Let me tell you about dating today. First of all, the preparation before dating, then the most important point is undoubtedly the creation of your image. The hairstyle is also half of a man’s face. Okay, then your dressing must be to find the most handsome outfit in your closet, at least before you go on a date with a girl, you can have more than three outfits in your head that can be carefully prepared. An outfit for a date.

Why more than three sets, because you have to be prepared to have a second or third date with her in the future, and even more dates may appear. Of course, if you have enough dating skills and have learned a lot of flirting skills, you may not need the second and third dates at all. Then there is another point that the most important thing in our life is shoes. Shoes must be kept clean. If you have worn them for a year or so, they may look very worn out, so don’t wear them on a date. There is also the wearing of some accessories, I believe it has been mentioned in other articles, for example, you want to wear a watch, for example, do you have a necklace or a bracelet or a ring that matches this outfit? wear.

I used to be very introverted, and I would blush when talking to girls, let alone talk about girlfriends. As a result, I was still single at the age of 25. Later, I told my friends that I would become a pickup artist, but no one believed it. Me, after 7 years of changes, now I am surrounded by no less than a hundred girls, each more upright than the other, singing and dancing every night, I have written a book about my many years of experience in picking up girls—Stupid Boy Picking Up Girls. If you guys want to read it and want to change and improve yourself through learning, you can check the Internet and there is an e-book, and you can share it selflessly. How much you can learn from me depends on your hard work. I wish you all the best.

The second point is mental preparation. Many brothers still have dating fear before dating, which causes them to speak badly, have dry mouths, and even pale. This kind of brother may have ordinary dating experience. Too few, I suggest that you cheer yourself up in front of the mirror more, or contact me more to communicate. Once you open your heart and communicate more, you will find that your mind will become much more relaxed! Then there is another technique that we just discovered, but it is still very useful in the case of the fear of dating before a date. It is to do more exercise to let yourself move quickly, and then sweat on your body. In this case, You’ll find that you seem less nervous, but it’s still a matter of relieving your pre-date fears with a lot of practice dating.

Okay, so the next thing we are going to talk about is the choice of dating location, so usually, you have to avoid the following dating locations first and watch a movie as the first dating occasion when you meet for the first time. The second one, such as eating, should be avoided as much as possible. Why put it on the first date? Because these two occasions are not very convenient for you to communicate and get to know each other. Instead, coffee shops, dessert shops, or milk tea shops are more suitable for you as the first occasion for your first date. Everyone remembers that this is the first date. The first occasion, why? Because when you just meet, do you want to chat with each other and get to know each other, instead of two strangers sitting here watching a movie without talking when they first meet, it will look awkward!

Okay, so as the second occasion of the first date, you can choose to go to the movies or have a meal at this time, because there is a foundation for chatting on the first occasion of the first date, so let’s go next Watching movies without being awkward or abrupt. Okay, so what I’m going to say next is that a lot of guys are dating and already thinking about where I’m going to take her next, and then a lot of people tell her at the end of the date, at the end of the occasion, let’s go watch a movie, right? And even if the girl agrees to you to book tickets at this time, and then waits for half an hour, the girl will think that you are not assertive, or that you have not arranged the appointment very well, so the correct operation must be Before the first date is in progress, or is about to end, tell this girl in advance what we are going to do later!

Instead of the first date being over, tell her what we’re going to do next. The third point to talk about is the transition. So the necessity of her in dating can be seen in the transition, what does it mean? You can hardly escalate a relationship with a girl in a coffee shop, right? It must be the end of the day, or in the afternoon, you went to drink coffee, then transferred from the coffee shop to this restaurant, and then transferred to the movie theater after eating. This is called a transition, so why do you need to do such a thing? Then when you are drinking coffee, the environment is very quiet, and it is very comfortable for everyone to chat and talk, or in an afternoon with sunshine, the atmosphere is relatively relaxed, then it may be noisy when you go to eat, and everyone is very hungry at this time, then you When you go to the movies, no one talks, the sound is all from the speakers in the movie theater, and then you are immersed in the current plot. What I want to say is that we are on different occasions, your vision, your sense of touch, your sense of hearing, and your emotions are even changing.

