Do you know the stages of dating in the United States? What can be done at each stage? See what all-powerful netizens have to say!

Phase one, Knowing Each Other

You may be classmates at school, you may meet through friends’ gatherings (not necessarily a drunk party), you may also meet through work, or Online Dating (not necessarily bad), all kinds of ways Yes, it depends on where your fate is.

Phase Two, Ask Her Out

After the meeting, if a boy is interested in a girl, he will probably ask for her mobile phone indirectly through a friend, and then start to try to call her out to play alone (really called out to play), if the change is not big, you can ask friends for help. Organize several events. In this way, there were many comings and goings, and a single-line connection between the two was established, at least they became friends. Specific things to do, such as drinking coffee, skating, watching movies, eating (very casual), watching concerts… If a friend of the same sex asks you at this stage, you will say I’m seeing someone~ I’m still used to it Shrugging shoulders sexually (picture sense!)

The third stage, the Date

Suddenly one day, a movie scene appeared, and a boy would ask the girl with a confused face, Can I ask you out for dinner? Then the girl would respond with a surprised face, Is this a DATE?? Yes, don’t be Confused by the boy’s language, he just wanted to ask that girl out formally. This is a Date.

In the movie Stuck in Love, when Lou was dating Sam, he said, I wanna take you out properly. Then the camera turned, and the two sat in a very fancy restaurant for dinner. The boys were basically in suits and leather shoes, and the girls must be well-dressed. Each of them had a glass of red wine. , and had a good chat. This may be the most different part of domestic love. All chasing girls will go through such a link unless you meet a very individual girl who doesn’t like this at all.

After eating this kind of meal a few times, you will know whether this boy is your type. If you don’t like it, you can stop this “relationship” or directly reject his invitation. If you still like him, continue to get along with him.

What needs to be explained is that theoretically at this stage, several people can be dated at the same time, as long as you are busy.

The fourth stage, Exclusively Dating/Boyfriend & Girlfriend

The turning point from the third stage to the fourth stage often occurs in Kiss After Date, right right, back to American dramas and movies. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that after one kiss, you will switch to boyfriend and girlfriend, but everyone will regard a kiss as a matter. So you often see a girl in an American TV series who is kissed, and when she comes back, she will be excited or panicked and yell to her girlfriend, OMGHe KISSED me!!!!! So what do you feel? Are you comfortable? Are you serious about this relationship? Do you wanna go further? What about him? Blablabla.

Maybe there will be a talk between the two of you, or maybe there won’t be one, but once it’s confirmed, the two of you will be officially boyfriend and girlfriend. If you date someone else, you will die. From the third stage to the fourth stage, there is no big language difference. You will say I’m dating someone. The only difference is that when you introduce someone to a friend, the third stage does not have a Title, you can only say This is XXX, but there will be multiple titles in the fourth stage, This is my boyfriend XXX. It is to plant a flag, this student has his own.

As for when to say Love, Americans attach great importance to this word. Although old couples often say it, once lovers say I love you/I fall in love with you, it is very, very emotional. Just this sentence can be regarded as one of the milestones in the relationship between two people.

Another milestone is moving in together, which is what we often call Move in, which is also a sign that two people plan to get along for a long time and even consider getting married. Some parents require their daughters not to live together until they are engaged, and some religions do not allow them to live together until they get married. This also varies from person to person.

The fifth stage, Getting Serious/Committed

From falling in love to starting to think about getting married, the time spent by each couple is different, just like the long-distance love running and flash marriage in China, it all depends on the individual situation. But once you start discussing marriage, or even put it on the agenda, the first thing to do is to inform your family. The process can vary from religion to culture, and even from family to family.

It is very common in the United States that before a boy proposes, he needs to ask the girl’s father for permission, which is similar to the girl’s parents asking for permission in China. If a boy wants to give a girl a surprise, he has to find an opportunity to ask the girl’s father alone. I once helped my best friend’s boyfriend plan this matter, so I took the girl out to go shopping, and then created some time for the two men to talk, and later confessed that I was the culprit after they got engaged. So when some girls hear the question Will you marry me, their first reaction is not to say Yes or No, but to ask You asked my dad, right? Did he permit you?


Sometimes we also see boys directly proposing marriage in American dramas. I want to talk about the effect of the show~ If I spend more time asking, two more episodes will be released.

Finally, let me add the part about sex, which is entirely about personal principles and religious beliefs. You can sleep with a boy you don’t know at a drunken Party, or you can wait until you get married before you have sex, such as devout Christianity and most Mormons. If you want to live a rotten life, which is not a problem, we also have a sea and sky feast. If you want to be faithful to your partner, you can keep it until the wedding night, it is completely your personal choice.

As for how to propose, get engaged, and get married, I will answer when I see similar questions. It’s just about dating culture, and I’m doing my due diligence.


