Every year, almost at the same time, the favored and unfavored lovers let go of each other’s hands one after another. From the initial surprise and disbelief to the later getting used to it, to the present. They start thinking.

It has been almost a year since I came to the United States, which is not a long time, but as I have experienced cultural changes and collisions in my life, my values have also been adjusted. In such a short year, it reminds me of the time when I first came to the United States and before I came to the United States, there will be a slight exclamation.

Dating is very common in the United States. At first, I felt very repulsed by it. Under the influence of my time in China, I felt that the relationship between boys and girls is not only friends but also lovers. If two people like each other, they should be together. It seemed traditional, but I later discovered that it wasn’t necessarily a responsible decision.

Sometimes two people are attracted to each other because of their different qualities or beauty, and then quickly develop into a romantic relationship, but after getting together, they find that it is not the same thing, and the other party is different from what they imagined. It may be a character, it may be living habits, or it may be her/his beauty that you are tired of. In short, a small matter or a moment may become a deal breaker in a relationship. Then there are disputes, and in the end, it ends in a breakup. This is mostly the case one after another.


And Dating is based on the mutual attraction of two people, dating for some time, according to the dating situation to determine the length of time, and whether it is suitable to develop into a relationship. Some people are not willing to fall in love but also choose to use Dating to release inner emotions.

The process of dating is pleasant, it does not involve too many factors, it is just a simple date, having fun, sharing joy, even if you stop dating, everyone can talk and break up peacefully, and it will not hurt feelings like breaking up.

The relationship involves many things, such as the future of two people, living habits, personality adjustment, circle of friends, etc., because it is more based on the premise of marriage goals.


Sometimes, seeing a pair of lovers who have been together for many years and who are a good match suddenly separate, although as an outsider, I feel very sorry. Many couples around me are like this. They are both talented and beautiful, and the conditions are very good. There is no reason not to like each other, but they still broke up after some time. It can be seen that the maintenance of a relationship is not that simple.

Before we make a decision, we must first ask ourselves what we want. Only when we know what we need can we make a relatively reliable decision? For example, if you are very young like me, you may not need a relationship so much. Because the subtext of youth is changing, too many unknowns, so we cannot maturely manage a relationship, and it may not have a positive impact on your life and future, especially girls, it is easier to be emotionally attached. Fluctuations will affect normal study and life. In this case, the main purpose of the heart is clear. Even if you meet someone you admire, you can grasp the limits of your heart. Even if you lose it in the end, you can face it calmly and continue to live a normal life, because you didn’t have it in the first place. intend to have.

Choosing to date is not something to be ashamed of or irresponsible, neither stealing nor stealing, men and women interact normally, each suits its way, so why not.

But there is one thing, if during the dating process, one party has a deviant mentality and starts to want to control the other party, it will be serious.

All in all, you need to understand yourself and make your heart strong enough. If you can’t even handle dating well, how can you handle more serious relationships?

People are emotional animals, and they will inevitably meet countless people they like in their life. Does each of them have to start a relationship, and then finish it with their own hands, go through a painful time, and then continue the cycle of reincarnation? In this case, how much time do you have left to accomplish other meaningful things?

If you don’t learn to be willing, how can you get it? How can you become tough if you haven’t experienced pain and loneliness? I believe that under the scouring of the years, as long as there is still hope for love, even if you have been single for many years, or have been hurt in a certain relationship. In the end, everyone can find a suitable person. He/she may not be the one who makes your heart move the most, but it must be the one you love.

At that time, you already had a sense of responsibility, tolerance, and a heart wide enough to accommodate another person’s life. Don’t give up, and don’t get discouraged thinking that the person you marry in the end won’t be the one you love.


After the spring break travel plan was disrupted by a traffic jam and missed the car of the tour group, I went back to my room alone, and there was no one on campus. I have to admit that I felt very lonely for a moment, especially at night, listening to music, watching movies, and reading books. It’s always uncomfortable, it’s the kind of uncomfortable that can’t be hidden, but every time after the extreme discomfort, it seems that I can realize some truths that I can’t usually understand. At this time, I will let myself go and take a moment to write down these experiences. After I finished writing, my mood naturally improved.

While you are young, get to know more and different people, date happily, face it bravely, understand your true self in the process of getting along with others, and make yourself a person who is capable of loving and worthy of being loved. It is estimated that this process is not completely smooth, Anyway, I always remember Maya saying a word, “People can always change for the better.” Let’s encourage each other.

U will never get the right thing until u realized what u want

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