The best part of life is being together with you

Whether it’s a blind date, an offensive to the person you like, or other forms of dating. Maybe you have to face the embarrassment of being speechless, just like the lyrics: I am afraid that the air will suddenly be quiet! The two could only look at each other and smile awkwardly, or find a reason to leave in a hurry, leaving the party who initiated the date with a wry smile without words. No need to say anything, this date has ended without a problem, failed! Just like looking for a job, with the same salary, we are more willing to work for a company with a higher level of comfort. The same goes for dating. Participating in a date with a higher level of comfort will make the other party feel happier, increase the favorability of the person who initiates the date, and the possibility of two people being together will increase. Prepare a date with high quality and high comfort. , A date with a high success rate needs to be prepared from the three aspects of weather, location, and people. Don’t be too cumbersome, after all, your efforts are directly proportional to your gains! Everyone likes beauties and handsome guys, so how come no one pursues someone who can make you take the initiative to initiate a date? See the real chapter for details! Believe in your vision, and please believe that hard work pays off! Now let’s start sharing dry goods, if you think it is useful to you, don’t forget to like and collect.

The best part of life is being together with you


Do the right thing at the right time. In ancient wars and marches, the weather is very important, so important that it can affect the success or failure of a battle! During World War II, when Germany attacked Stalingrad in the Soviet Union, it was not defeated by advanced weapons, but by cold weather. Fortunately, it was precisely because of the failure of this battle that World War II was reversed, and justice Only when one side wins in the end can we win peace! In our dating, the role of weather is also not to be underestimated. Proper use will also play a role in getting twice the result with half the effort.

1. Putting the appointment in the evening will achieve better results than at noon. Why? In the evening, after a day of work, I hope to relax physically and mentally, and a perfect date happens to be able to properly relax my tense body and mind.

2. Dating schedules are more satisfying when it’s raining than when it’s sunny, and while good weather puts people in a good mood, you ask her out at this time to put him in a good mood. At this time, it can only play the role of icing on the cake. Although the rainy weather makes people feel bad, asking out the other party when the other party is in a bad mood will make him feel better. As for the effect of icing on the cake and giving charcoal promptly, I don’t need to talk about it!

3. The weather does not necessarily have to be given the meaning of weather conditions and time nodes. It can also refer to the other party’s mood, health status, etc., to cheer her up when she is in a bad mood, and to ask for warmth when she has a cold and fever. It is what we should pay attention to. Posting about feeling unwell in the circle of friends is a signal for those who are interested in taking action quickly.

Good location

In a successful date, the choice of the date location occupies a huge proportion, how important is it? It’s like the props used in performing magic, just like the role of special effects in science fiction blockbusters. Choose the right place for the date, and everything you do later will get twice the result with half the effort! Choosing the wrong location is going to get twice the result with half the effort. As for how to choose a date location, it can be divided into the personality of the person to be invited to determine the location of the date, the taste of the person to be invited to determine the location of the date and the customs and taboos of the person to be invited to determine the location of the date. Also, don’t forget to prepare the second plan, prepare well, but don’t target. Careful nothing bad!

One: Decide where to date based on the personality of the person you are inviting

1. Extroverted personality: This kind of personality often likes an open dating environment, doesn’t like to be restrained, and doesn’t like to wrong oneself to adapt to others. The result of this date is not up to expectations! Take her to a hot pot city with a comfortable environment, eat hot pot, and drink beer. Or go to have a barbecue, it will be in the heart of the emperor!

2. Introverted: don’t like trouble, live in peace! You can take her to an emotional cafe, a Western restaurant, or a nearby university campus for a quiet cup of milk tea and a stroll around the playground. The most important thing is that the other party likes it, not that you think he likes it!

3. Gentle personality: invite her to a park full of flowers, take her to a bookstore with fragrant books and ink, or take her to a museum with a strong sense of history! Even for dinner, you can also take her to themed restaurants with such characteristics. These places can arouse her inner feelings, so there is no reason for her not to favor you!

4. Romantic personality: French restaurants in Western restaurants are more suitable for her, because French people pay more attention to romance, and the environment and atmosphere inside can make her feel more happy!

Two: Decide where to date based on the taste of the person you’re inviting

1. Strong taste: Strong taste means that you like spicy and salty food. Sichuan cuisine is the first choice for this kind of taste. Sichuan cuisine is spicy and delicious, and Chongqing cuisine is also acceptable.

2. Light taste: Shanghai local cuisine and Anhui cuisine restaurants are also good choices.

Three: Decide where to date according to the customs and taboos of the invitee

1. No one is high or low. What I mean by identity is the ethnic habit of the other party. For example, the Hui people do not eat pork, and the Tibetans do not eat fish and other ethnic habits.

2. Be sure to understand the invitee’s eating habits, allergies, taboos, etc. If the invitee arrives at the dating place and finds that the invitee is allergic or taboo, it may be a bit hasty to change temporarily.

Four: The importance of alternative locations

If you arrive at the date location but find that there is no room, or the date location is closed due to unexpected circumstances, but there is no alternative plan at this time, I am afraid that the image in the heart of the other party will be greatly reduced! Therefore, if you choose the first option, please don’t forget to prepare the second option or even the third option. Only in this way can you show your maturity and carefulness, and people tend to prefer such people.

