Famous Korean actor, actor Yoo Jun Yeol’s side released a statement on the rumors of his romance with Han So Hee, in response to the suspicion that actor Yoo Jun Yeol went on a trip to Hawaii with Han So Hee, his affiliation said that the trip to Hawaii was correct but will not respond to the details, please respect his personal life.

On March 15th, a Korean media reported that Ryu Jun Yeol’s agency C-JeS Entertainment publicly stated on the 15th that it is true that he went to Hawaii on vacation with his female friends who have a good relationship, but the rest of it is the actor’s personal life, so please understand.

It is true that Yoo Jun Yeol is shooting a photo shoot in Hawaii, and we hope that you will respect that this is the actor’s personal life, and in the future, we will not respond individually to eyewitness accounts from the private space, and we ask for your understanding.

On the same day, posts of Yoo Jun Yeol and Han So Hee enjoying a trip to Hawaii were circulating on the Korean internet. A Korean netizen who was traveling in Hawaii said, “The popular Korean actor was hanging out by the pool of the hotel,” which is known to be a luxury hotel chain that costs more than 800,000 won per night, and it seems that the Korean netizens saw the two of them showing their love in an open place such as a swimming pool. They were labeled as “Please Answer 1988” and “I Know”.

“Please Answer 1988” is a movie starring Yoo Jun Yeol and “I Know Though” is a movie starring Han So Hee, so suspicions are growing that the two may have traveled together. Previously, Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol visited his solo exhibition and it was revealed that they are close friends, and the rumors of their romance intensified with the recent news that Ryu Jun Yeol Han So Hee will be co-starring as the male and female leads in the new drama ‘Confusion’.

In response, netizens also left comments saying, “What did Ryu Jun Yeol do in his past life?”, “What’s the fuss about an actor romance?”, “What happened to the eyes of beautiful women?” “Is this an indirect admission of a relationship? If not, they could have just denied it”, “Good lord, this can’t be a seamless relationship, they just broke up last November”, “How attractive he is, so many beauties like him”, and so on.

On the other hand, Yoo Jun Yeol fell in love with his leading lady Hye Ri after the end of “Please Answer 1988” and broke up last November after seven years of dating. For, famous Korean actor-actor Ryu Jun Yeol, dating popular actress Han So Hee in Hawaii? What do you think about the response of the affiliation agency that attracted netizens’ comments?

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