Blind date, to successfully invite a girl, beforehand must do sufficient homework, blind date first date to do what? It does not mean that you just need to dress up well and behave well enough, today I will share with you the tips for blind dates, which will help you to successfully invite girls.


How to invite girls again after a blind date

1. Sandbox the content of the conversation to be spoken beforehand:

Chatting on a blind date is a must learn skills, for boys who are not good at chatting, at the beginning, please make a good draft, roughly telephone, Internet, or face to face when the invitation to talk about what to say first, how to mention the date, if the other party agreed to say how to say it again, the other party did not agree to how to, and how to even how to end the topic. The more prepared you are, the less nervous you will be and the more clearly you will be able to express yourself, but of course you can ask a friend to practice what you have prepared. (A tip: eat gum if you’re afraid of getting nervous on the phone, it’s easy to relax yourself.

2. Don’t get to the point right off the bat:

Unless you and the girl is already very familiar, or directly the first sentence to say “I want to invite you to watch a movie together, can I?” This kind of vernacular, often the other side will say, “Why do you want to invite me to a movie?” This is where a lot of guys fail. They get completely flustered and don’t know what to say back. So the best way is to make small talk first, wait for the appropriate entry point to invite, but do not talk too happy to forget the main topic of the invitation.

3. Show the importance of the invitation and keep a normal mind:

4. Don’t be a stalker:

Some boys like to have been stubborn, have to be sure to agree with each other to let go, and even to threaten to lure and other methods, so that even if the girls are barely willing to go out with you, the psychological is not too much flavor, the boys would have had to have the grace, the other side of this time, no way, some other time or the next time, so on the line, yes, if the other side of the repeated refusal of you, it means that the other side of the phone you really are not interested in or caller, you should not stalker, keep the invitation. Don’t be a stalker, keep your demeanor, give up this, find the next opportunity.

5. Plan attractive activities:

Boys can first decide on the place and time of the date, but put forward their own to have some backup program options, and let her have the opportunity to express their views, such as “Let’s go to Fisherman’s Wharf together on Sunday, I heard that there is an event held there, and fireworks at night.” Of course, when introducing the event, making it interesting and lively will increase the chances of the other party saying yes.

What to do on the first date? Some girls just insist that they must have talked on the phone or met each other with friends before, familiar with you before they are willing to come out alone to meet, so it is important to prepare beforehand, there is also an invitation to the skill, that is, you end the conversation first, this is a way to show the mastery and social value, because you want to let the girl feel that you still have a full life, you have other things to deal with, not because you want to pursue her and unlimited consumption of time, but also because you want to make her feel that you still have your own life. trying to woo her and spending unlimited time on her.


I’m sure you’ll be able to keep your hands off her if you do this.

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