Is it possible to save your marriage alone when only one person is trying and your husband doesn’t seem to care if your marriage is falling apart?

You may not have thought about it, but I believe you can fix your relationship – without convincing your husband, without begging him, and without threatening him.

Marriage is a two-way street, and when a relationship is in crisis, both parties should do their best to prevent it from slipping away forever, right?

Unfortunately, many of us are devastated when we realize that our partner is not making the same effort, or even trying to save the marriage at all.

Sometimes a spouse is just looking for a way out and doesn’t want to save the relationship.

But many times, he or she is too frustrated, too confused, or wants to avoid more conflict.

Today, Phil will show you how to save your marriage alone.

Why he doesn’t care if your marriage falls apart

The partner who doesn’t want to work on the marriage may have lost hope in saving the relationship. Your partner may feel that the marriage has gone too far for any effort to bring about a positive outcome.

The only thing you can do is your commitment to the relationship and the actions you take.

3 Steps to Saving Your Marriage Alone

If you find yourself alone in your efforts to save your marriage, take the following steps to heal your marriage alone:

1. Teach yourself how to fix a broken marriage on your own

Whatever non-existent efforts your husband is making to save your marriage, you can step up your own efforts and commit to the process of rebuilding your marriage.

(Even if you have a husband who is constantly angry)

You’ve probably done double duty and given everything you have to your marriage.

Now, if you want to save your marriage, you may need to tap into your inner reserves of strength and give a little more.

No one can decide for you how much your relationship is worth or what you will do to save it.

However, if you strongly want to save the relationship, then resolving to do so will make you feel empowered.

2. Remember the basics of saving your marriage alone


Many couples find that their roles become more adversarial than supportive over time.

Think about your best friend. Do you remember the last time he/she felt down or low?

What support did you offer him/her?

It’s easy to forget that your husband needs a friend too – you.

Take a look at your relationship and see if you’ve both forgotten how to be friends with each other.

Again, you can only control your own behavior, but leading by example is the most effective way for you, your children, or anyone else to get what you want from you.

Your actions, such as making positive changes in the way you talk and behave with your spouse, may be the catalyst that makes your husband want to make changes himself.

Taking a more friendly approach can create a “safe” environment in which your husband or wife may begin to believe that things really can improve.

3. love yourself (first and foremost) i want to save my marriage but my husband doesn’t want to

You may be wondering how you can give your “all” to the relationship and still have time for yourself.

Well, a big part of giving in a relationship is being strong on the inside.

You need to nurture yourself as much as you nurture your relationship, because a healthy relationship requires a healthy partner.

Many couples become hostile because one or both partners can become resentful, feeling that they have given up everything for the relationship and have nothing left to give to themselves.

The key is to make time for yourself, examining your thoughts and emotions, working through your inner struggles, and nurturing your hopes and dreams are all vital.

How to Fix Your Marriage Alone When He Cheats

If your spouse has cheated on you, or had an affair and is planning to leave you, that’s a whole different story.

If you still love him and you want to save your family despite the pain and loss of trust, I suggest you take the following steps:

1. ask him the most important questions – cheating spouses are usually reluctant to share the whole truth about the affair.

Over time, they will slowly, slowly, slowly tell more of the truth.

Unfortunately, the betrayed spouse has just regained some trust and healing after the last “drip” and now comes another “drip” and she’s back to square one.

To avoid this, you can ask him the 10 basic questions you should ask when your spouse cheats.

2. sign a post-cheating agreement – if he regrets his cheating behavior and shows remorse – ask him to sign a post-cheating agreement to avoid another incident of cheating.

This agreement supports complete transparency, which is the most important factor in healing a post-cheating marriage.

3. use separation to repair your marriage – if you are separated, dry your tears and learn how marital separation can be the golden door to getting back together – leaving your marriage better than before.

How to get him back into your marriage.

Your husband chose the immature way of avoidance and was no longer willing to fight for your marriage.

But you didn’t.

You want to save your marriage, but how can you do it without his support?

You can get a “loving husband back into your marriage,” but if you want to do that, you need to know the right steps to take.

I highly recommend that you find an emotional counselor so that you can begin to heal your marriage. You don’t need your husband to start the change.

Don’t wait. Act now before it’s too late.

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