Marriage continues to be a topic of conversation, but wherever men and women exist, the topic of marriage cannot be avoided.

Marriage has never been extinguished, has never been forgotten, but has been in the continuation, has been in the repetition, has been changing the pattern to continue.

In ancient times, marriage was traditionally based on the three virtues, but now the freedom of marriage has been promoted. However, after the freedom of marriage, people are more selective about marriage, the old husband and young wife, the big sister fell in love with the little brother, so the marriage match was born.

Marriage beyond the age limit, let people eye-opening at the same time, but also into a deep thinking. Our marriage, is it the man who has the final say, or is it the woman who has the final say? In the past, we relied on the old man of the moon, but now we rely on the God of Fortune, and it can be said that the God of Fortune has the final say.

The reality of the era when the God of Wealth decides marriage has defeated the marriageable young men and women.


In the agricultural era, productivity was backward, there was no occupation for women in the society, and they could only rely on men to survive.

In ancient times, if a woman wanted to survive, marrying was one of the most stable ways, at least there were men who could support the family together. It would have been too difficult for a woman to survive on her own. That is to say, in order to survive, women in ancient times had to rely on men.


Nowadays, society is different and there are many different careers for women, and there are many female general managers. Women can now rely on their careers to survive, and men are no longer a necessity. In this way, women themselves have solved the problem of survival, and also have the right to speak in marriage, which can be said to be a radical change for women.

There are more and more careers for women in society, women can now support themselves through work, and their need for men has faded. The value of men is decreasing and women are interested in consuming more and more products. Women like to consume and spend money constantly, something that also discourages men who look like they are entering into marriage.


Girls now only recognize realized talent.

Du Fu said, “A belly with poems and books is a treasure of its own.” Talent is a kind of decoration, the talent that can be realized is the essence of the ability. 95 girls, they now only recognize the talent that can be realized. All talents that can’t be realized are a pose. There are a lot of people who read in this world, but there are very few who can really turn knowledge into wealth, which can be said to be a scarce resource.

To be rich in learning, to be full of knowledge, and to be able to realize it through learning, this is a real talent. Usually said learning, just a label, just a kind of rhetoric, and does not have the ability to realize, is a kind of appearance. 95 after the girl said that the realization of talent, is a kind of knowledge of the ability to unity, is a kind of ability not to discount, can do this kind of ability is too little, can be said to be a rare corner.

When the girl’s requirements have changed, the so-called talent is just a hobby. If you are really talented, why talent can not realize it, the girl asked a sentence you are speechless.


Society is developing, the times are changing, the change in the concept of marriage between men and women has become a fact, so a lot of times we have to do is to change themselves, rather than complaining about others.

Only strong themselves, improve themselves, more money, is the key to solve the problem. If you are obsessed with marriage and each other, then it must be very painful. When you don’t have strength, don’t think about marriage, it has nothing to do with you.

If you solve the problem of money, marriage becomes simple. Everyone advises you to get married, but what about the marriage house and bride price for marriage, no one helps you to solve it. Others just talk, and you can only face the reality by yourself.

Love marriage in front of 200,000 bride price, trumps a ten-year relationship, this is the reality. No matter how good you are to a girl, as long as there are enough chips to light up, your so-called relationship is a joke.

Girls are talking about money, who give you talk about feelings. Talking about money with ordinary men and talking about feelings with rich people is how girls cash in. The more a man has no money, the more girls give him a hard time; the more a man has money, the more girls say we have real feelings.

Look at it, this is the reality of marriage, is not a little reluctant to accept.


The sobriety of girls is the result of increased productivity.

After a person has enough to eat, he is bound to ruminate, which in turn produces more desires. When a woman’s survival is a problem, she will put eating and being full in the first place, and other desires are temporarily absent. However, once a person is full, other desires arise, such as make-up, beauty and slimming.

In the past, when productivity was backward and there was not enough to eat, women did not have so many demands. Mr. productivity has increased, survival is not a problem, other requirements have increased. Women’s sobriety, which is the result of the development of productivity, the result of the progress of the times, is not a realization of men’s incompetence. When most men are incapable, this is the result of productivity, and it is not up to a particular one.

The survival of the fittest is a matter of natural selection. In this day and age, only the more capable, technologically superior, money-making men will survive.

A man should continue to make money, to strengthen himself, to make himself better is the ultimate result. If a man’s own survival is a problem, he has no other desire. If a man can’t even feed himself, will other women follow him?

A rich princess falling in love with a poor scholar, this is a fairy tale, this is a story in the movie, so a man should not dream, but also be awake. Only when a man becomes sober, only when he is completely enlightened, will he really make an effort.

When a man has nothing, what to talk about love, what to talk about marriage, this time love marriage is a joke, is a kind of luxury.

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