A proper love song is the safest bet, and even better if the lyrics have a line or two that hints at her.

You sang affectionately, she listened infatuatedly, and then you looked at her affectionately, ah, this picture is so beautiful that I dare not look at it.

All you think of are bitter love songs. It’s okay, I have a few recommendations for you:

Sing this song for you, there is no style, it just means I want to give you happiness

Dear in love with you, love diary, memories of fragrance

Small dimples and long eyelashes are irredeemably charming

If your singing is really bad, then don’t go to these places, because it will only expose your shortcomings. (Hahaha)

Let you understand her better

Best location: supermarket or home store

You don’t have to go to a very romantic place for a date. A place full of life like this is also a good choice.

You can test whether girls are consistent with your values, consumption outlook, life preferences, and habits.

These more down-to-earth places are easy to plant expectations for girls, and it can also make you feel that each other is affecting each other’s lives.

For example, if you see an accessory, you can ask her if you like it.

If she likes it, you can buy it and hang it up at home, thus suggesting to her that you are willing to make your life the way she likes it.

If you can show that although my body is still shopping with you in the supermarket, my mind is already thinking about where to put our baby’s bed, and she accepts your state.

In addition, you can also understand the various preferences of girls. The more you know, the more targeted you will be. Only in the process of dating later can you prescribe the right medicine and successfully tease (put down) girls!

If you want to have a good dating experience with girls, you must try new dating projects and don’t always go to the old routine of eating, shopping, and watching movies.

Girls are animals that pursue novelty.

She wants to agree to your date because she hopes to get closer to each other, so she must choose carefully.

After all, this will reflect your importance to girls, and it can also show your charm.

Today’s dry goods are shared here. I hope it can help brothers who are confused on the road to love. If you want to learn more love knowledge, pay attention to Xiaoyuan. I will share more love skills regularly (the above are just personal opinions, no bad boot)


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