Many women often tell me that sometimes in the social network, it is hard to meet a man who is pleasing to the eye, and they have a good impression of him. But the two have chatted for several months, but they still dare not meet each other.

On the one hand, I am worried that after the two parties see each other, there will be a sense of the gap between reality and the Internet, which is what we commonly call death in sight.

On the other hand, I was even more worried about the embarrassment when I was dating the other party. In the end, the relationship between the two of them ended like this, and it became the last meeting.

I understand women’s anxiety very well, but I don’t think these things need to be overly worried.

A lot of times we go on dates for someone who likes you, not for someone who isn’t interested in you. If he doesn’t have feelings for you, then you can just change him, and I hope you can put your mind right.

On the other hand, since you are going on a date, it is useless to think too much. The key is to have the ability to attract the other party so that you can firmly grasp the man’s heart through the first meeting during the date!

Below I will teach you six very practical dating tips, I hope you can take a serious look.

  1. Lead the other party to invest in emotion

When dating, many women are always easily led by men. Do whatever the man tells you to do, and become a subordinate role, which will only make you look cheap.

When dating, you should know how to turn your back on the customer and let the man cater to your opinions and ideas.

For example, when you are on a date, you can arrive a little later and let him wait for you for a few more minutes. As long as a man is interested in you, he will wait for you willingly. Or, you can deliberately ask him to help you carry things so that he can get more involved and establish more intersections with you.

Arouse the other person’s feelings

In psychology, the attraction between the opposite sex is mostly based on the psychology of evolution. In ancient times, if there was a feeling between a man and a woman, they would do some specific actions, which would cause a chemical reaction of love between the two parties.

Therefore, here, you can constantly awaken the other party’s love for you through body language and micro-expressions.

For example, when you are on a date, you can stare at him for a few seconds, then gently bite your lips, or you can deliberately touch your neck with your hands.

Young man giving flowers to his girlfriend outdoor.Image is intentionally toned.

Believe me, when a man sees your actions like this, he will become even crazier.

Verbal hints

Sometimes, when you are dating, if you don’t verbally give a certain hint to the boy, the boy may mistakenly think that you are not interested in him.

When a man feels that you will not give him a chance, then he will start to lose interest in you, because he feels that you will not give him a chance.

Therefore, sometimes you need to give some steps to the other party so that the man will pay more attention to you.

For example, you can say to him: “I think you are different from other men, you are quite special.”

Clever use of transition strategies

To cultivate relationships, dating should not be too clichéd and don’t simply press the road with each other to eat and watch movies.

Sometimes you need to create more plots to make the other party feel attached to you.

From the perspective of hypnosis, if you have been to many different scenes with a person in a short time, it will create an illusion of a long-standing acquaintance with the other person.

Therefore, when you are dating, you might as well suggest to him more and go shopping elsewhere, which can create more intimacy between you.

Five, know how to accept

One principle must be followed, especially during the first few dates, don’t make it too easy for the other party to catch up.

You know, for men, women who are not available are always the best. They tend to cherish the girl they have worked so hard to get more.

Therefore, you must control your emotions at the happiest moment of dating the other party and don’t fall in love all at once.

You have to leave in time and propose to go home early, which will make the man have an endless aftertaste.

Create unpredictability

Sometimes, in front of men, don’t let yourself appear too obedient. This will only make you appear naive and boring, and it will also make men completely lose their sense of conquest.

In the interaction with him, if the other party advances too fast or is too eager, you need to push him away a little at this time or reject him, which will make him more fascinated by you.

Of course, if the other party is a little discouraged, you can give him a little sweetness at this time and draw his attention back a little bit.

Only with the cooperation of this kind of skill, men will have strong emotional fluctuations. He will find it very difficult to chase you, and if he catches you, he will feel that it is a blessing from his three lifetimes of cultivation.

All in all, there are ways to fall in love, and love often has traces to follow. In relationships, don’t wait foolishly, sometimes when it’s critical, you still have to know how to take the initiative.

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