Not only do girls usually need to be refined when they go out, but boys also need to have their image, and they must also have charm and temperament. Therefore, I think the most important thing for boys to improve their image is to cultivate both internally and externally. Speech is essential. That’s how girls like it. How can boys improve their attractiveness?

1. Improving the internal image.

1. Morality:

Morality is the foundation of a person’s life. Morality determines thoughts, thoughts determine actions, and actions determine results. If a person’s character is not good, the more capable he is, the greater the harm he may do to society; on the contrary, if his character is good, the more capable he is, the greater the value he will create for society. Therefore, men must first have moral character. This is why many of our sisters choose a boyfriend with the first rule of being a good character.

A man’s moral character includes having a kind heart, a sense of responsibility, civilized behavior, polite speech, good self-cultivation, steady and down-to-earth, broad-mindedness, and so on. To do this, you have to read more, study more, always pay attention to correcting your words and deeds, constantly improve your self-cultivation, form a habit of it, integrate it into your blood, and finally become a character.

2. Capability:

The most effective way to improve the image of a man is to improve one’s ability and make oneself capable. As long as you have money, you are justified in how you dress. If you dress well, you have a taste. If you don’t dress well, you have a personality. Knowledge is acquired by learning, ability is acquired by practice. Learn in practice, get rid of the dross, take the essence, and constantly make yourself stronger. Only when you experience more and more, your ability will become stronger and stronger. If you are a person who cannot be lifted like Adou, then there is no other way but even gods cannot save you.

3. Confidence:

This is very important,

As long as you are confident you are very attractive. Of course, self-confidence is not arrogance or narcissism. Girls like boys who are confident in front of her and others!

A confident man can fully understand his ability, they have a strong heart, they are full of optimism for the future, bravely and positively face any setbacks and failures in life, and will not be timid and afraid to act in everything.

A confident man must be a passionate person, with such a person, he will be invincible. Therefore, confident people can easily infect others and attract others to themselves.

4. Spirit:

A man must be energetic, not lethargic, not listless, he looks sick, how can he make girls like him?

This spirit needs to be achieved through a sunny attitude, continuous exercise, regular work and rest, and a tenacious will. A good mental outlook is a temperament exuded from the inside out, which is much more effective than any other attire. Guys, please remember!

2. Improvement of external image

Men want to make more money and fight for their careers. If you don’t pay attention to your external image at all, it is impossible to make a good first impression in front of others. Therefore, in this sense, the external image is the first golden business card for boys, so it must be improved.

External image improvement is divided into three aspects: appearance, clothing, and others.

1. Appearance:

Girls have three main keywords for boys’ appearance requirements: clean, tidy, and tasteless. The face should be clean, shaved and shaved, and there should be no secretions from the corners of the eyes; the hair should be washed and trimmed frequently, and the nose and eyebrows should be trimmed when they grow, to look energetic; the clothes do not have to be high-end, but they must be clean and tidy, and there must be no lack of buttons Wired first-class, don’t be sloppy; bathe frequently, breath is fresh, body odor should be treated early, you can spray some light perfume properly; no matter what time, boys should keep themselves clean, tidy, and odorless, so as not to let Jimei hates it.

2. Clothing:

There are three main keywords for girls’ requirements for boys’ clothing: fit, fit, and fit.

The principle of dressing is to fit the heart, fit, and fit the occasion. First of all, it is in line with your wishes. If you like to wear clothes, you will feel uncomfortable and find it difficult to wear clothes you don’t like. The second is to fit, too big or too small too long or too short, are not too suitable. The third is to fit the occasion. Different occasions require different clothes. Office, meeting, home, and travel must be distinguished and not mixed. Men’s clothes don’t need to be too many, and they don’t have to be all high-end, but you must have one or two sets of better ones. After all, clothes made of different materials and fabrics have different shapes and give people different feelings. the same. You want to dress neatly and generously, simple and capable. It’s best not to have fancy clothes, and there may be fewer celebrities, but you’d better not. The color should not be too bright, and the whole body should not exceed three colors. If there are too many colors, girls will also think that you are not reliable! Too flamboyant.

As for matching, you can learn online, there are many courses on matching. Through learning, you can find the most suitable color and style for you, learn from your strengths and make up for your weaknesses, and maximize your image through the dressing.

3. Others:

In addition, girls don’t like these images. For example, a big belly, a love for strings, a bearded face, soaking wolfberries, pretending to be literary, keeping nails, drinking tea, erecting collars, hanging gold chains… To avoid these, you also need to develop good living habits and have your aesthetics Have fun, and learn self-discipline.

In short, improving your image is a science. A man with a good image will not only make others feel at ease but more importantly, it can help you succeed. As long as you work hard, you will be the prettiest cub on this street.

After learning this, I think the attraction of boys to our girls is unlimited!

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