Male A has been dating many girls, but he is not in a serious relationship with any girl; during this period, he met female A and dated for some time, so female A believes that male A and himself are boyfriend and girlfriend; One day, male A went to a bar and met another girl B, so he had intimate contact. Female A collapsed because of this, thinking that male A betrayed her, and she was in a relationship with multiple boats

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with both parties. The only point of controversy may be the definition of “love relationship”, and the contradictions caused by differences in cognition.

Next time if you date again, maybe you can refer to the common dating culture in North America, which can well avoid similar conflicts from happening again


My understanding of dating culture is rough as follows

‘Whether it’s a friend who has known each other for a long time or a new friend, dating is called dating if you want to get to know each other for love; everyone has the same purpose, and maybe you can’t become a couple in the future; after dating, everyone is satisfied with each other and wants to fall in love seriously. Enter into a serious relationship and become each other’s GF\BF’

Determining the “love relationship” is only a premise of consensus, but it is not the main purpose. In this kind of interaction between the sexes, examine your heart, gradually understand what is the relationship between the sexes you desire, and how to better interact with your partner and handle each time. friction

As long as both parties are willing, there can be intimacy during the dating stage, and it can be carried out happily without fraud or concealment, but what’s wrong with this? Don’t you inspect the goods first for a date and wait until you get married before opening? What if it is not suitable or is a fraudulent marriage GAY? (not meant for gay men)

Everyone is equal in the face of desire, men also have female hormones, women also have male hormones, and the mutual attraction creates ambiguous entanglements with each other, how many works of art are inspired by this


After I posted the above understanding about dating, I found that many netizens are still a little unfamiliar with the dating culture, and they confuse the understanding of pure physical communication, hang-out, FWB, etc.

So I defined it again for the state of each different stage

‘A man and a woman who doesn’t involve communication and just makes love is dating; if you can chat, share trivial life, go out for dinner, activities, and entertainment, occasional sex is FWB (friend with benefit); new friends, there are Interest contact is a hang-out; whether it is a long-time friend or a new friend, dating is called dating if you want to get to know each other for love. Everyone has the same goal. Maybe you won’t be able to become a couple in the future, but during the dating period, you are sincere. ; After dating, I feel that everyone is satisfied with each other and wants to be in a serious relationship, so I confirm the relationship and become each other’s GF\BF’

After the PO came out this time, it felt like cold water dripping into a frying pan. Friends and neighbors reposted and discussed very lively. Of course, most of them are still very friendly. At least I haven’t seen anything like “Why is it so casual, I’m not sure about the relationship. Have intimacy? ’ remarks

In the past few years, it is obvious that everyone’s understanding of love and marriage has reached a more rational level. Before choosing to enter an intimate relationship, more people will choose to have a dialogue with themselves to understand their real needs, and then decide whether to start a relationship or not. enter into marriage

After all, not everyone is suitable for entering into a broad sense of intimacy


But I have also seen a lot of problems, and there are still many women who actively desire to be shackled. The following conversation happened after I made a PO:

A: Dating is not considered boyfriend and girlfriend, nor is it considered friends with benefits, so what is it? lover?

B: It’s just a date… It’s okay to say that it’s okay to have a male partner and a female partner… It’s good to know what stage the relationship is in.

A: Dating object…referred to as object

Many men take advantage of some women’s psychological loophole of “desire to be identified” to achieve bad goals;

Met once, had a few meals together and sent messages frequently, and you can enter a romantic relationship;

As soon as the girl is happy and agrees, the guy may use “You are my girlfriend now, why don’t you give in to me?” ‘Come take the opportunity to do something;

When the girl relaxes her vigilance a little bit, she thinks that they are all male and female friends, and she must be rushing to get married. Afterward, she keeps lowering the standard and compromises again and again, often ending in tragedy

Does this process look familiar? I believe that whether it is online or around, everyone will know a few similar victims. The root cause is that they quickly entered a relationship without knowing it.


I wrote a lot here and there. I don’t mean to over-praise dating culture. It’s just that as women, we may be able to enjoy the whole process more freely. We can actively choose to start and actively decide to end. There is nothing to be afraid of. , and don’t worry about any shame

I wish all friends who read this article can enjoy every romantic date easily and joyfully

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