Steps in falling in love:

1) The first hangout

Hang out and date are a bit silly and difficult to distinguish clearly because when two people first meet, it is difficult to tell whether they are dating or playing together~ But generally, a date is more likely to hold hands/boys pay bills/hug waist / Nan Sen lightly stroked his back, such an ambiguous movement (cough cough, don’t think about it crookedly).

1) Seeing -> dating

Generally in the United States, a hangout between two people who have a slight crush on dating is called seeing. “Weare seeing each other.” It means that the two of us have a little more hangouts than friends, or hangouts that are oriented to wanting to communicate, but we haven’t liked each other that much. Of course, after seeing for a while, both of them feel good about each other, then they can date! And seeing many people at the same time is generally no problem.

2) Dating

It’s finally here! Two people have established that they both have a crush on each other, and they will say things like “I like you”, and there will be very intimate behaviors, which is the more obvious “in love”. At this time, whether to date multiple people at the same time depends on the individual, and it is also possible in principle because the principle of the US emperor is that there is no principle. But according to my experience, if you like each other and want to develop sincerely, one-on-one is better. This will show that you are sincere, and then let the other person know “I gave up a lot of other people for you, I like you!”

3) Ask a girl out (relationship)

Ask a girl out not only means to ask a girl out but also means to ask a girl to be his girlfriend. (Learn how and sell now)

American culture has a very relaxed attitude towards communication, so this also creates a lot of ambiguous and vague areas between dating and love. But don’t worry, if a boy wants to be serious with you, as long as you tell him that you are stupid and don’t know the rules of love in the United States, he will generally make these things clear and will not make you feel insecure.


So when it’s about the same time, a boy should ask you if you want to be his girlfriend, it’s probably the same.

About the timeline of the steps:

The difference from the domestic ones is that the boys/girls in the US are generally very strict about the relationship, so it is rare to commit to a serious relationship after dating for a few days or holding hands. I used to think that American boys don’t commit easily because they are not serious about their relationship. Later, I found out that taking relationship so seriously is a way of being responsible to each other, because relationship means more responsibility than dating, and it also needs time. Accumulated deeper feelings. In other words, relationships based on a crush (love at first sight, falling in love with someone without knowing them well, usually for a short period) are not so reliable, because after all, what can be crushed is relatively superficial things, such as looks La…

So, it will take time to enter a relationship, so don’t rush it. And many people don’t know whether they want to enter into a serious relationship with the other party at the beginning, so what I recommend now is to first observe whether the other party is a sincere person, because it is really important to directly ask the other party if you want a serious relationship It’s too hasty. The most important thing is that two people are happy together, as long as you think the other party is reliable, the timeline is very different from person to person.

Regarding sexual intercourse/physical contact:

Americans quote a certain uncle about physical contact: “Holding hands is something that 6-year-old children will do in dating, and kissing is a dating icon for teenagers…” So holding hands and kissing does not mean so much as in China, but it is It means that they have some kind of affection for you.

Americans are very…casual when it comes to sex. They can have sex if both of them agree. There is nothing to be responsible for afterward. And everyone will wear a hat, and they can ask a question along the way: “STD and HIV?” Generally, the first time you meet and hook up is called hit on, if you successfully hook up and kiss me, it’s called makeout, and if you have sex with someone, it’s called hookup. Moreover, sex can only mean that the other party had a good impression of you at that time, and has nothing to do with anything else. Of course, girls still must take good contraceptive measures to do good contraceptive measures!

Dating tips:

1) Boldly hang out with the other party (on the premise that the other party is not a bad person)! Two people chat, talk about recent fun things, and get to know each other’s personality and what the other person usually likes to do. Don’t have the idea that you have to go out with the other party once alone, just make friends and be normal. Of course, if you like the other person very much, dressing up is a courtesy and a way of showing your heart.

2) Communicate but respect each other’s opinions. If you want to have a good relationship, you must ask the other party’s thoughts clearly and don’t speculate on your own, but at the same time, it is best not to put pressure on the other party and respect each other’s choices. There is no benevolence and righteousness in business!

3) Be sure to set a bottom line for yourself. For example, if I care about sex, please set a bottom line to avoid regret, because the average American boy has more experience in dating than the average Chinese boy, so accidentally crossing the bottom line by being too romantic leads to regret and dissatisfaction If you’re happy, it’s not very good for dating 🙁

4) Happiness is the most important thing. If a relationship brings you more negative energy than positive energy, please don’t feel that giving up is an unacceptable thing.

5) Well, if you like that boy/girl, then nirvana is to do what the other person likes, understand the other person’s needs, and then satisfy them. The premise is not to wrong yourself.

To sum up, it can be seen that the dating culture in the United States is generally easier to start than in China, but it is more difficult to get to the point than in China, and physical contact has no necessary connection with whether the other party wants to enter a relationship. I think this is pretty good because you can give each other time to slowly decide whether the other person is the person you want.

Of course, there are also religious believers in the United States who don’t know how to have sex before marriage, and there are also playboys who like to have sex everywhere. My statement can only represent the general situation.

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