Change, so what’s the only thing that hasn’t changed? The only thing that hasn’t changed is the two of you. It is the two of you who have gone through these changes together, so once a woman changes emotionally, she will like you, so why many people are willing to take girls to haunted houses and playgrounds to bring girls, because these two This occasion is more likely to arouse a woman’s emotional changes, so these two dating occasions are quite scheming. Many brothers asked again, what if the girl refuses to agree when you propose a transition? To put it bluntly, when she refuses to agree, no matter what reasons and excuses she gives, she usually denies you as a person, which means that you failed the first meeting and interview, and you did not meet her standards. So she doesn’t want to go to the next occasion with you, and she doesn’t want to go to the movies with you, which is a waste of her time to put it cruelly.

Therefore, everyone doesn’t need to recognize this point. The most important thing is to find out where you made mistakes and what you did not do well during this date. A lot of dudes get out of date, even if they don’t behave well,

The fourth point is to talk about what Jinno is, that is, you have some physical touch with a woman. So the principle of spacing first is called from the least sensitive to the most sensitive parts, which parts are the least sensitive, such as shoulders, right? Insensitive, right? You even tap women on the shoulder from behind when you strike up a conversation, maybe that happens, right? But a woman doesn’t feel it’s offensive, and she doesn’t feel violated, because this part is safe and insensitive, but it’s weird if you touch someone else’s waist, and others will think you’re molesting others, so follow such a rule In principle, then we have a big camera step by hand. The first step is the head, the second step is to hug the waist, the third step is to embrace the fourth step, and the fifth step is to think for yourself.

The last piece I want to touch on is the topic of dating. So for many brothers, this is a very difficult problem for him, and if he doesn’t know what to talk about, it is easy to be awkward and awkward. When the two of them are not talking, the air suddenly becomes quiet, right? Your embarrassment has happened again, so at this time we need a lot of topics to fill your date and you have to change scenes, you need a lot of topics. Well, generally speaking, we have some topics, which are of interest to women. If you talk about these topics, the first one is called food.

First of all, you need to know some of your local delicacies and some of your favorite foods. Maybe a girl will ask you, what is your favorite food, and you may have to think about your favorite food for a long time. At this time, it will be very Embarrassing, then you should try to blurt out that’s my words, I will say that I like hot pot the most, crayfish, and so on, then you can talk about hot pot crayfish, I can say that I still remember that I just went to Sichuan At that time, right, the first meal I ate was hot pot. It made me cry immediately, but I gradually got used to it. I feel very greedy and mouth-watering if I don’t eat it for two or three meals a week. Greedy, right? This is a normal way of chatting. When it comes to hot pot, you can continue to extend some of your preferences for hot pot with her. For example, I used to go back to my hometown, right? I just wanted to eat hot pot, but I found that the hot pot at home didn’t feel very authentic, so I tried it. Although they are all called Sichuan hot pots, the taste changes when you eat them.

Then I tried almost all the hot pot restaurants on that street and found that the Sichuan hot pot was opened in other places, and the taste changed. Then only when I return to Sichuan after the Chinese New Year, and when I return to Chengdu, can I eat authentic Sichuan hot pot. It’s these topics and other food. If you don’t pay much attention to food, I suggest that you watch some variety shows, such as China on the Bite of Your Tongue, and Nicholas Tse’s one. The program is called Twelve Dao Feng Wei. These variety shows are a plus for getting to know some food specialties and chatting with girls.

The second topic is some breeds of pet cats and dogs, some characteristics, and the difference between cats and dogs. For example, cats are more clean, and you don’t have to sneak around. Just keep them at home every day. Dogs are more troublesome and messy. Messy pee, right? If you say that you have a large dog and you still have to walk the dog every day, well, what other topics are there, such as gossip about tourism, variety shows, and entertainment stars, and then do constellations first, which is also a big topic that girls like to learn about, and then in turn By analogy, when you talk about these topics with a girl, if you can talk eloquently, the girl thinks that boys are different, and the topics she likes happen to be what I like, then this coincidence will also create an interesting feeling for her. The feeling of fate.

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