Gender relationship is a complex and delicate topic, and smart women usually possess some special care to maintain and promote the harmony and stability of the relationship. The following seven small tactics are what a smart woman should have in her gender relationship:

Small strategy one: good at listening

Listening is a very important communication skill in a gender relationship. Smart women will listen to the man’s heart, understand his needs and feelings, rather than just focusing on their own expression. They will use their eyes, body language and appropriate responses to express concern and understanding, so that men feel valued and respected.


Small strategy two: remain independent

Smart women understand the importance of remaining independent. They don’t rely completely on men to fulfill their needs, but have their own lives and hobbies. This not only increases self-confidence and charisma, but also reduces dependence and pressure on the man, making the relationship healthier and more balanced.


Small strategy 3: know how to praise appropriately

In gender relations, praise is a positive way of expressing emotions. Smart women will express their praise and affirmation to men at the right time, so that men can feel their achievements and value. At the same time, they will also praise the man’s family and friends, to establish good interpersonal relations, so that men feel more comfortable and comfortable.

Small strategy 4: Learn to reject at the right time

In the relationship between the two sexes, timely refusal is one of the necessary cautionary tactics of smart women. Sometimes a man’s request may not be what we really want, this time we should be brave to express their own ideas and feelings, rather than in order to please the man and against their will. Timely refusal can make men more respect our bottom line and principles.


Small strategy five: maintain an appropriate distance

In the gender relationship, the appropriate distance can increase the attraction and mystery of each other. Smart women will not always stick to the man, but will be appropriate to give each other some private space and time. This can maintain the tension and freshness of the relationship, but also reduce unnecessary quarrels and friction.


Small strategy six: cultivate common hobbies

Common hobbies are one of the most important ties that sustain the relationship between the sexes. Smart women will take the initiative to understand the man’s hobbies and try to cultivate common interests. This can increase each other’s interaction and topics, so that the relationship is more intimate and harmonious. At the same time, common hobbies can also be a good memory and experience for each other, adding color and romance to the relationship.


Small strategy 7: good at dealing with contradictions and conflicts

Conflicts and contradictions are inevitable in a relationship. Smart women will use positive ways to deal with contradictions and conflicts, such as listening, communication, understanding and compromise. They will not resort to blaming, attacking or cold war to solve problems, but will use a calm mind and rational way to resolve conflicts and make the relationship stronger and healthier.

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