Ahem, first of all, this is an article asking for public requests.

Speaking of which, after sharing for so long the way of choosing a partner to choose real estate in various countries, I feel that it is time to share the experience of “dating” in different countries.

Then it has been globalized for a long time. As citizens of the world, we don’t need to restrict the target to be Chinese or even Asian just because we are Chinese. Appearance has its advantages: p Gangzhen, growing up in a cross-cultural environment is very good for children.

Felt especially the kids of our digital nomads ? 

Maybe you have already won at the starting line since you were born :p

More and more things have already broken geographical boundaries, such as various digital banks, and even electronic citizenship. Even Facebook officially announced the cryptocurrency Libra a few days ago. Modern love should no longer be based on Language, culture, nationality, and even gender is restricted; but for some “reasons”, it is common to see some areas, but still very traditional in some places.

But since many people in China still think that cross-border communication is a kind of behavior of worshiping foreigners, I also specially invited friends from other countries to share this article, so it can bring more different perspectives and be more objective 🙂 I feel that there is an online presence A lot of incorrect stereotypes (stereotypes) but everyone is very different, the things mentioned here are only for reference 🙂

Is this issue going to pick up the rhythm of personal love history? ?

In fact, as a blogger, my ex is currently only in China, the United States, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom (not a general pick). After becoming a homeless person, I often travel around the world. I can feel which countries my appearance is more popular in:p (Ethnic arbitrage?

To be honest, I asked some foreigners staying in China what they think of the popular Internet celebrity face here: standard big eyes, double eyelids, high nose bridge, and pointed chin; but most of the feedback I received was: pretty, but most are quite boring.

I think people who are real and have personality are the most beautiful 🙂 Of course, it is best to have inner control. Otherwise, no matter how beautiful it is, it will lose its taste one day ?

Saw this sentence before:

After staying in China for a long time, I will have a narrow prejudice against beauty, thinking that beauty is youth, white skin, big eyes, long hair, and thin legs.

As soon as I went out, I saw people from other countries and races, and I was surprised at how rich beauty is: a 70-year-old old lady wearing lipstick and a big halter, a Middle Eastern girl wearing a headscarf and smiling with white teeth, dancing flamenco The chubby women in the country, the tanned and rosy southern French girls, and the girls running barefoot on the African grasslands are all extremely beautiful.

I agree very much! As the saying goes ?

the outside gets you, but the inside keeps you.

My former high school teacher once said: “In fact, I worked so hard to meet a better you”; Hong Kong, in fact, along the way, the people around me are indeed getting better and better, ahem (feeling old You can also consider publishing a book and sharing a love story

I chose the other half only for the sake of being interesting, smarter than me, and able to inspire me (of course, the appearance value is the default. It is very interesting. I learned a word during the interview. It turns out that there is still this word that can be described so considerably. People like us: sapiophile ?

A person who finds intelligence attractive.

When you meet someone very smart, the chemical reaction will come naturally haha


I feel that I have passed the age of only looking at six packs ?, it is better to spend time together to improve each other, it is more and more interesting… To be honest, the people I dated before still have a great influence on me, and they are also very good life experiences 🙂 Since the above also mentioned “but the inside keeps you”, I have to do Amway’s “Sixteen Kinds” again “Personality Test” is very helpful to understand myself and better choose my partner. Anyway, I have figured out which type of people I am particularly attracted to… I did some small experiments before, it’s accurate!…

*Of course, just for reference


get down to business

What is the difference in love between the East and the West?

It is said that there are generally “ambiguous”, “pursuing”, and “boyfriend and boyfriend” stages in China, but in fact, most countries generally only have dating & relationship



Casual dating is usually first, and the two parties meet each other with an attitude of mutual interest, and may soon invite various Netflix and chill ? But at this time, everyone has no obligation to be loyal to each other (so generally many people will date several at the same time, more choices

Pay attention, even if the other person is very nice and fascinated by you on the first date, it does not mean that he will not show the same attitude towards another woman/man the next day, so be cautious… If the other party stops contacting you after some time, or the other party responds coldly after taking the initiative to contact you, you can move on directly…


But also offer my views on dating



lover relationship

When it comes to the relationship between lovers, basically everyone is exclusive at this time, and the East and the West are the same here; but at this stage, it does not necessarily mean that we have to rush to get married.

Hong Kong, wouldn’t it be tiring to talk about dating for marriage? Expectations are so high!? So it also led to many people saying that after breaking up, they would say that they were sleeping and wasting time. .. On the contrary, I think every relationship is a kind of growth for myself, a good life experience 🙂


welfare time

I would like to share an additional detail about flirting that feels better. People in China may take the initiative to ask questions (in fact, they shouldn’t). After all, the body is the most honest, so when flirting, you might as well use body language to “test” step by step to compare cleverly! Ahem, but this does not mean that you can “harden yourself”.

