Strengthening and understanding of gender knowledge is a need for human beings themselves and reproduction. Below to give you the popularization of gender knowledge Daquan, do not see regret for a lifetime.

Gender knowledge of the whole

First, about sex

1, there is love sex, called lovemaking; conversely, called intercourse.

2, one-night stand, sexual indulgence is not illegal, but harmful to health.

3, please do not ask how to persuade/cheat/coax their mm to bed; this will make everyone think that your behavior is only controlled by sexual impulse; only when the love is strong, everything is natural ……

4、Harmonious and fulfilling sex life is an indispensable part of a happy marriage; a sexless marriage will be painful, I think.

5, sex, in many cases means commitment and responsibility; before you determine their shoulders can bear enough weight, please consider this matter carefully.

6, in sexual behavior before, carefully think about whether should be contraceptive, and not just think about how to be happier; otherwise, happy after days, is only torture.

7, the first time sex four attention: soft action – appropriate place – pay attention to hygiene – contraception.

8, ready to start your sexual journey, please reserve good enough sex knowledge – so as not to force themselves to have to mend the situation.

9, send the boys a sentence, although a little old: women will never forget, and will even love their first man for life.

10, by the way, to remind you a little useless: with girls under the age of 14 to have sex, regardless of whether the girl agreed or not, is illegal and criminal.

Second, about virginity/virginity

1, the hymen is just a fragile layer of connective tissue; the first time you have sex without seeing red, that’s normal. There are many reasons other than sexual behavior that can cause the hymen to rupture.

2, women’s nipples, labia black, which is the result of pigmentation, and is not a virgin.

3, don’t try to judge whether a girl is a virgin from her physical appearance, any such method has no scientific basis. Must you judge? Going to a doctor won’t help ……

4, of course, you can have a virginity/virginity plot, this is your own choice, no excuse; but to send you a sentence – do not “only allow the official family to set fire, not allowed to the people light lamps.

5, and then send the girls a sentence: best not to tell gg you once in the past; perhaps he does not care you are not a virgin, but for you, forget everything in the past is perhaps the greatest loyalty to the lover.

Third, about sexually transmitted diseases AIDS

1, at present, China’s official report of HIV carriers has nearly 1 million; what to do? What not to do? Think about it yourself.

2, AIDS transmission mode has blood, body fluids, and mother and child vertical transmission; and with HIV carriers normal daily contact is not at all infected.

3、After having unclean sex, out of the attitude of being responsible for yourself and your lover, please go to the hospital to check whether you are infected with sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.

4, do not think that sexually transmitted diseases are easy to treat: even under the current medical conditions, some sexually transmitted diseases still can not be cured! For example, stage III syphilis can be fatal!

5. Some STDs may also be transmitted through non-sexual means.


IV. About pregnancy

1, if the period has come, that is a good indication that there is no pregnancy. (Of course, pregnancy may be followed by a small amount of vaginal bleeding, but it is easy to judge from the appearance, clearly different from menstruation)

2、If your period is overdue after risky (and potentially pregnancy-inducing) sexual activity, please check with an early morning pregnancy test immediately (or go to the hospital directly).28 You can use the test to check for pregnancy on the day that your period begins to be delayed; this is because if you’re pregnant, the hcg value in your urine reaches a peak at this time; pay attention to the correct way to use the test, and preferably use morning pee.

3, for the usual menstruation is very regular women, an occasional menstrual delay or advance within 7 days, are very normal phenomenon, because of the influence of women’s menstruation factors are very much (such as weather, diet, emotion, physical condition, etc.); this delay or extension of time limit is generally not more than 14 days.

4、If the menstruation has been delayed for more than 14 days without coming, then no matter how the test paper test result is, please go to the hospital for a systematic checkup to avoid any unexpected situation.

5, nausea, vomiting, anorexia, and other early pregnancy reactions generally may not appear until after 5-6 weeks of pregnancy (that is, at least 1 week after menopause); do not make wild guesses because of this, please remember to use early and early pregnancy test paper.

V. About Abortion

1, whether abortion or drug abortion, in a sense, is the destruction of women’s physical and mental health; the weight of life, can you bear it?

2, abortion should be carried out within 14 weeks of pregnancy; if more than 14 weeks, can only do more painful induced abortion.

3、Pharmaceutical abortion should be carried out within 49 days of pregnancy; pharmaceutical abortion may cause the situation of not being clean, then also need to carry out a painful scraping operation.

4、Multiple abortions (whether abortion or abortion) will make the uterine wall thin, resulting in infertility or habitual abortion.

5. After abortion, menstruation usually resumes in 30-40 days; after abortion, you should respect the doctor’s advice and go to the hospital for rechecking on time.

6, after the abortion, within one month is forbidden to have sex! (Forgive me for using 3 exclamation points here, I want to use more)

7, the application of drug abortion is a prescription drug, and must not operate without medical advice on their drug abortion; otherwise, the consequences are unimaginable.

8, the current widespread painless abortion surgery, can to a certain extent reduce the pain of abortion for women; if the unfortunate pregnancy needs an abortion, this may be the best way to compare the many painful choices.

9, abortion should pay attention to adequate rest and appropriate recuperation, to avoid leaving some sequelae.

10, if you are sure that you are pregnant, the earlier the abortion is performed, the better; therefore, you must pay close attention to the situation, and if the test paper suggests a positive result, go to the hospital immediately to confirm the diagnosis, and then contact the abortion.

The most important thing is to pay attention to health and hygiene. The following is for you to popularize some about gender health and other gender knowledge, pay attention to gender health which is the most responsible approach to their partners, but also the most basic common sense sex.

Seven, on gender health

1, foreskin scale is an important cause of testicular cancer in men and cervical cancer in their spouses; this is the reason why it is recommended that all circumcised and phimosis men remove their foreskin.

2、Please pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of the vulva, which should be washed frequently in normal times, especially for men! This is especially true before sex.

3、Female vagina has the strong self-cleaning ability, please do not abuse vaginal lotion if not respect the doctor’s advice (while the vulvar lotion is available)

4, the use of pads is not the best choice; choose cotton panties, and change panties more conducive to women’s vulvar hygiene.

5、Women should pay close attention to the changes of leukorrhea; if there is obvious odor, color, or change in character, then gynecological inflammation should be suspected, please go to the hospital as soon as possible for examination and treatment; self-medication may delay the treatment and may aggravate the symptoms.

6, after sex, back pain, back pain, and other symptoms, indicating excessive physical exertion, at this time should pay more attention to rest; this is the most basic requirement of sexual health care – according to strength.

7, sexual mental health is also worthy of attention on the one hand; if you find yourself with sexual psychological confusion, and your solution is very difficult, should consult a professional psychologist as soon as possible.

8, sexual fantasy is very normal behavior but one should pay attention should not rely too much on sexual fantasy to achieve sexual satisfaction.

9, sexual deviation (such as fetishism, voyeurism, etc.) is a kind of psychological disease, that needs to carry out systematic psychological treatment.

10, the healthy performance of sexual psychology and sexual physiology, can bring people full of vitality; face up to their own sexual needs, the pursuit of sexual health should be advocated behavior, rather than what “embarrassed” thing.

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