Chasing girls is a matter of extremely high investment costs. If you have money, you have to pay for it, and if you don’t have money, you have to spend time. The success of the first date determines the most critical step for a boy to pursue a girl!

So, how to date a girl? How to improve the success rate of the first date? Let me share with you a few tricks:

1. Romance (≠high consumption)

Under the conditional premise, creating some romance and surprises will make it easier to impress the girl’s heart. But, remember: Romance does not equal high spending! A lot of guys think: First dates cost a lot of money, romance costs a lot of money…

You don’t have to spend so much money, or even charge a lot of money, what if the two of you didn’t get together? If you can get together, the woman will often be considerate of you, and live whatever you earn.

There is a saying that “details determine success or failure”. For a girl, when she is dating you for the first time, she pays more attention to the details: a warm look, a word of concern, and intentionally letting the girl walk on the inside when walking… …can make them feel like a deer, this is romance.

Romance means that you pay attention to her all the time and let her feel it. For example, when you are walking on the street, suddenly you pull her to stop and push away an eyelash under her eyelid.

This kind of action is just a small matter between the snap of your fingers, but it fully shows that you pay 100% attention to her. No woman can resist such stealing from men, they yearn to be cared for and cared for. So, why don’t you let go of your so-called face of machismo and show the delicate and considerate side of a man?

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2. Understand humor

Humor is not about being funny, reciting jokes, or acting like a joke. Humor is an attitude to life. To put it simply, your smile is low, you talk about something with a girl, you find it funny, your laughter affects her, and she also finds it funny. It’s humor. You have to please yourself before you can make a girl laugh. When you don’t think it’s funny, don’t force it to make girls laugh, it’s too deliberate and it’s not funny. It can only prove that you are deliberately trying to please her. Being funny in front of a girl is when you think it’s really funny and you share that humor with her.

3. Be punctual

Don’t be late for a date, especially for the first date, it will make the other party a bad impression of you. Especially in hot and cold weather, it is not only impolite to ask the other party to wait for you, but it will also appear that you are not sincere. And generally speaking, people who are late for appointments also have the habit of not being punctual in ordinary life, indicating that this person has poor self-control, and a person with poor self-control can indirectly indicate that this person is not very capable. Therefore, once a habit is formed, it is difficult to change. If you are not punctual, start changing bad habits now, and don’t bring bad habits to dating.

Four can play

For those who don’t know how to play, they can only eat, go shopping, and watch movies on a date. Those who can play have an advantage, he can take girls to experience different things. It’s not a constant eating and shopping, girls will have surprises and expectations when they are with her. Therefore, if you want to be able to play, you must first develop a taste for life.

For example, if you usually go to some special coffee shops, you can take girls to sit on a date. If you like art, you can take girls to places like Beijing 798. If you like sports, you can take girls to play badminton. In short, you have to play it differently, don’t just go out for a date, just eat, go shopping, and watch a movie. If you do too much, it will be boring.

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5. Funny conversation

Women say they want to find an honest man, but in fact, they all like to chat with eloquent men. Gossip ends with wise men, chat ends with haha!

On a first date, the atmosphere is important, and it should make both of you feel at ease. As a man, you must have enough self-confidence, take the initiative to raise topics, talk naturally, treat her as your friend, and chat like a friend. Don’t be too enthusiastic and keep asking questions; don’t be too serious and calm and play too cool!

Don’t show off your knowledge reserves, she doesn’t need an encyclopedia; don’t show off your work too much, she didn’t come to see you to pretend! Try to find topics of interest to her and guide her to speak more. You can also talk about some interesting topics, such as gossip, astrology, travel, black humor, etc.

6. Playing hard to get is the ultimate skill of emotion, and the highest level is the unfulfilled desire

Give yourself hints and subconscious minds: Dating is to test her to see if she is worthy of your further friendship, not to chase her! Keep a proper distance and let the other party realize that you don’t intend to hang yourself on this tree, then it may inspire unexpected effects.

For example, try to walk away from her from time to time when you are shopping with her, showing that you don’t have any needs for her, be natural, and don’t intend to cling to her. At the same time, don’t have too many contacts on the night of the first date, as long as you want (don’t ask the girl how she feels on the date or the next day, such silly questions)

7. How to deal with silence during a date?

Most people think that the silence is because they don’t know what to say to girls, and they think it’s because they don’t know how to chat.

But the reality is, even if you have a whole bunch of stuff ready when you get up in front of a girl, you forget all about it.

Recall that when you are with your friends, even if no one is chatting, you will not feel embarrassed, because you do not have this strangeness and embarrassment in your heart.

Because the “mental distance” between you and your friend is very, very close, and the “psychological distance” between you and the girl you are dating for the first time is far away. There is a layer of the diaphragm in the middle that has not been broken through as if separated by an invisible layer of ice, which makes your atmosphere very cold and embarrassing.

Many traditional people like to do things that are easy to be silent on dates, such as drinking milk tea. But if you don’t chat, the two of you can only drink milk tea in a daze. There is a sense of strangeness in the beginning, it is difficult to chat together, and you have chosen a place where you can only chat, can you not screw it up?

So what should you do if you encounter a cold spot?

If you have nothing to say to a girl, enjoy it. Instead of deliberately looking for something to say, because the more you look for something, the more embarrassing it is, the more embarrassing it is, the less you can’t find it.

The safest way is to calm down and enjoy the silence. Think calmly about what to do, but don’t make excuses for anything.

So what to do? My suggestion is to break the cold spot directly, and we should be the ones who take the initiative to break the cold spot. After a long period of experimentation, I found that the most acceptable thing for girls is that you directly point out the embarrassment!

For example: “It seems that the scene is cold!” “Why didn’t you talk all of a sudden, it’s so embarrassing!” Sometimes, if you directly break the embarrassment, it won’t be too embarrassing.

Or just propose a transition and take her to the next place. For example, when you are drinking milk tea and suddenly there is no topic to talk about, you can look at your watch and tell her, “Let’s go, let’s go to the movies.”

Don’t stay in one place for too long, it will cause cold spots after a long time. Because you don’t have so many topics to talk about, it is also a good choice to switch scenes in time.

The above is the whole content of this article, I hope it will be helpful to you!

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