Amway, everyone, watch a very enjoyable video

How To Flirt Without Saying Anything?

The locations of the digital nomads mentioned before, in fact, really depend on the person! But most of them simply maintain dating relationships in different countries, and relatively few are really in the relationship stage, anyway, I can’t do it myself…



Pretend to do an interview

To maintain a consistent objective view, I interviewed my boyfriend and girlfriend, and of course, my personal experience, to summarize the following story.

Speaking of which, some time ago, I just saw Bloomberg listed this data and decisively took the opportunity to forward it to the IG story, and I guessed that many people would reply :p So I can ask questions naturally (Are you as witty as me?

Most Expensive Cities In The World For Dating

This legend shows the most expensive places for dating in the world. Hong Kong, Singapore, and many other big cities are also at a similar level.

Digital game folks occasionally talk about these things, and they are also adults. It is also very interesting to talk about this, but it feels that they rarely talk about these things in China. But we’d think it’s interesting to experience cultural differences from that perspective, um, no-nonsense… The following are from male and female friends around me, and those who came back from “interviews” on the road:

“Full-text climax”

I mean storytime


1” The blogger himself comes first. I am a person who has a high demand for personal space, and I am most afraid of being “stalked” in a relationship (too clingy, each relationship is more important to improve each other; to be honest, I don’t know about this year’s article. Do you feel that you have improved a lot? One of the reasons is that a German (a digital nomad who has been swimming for more than ten years) before me in date guided me a lot: technology, entrepreneurship, personal growth, etc…

But I also found a problem. There are records before. Those who want to gossip can go out and turn right: It is better to accompany each other silently and achieve each other than to become strangers one day.

: What is the most interesting experience of falling in love with a foreigner?

Let me give you a simple example: Even if you eat ordinary dishes and do ordinary things, there will be some funny things because of their different cultural backgrounds; for example, when I was in Hong Kong recently, I went to drink tea (yum cha), eating shrimp dumplings, the other party will suddenly show a variety of cute expressions ? But if they are from the same background culture, it is probably considered a “very normal” thing.

So I think that no matter how ordinary life is, but occasionally there is a little cultural “friction”, it is still quite fun 🙂

2″Friend A, a lady from China ??

(Coordinates ?Denmark ??

: What is the most interesting experience of falling in love with a foreigner?

The most interesting thing is probably the process of breaking or strengthening stereotypes by exploring individual differences. For example, everyone thinks that the stereotype of the Dutch is “very direct”. I used to have such an impression! But then a Dutch boyfriend left me with the opposite impression, completely breaking my “stereotype”. 

For example, I once proposed to go to the south of Germany from Amsterdam. He didn’t want to go, but he still expressed his support for my suggestion; a few nights ago, he started to hesitate and ask me about going to Germany. It’s strange to ask, isn’t it all agreed to go together? He just said that he didn’t want to go, but he pretended to want to go because he didn’t want me to be disappointed. If I wanted to go, he could still drive me, but then he would go home and rest, and pick me up when I came back; I was shocked at the time, this tall Dutchman beat around the bush for days. I will be more straightforward than him… I remember secretly laughing at that time.

Natá Review ?

Haha, cute! I feel that the Germans are more direct than the Dutch. Of course, they are also very indirect; but I prefer direct, and I am most afraid of hesitating, and I have to guess the other party’s mind.

3″Friend B, the little brother from Belgium and Holland ????

(Coordinates ? Hong Kong ??

: What is the most interesting experience of falling in love with a foreigner?

Copy the original text first:

cultural difference and that is what’s interesting about dating someone from another country, many things are different so it gives you a new perspective, can be challenging sometimes, like you can be disrespectful without noticing, or some of your behavior can be misinterpreted, but that is not only with dating, it is, in general, interacting with other cultures; but culture, especially for the younger generations, is getting more and more global, so those barriers tend to fall over time.

Cultural differences can make dating people from other countries more fun! It will bring you a fresh perspective to see different things, but it can also be challenging at times! It may inadvertently cause disrespect, or certain behaviors will be misunderstood in the other culture. Of course, this is also common in interactions with other cultures; but for the younger generation, it has become more and more globalized. I believe these barriers will also slowly disappear over time.

Natá Review ?

This girl agrees with me! Yes, cross-border relationships are challenging but also a lot of fun, and dating does provide a more intimate way to understand cultural differences; in fact, the differences are sometimes quite large… For example, Germans are famously direct, sometimes too direct! I also feel that they are a bit rude.. but in fact, it is “normal” in their culture.

4″Friend C, the little brother in China ??

(Coordinates ?Poland ??

: What is the most interesting experience of falling in love with a foreigner?