People who can see here prove that you are a person who is eager and capable of initiating a date with quality and comfort. I wish you a successful date and creation is not easy. Please move your fingers and give a like, thank you very much, and then continue to share dry goods for you!


This article is the top priority of this article, please contact me for commercial use, otherwise, you will not be able to use it. Non-commercial, please indicate the source, thank you. No more nonsense, the role of the right time and place is to pave the way! After all, the point of dating is people, and harmony is the key. There is no peace, it is all empty talk! And what does human harmony include? We explain people and harmony from the following aspects, including the importance of dressing, the importance of ritual sense, the importance of souvenirs and how to choose souvenirs, the importance of girlfriends and good friends of the invitee, and dating etiquette The importance of love, how to behave after a date, etc. to tell the importance of people and harmony!

One: People depend on clothes, and horses depend on saddles. The importance of attire

1. Clean and tidy dress may not make the other party fall in love with you, but at least it will not dislike you because of it. The importance of the first meeting can determine 90% of your success or failure. Once you see you, you will stay. Good impression, can you still have a future? The answer is yes, there is only one result, goodbye!

2. How to choose clothes? Suits and leather shoes are a bit too formal, and home clothes are a bit too casual. It is recommended to choose comfortable and natural clothes and match clothes according to seasons and dating venues. Wear long clothes and trousers in summer, and short-sleeved shorts in winter. Let alone whether it looks good or not, the other party must first suspect your IQ problem! So please follow the guidelines that conform to the public’s aesthetics, fit comfortably, and wear naturally

3. Don’t talk about how expensive your clothes are, how good they are, etc. nonsense that no one wants to hear when others praise you for being well-dressed out of politeness. Of course, if you are asking girls, take the opportunity to strike up a conversation and ask for a number. There is no way to say it!

Two: Do not forget the sense of ritual when dating!

Girls are emotional, and they don’t need a sense of ritual in their hearts all the time, so please emphasize the existence of a sense of ritual when dating, and it is a sense of ritual that does not make the other party feel embarrassed. Don’t implement those crappy ideas. Of course, first of all, You have to go through your test. If you don’t agree with it in your heart, then the ending is doomed and failure is inevitable. If you don’t want to initiate a failed date, start by changing your heart.

Three: The importance of souvenirs and how to choose souvenirs

1. Women like surprises, of course, and boys like them too, but straight men are always unresponsive, so when dating, don’t forget to bring some souvenirs to give to each other, the favorability will increase rise! As for the choice of gifts, it is best to choose what you like. At this time, don’t forget to learn more from the middleman. Only by knowing yourself and the enemy can you win every battle! How can you be invincible if you count with your mind and no mind? So it is very important to prepare an ingenious souvenir.

2. Choice of souvenirs: Flowers for beauties, BMWs for heroes! Choose the right gift according to the personality of the other party. If you are outgoing, you can send something related to sports. The introverted, a best-selling romance novel, or a magical science fiction novel are all fine. Gentle and gentle, flowers will arouse her little feelings. For the romantic type, a beautifully packaged retro postcard may not fail to win the favor of the other party! Although giving gifts, the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees wisdom. But there are still traces to follow.

Four: The importance of the invitee’s girlfriends and good friends

1. We must have heard the allusion to the fire at the city gate and the fish in the pond. After all, helping you succeed may not be of much help, but it is much easier to destroy your affairs! So don’t ignore your girlfriends or good friends around the other party. Give them small favors, and the rewards may exceed your imagination.

2. What needs to be reminded is that although the importance of the other party’s girlfriends and good friends cannot be underestimated, it must be grasped to a degree, otherwise it will not be good to cause unnecessary trouble! As for what it means, just click on the end. After all, the object of your attention is her, not her best friend or good friend. If you arouse her unnecessary suspicion, the loss outweighs the gain!

Five: The importance of dating etiquette

1. Etiquette is a comprehensive manifestation of accomplishment and family education, so please be sure to abide by the necessary table manners, please use serving chopsticks for serving dishes, the principle of women first, and the embodiment of CD-ROM actions (package if you can’t finish eating, it’s not that you must take everything to eat all the dishes) and other table manners.

2. The etiquette of speech and behavior, when dealing with disputes, it is not necessary to fight for who is right and who is wrong. Please keep in mind that even if you win, you also lose.

Six: How to behave after a date

1. The performance of a gentleman is consistent. Don’t waste all your efforts after a good start, but because of a bad ending

2. It needs to be emphasized that some people have erroneous views. They think that a successful date will have a good result. I think a successful date paves the way for you to ask out the other party next time. Once the basics are settled, other things cannot be expected. Some people force the other party to make a choice or answer after a happy date. Sorry, everything you’ve done upfront is pointless, and you’ve lost the opportunity to follow up.

3. It is king when things come to fruition. A successful date with a high level of comfort will give you the chance to make an appointment with the other party next time. After all, people seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. If you make him feel comfortable, why would he say no to your invitation?

4. When sending the other party home or getting in the car, you must show your gentleman or lady side. It is estimated that the other party should be home, so call her or send a message to express your concern, which will make the other party feel your care and reliability.

All preparations are made to make the initiated date a success and to increase the pleasure and comfort of the other party. Finally, reach the success rate of the dating initiator! I wish you success in dating, happiness, and success in your career.

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