The most interesting experience is understanding how people with different cultural backgrounds look at the same issue; for example, who pays for the first date, Western Europe is aa, Eastern European girls do not pay, and the United States looks at people; and you can learn from the side Chinese boys are the poorest in the world when it comes to buying a house, okay? Also, the mentality of foreign girls in China will be different from that in their own country; many foreign girls in China stay for a while and then leave, so they can have fun (if you know what I mean) but they will be in their own country More seriously, I call the former vacation mode. 

Natá Review ?

The topic of payment is really interesting. Does everyone say that foreigners like AA are on the Internet? I also answer from a female perspective. Taking the first date as an example, I feel that most men in the world will pay for it; of course, if I meet someone I don’t like, I will take the initiative to pay and leave, otherwise, I will feel a bit own him something; when I meet someone I like, I will take the initiative to offer to pay, but it’s up to the other party to accept it or not; but the most interesting thing is that Eastern Europe and Russia don’t let you pay!

I feel that even if they are very equal Nordic people, they will take the initiative to pay on the first date, or the boys will take the initiative to pay a little more

The above is the situation of the first date, and it is better to have exchanges after that. After all, this is teamwork, and it is not fair for a single party to pay.

Two interesting words to share:

If the man takes you on a date, and he didn’t pay, he wasn’t taught right… If a woman takes you on a date, and she didn’t pay, she wasn’t taught right…

Global rules, in fact, in terms of dating, whoever takes the initiative to make an appointment should take the initiative to pay; of course, both parties should have a team spirit and share.

As for the vacation mode, I also feel that it exists. People will be a little more “open” in a foreign country, and I have discussed this issue with many male friends: if women take the initiative to offer to pay, points will be added, because this “action” “In itself is more important than money! Finally, when it comes to buying a house, I haven’t heard in other countries that you must buy a house to get married.

The storytime is here first. Anyway, it is really interesting to understand the culture of other countries through exotic love. After all, dating this person is also to varying degrees dating the culture, language, country, etc. behind him, a kind of almost intimate learning; I found that interacting with people from different countries is a process of self-exploration, and I will gradually realize the life I want and what culture I prefer 🙂 

Also, regardless of whether it is a foreign country or not, I think that in a romantic relationship, you must also maintain independence. Don’t rely too much on the other party, and don’t take any contribution from the other party for granted; you must also work hard to improve yourself. After all, the best love is shared Grow/fulfill 🙂

I also want to briefly talk about the differences between China and the West.

( in general )

#emotional experience

I feel that most Westerners will play a lot crazier than Chinese people before marriage or serious love, but they will be serious about their relationship after they have a partner ?, I also agree to go through more before choosing, otherwise, it is not true It is a bit unfair to both parties if you know what you like and get married rashly; if you have not experienced anything in the early stage when the relationship gradually fades and becomes life, you may be more likely to be tempted by the outside world?


I feel that Westerners are not as good at the appearance and age of the other half as in China, and most of them will pay more attention to spiritual communication, such as hobbies, whether the three views are consistent, etc.


Simply take the “quarrel” between lovers as an example. I feel that most of the men here in China take the initiative to admit their mistakes (whether it is their fault or not?) Do standard delivery bags admit mistakes? But in fact, this is not a cure for the symptoms…

I prefer two people to communicate calmly and calmly. For example, the last time I was “angry”, after a day of the cold war, the two decided to have a good talk and finally chatted for six hours in the park… (I also shared a lot of things when I was young to help everyone analyze why this happened, which is rational; I think it is important to put down the mask and open up to communicate!


Why do you always feel that this is something that cannot be discussed openly in China? Then I can only recommend reading a very interesting article: Chinese girls ruined by indiscriminate sex ?

And even if you fall in love with a Westerner, you don’t have to have sex as the Internet says. If you like you normally, you will respect you very much. These etiquettes are regardless of culture 🙂

*Reminder: Be sure to take safety measures; of course, regular physical examination is the best (both men and women need

After sharing this, I don’t know if there will be a gangster who will come out and say that we are worshiping foreigners. ?

I’m so sorry, as citizens of the world, we have already blurred geographical boundaries, and we usually know how to find things that suit us in different countries. Love is also part of the fun 🙂

I think that love has never been divided into skin color and race, and the world will become more and more integrated in the future, and it is estimated that there will be more and more people of mixed race 🙂 In the end, there will be a great cultural integration.


Finally, recommend this blog www.happydatinglove.com

Want to better understand what it’s like to be in a relationship with someone from a different country?

It can be used as a very interesting perspective of cultural differences, so don’t complain about learning English anymore… Please use “this” to study well.

You are also very welcome to add your foreign love experience: p I think in this era of fast food, meeting love itself is already a rare thing, if you can stay together, you should cherish it 🙂 

This issue is carefully written, after all, it is a very sensitive topic, but since it is requested by the public, I also want to open my eyes, listen to the story, and break the stereotypes on the Internet.

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